Posted by: lovediaries | May 8, 2009

090412 Super Junior @ Road Show! Quiz Expedition

There were so many EunHae and KyuMin pics floating around on LJ for this, so I’m happy this has finally been subbed :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD/ Thanks to sjsubs09 of course ^^!

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

My computer is lagging like crazy (I loaded parts in HQ and I accidentally shut my window fml so I’m really depressed) so I won’t be recapping every moment lol. I might come back with a summary if I’m not feeling lazy :P

Okay Suju only come in half way through Part 3 (skip the first two parts – they were so boring T_T). Shindong, Siwon, Eunhyuk and Donghae are the judge. Teuk asks EunHae to dance and sing “Sorry Sorry” lol but it seems they were just put on the spot and had no idea about it. For some reason, the other SJ members suddenly appear lol so that confused me.

The first people up do this sort of “Card” show. They’re basically each carrying a book and open it up on a certain page so that together they make one big picture. But…it doesn’t work very well ^^;;. It was a good idea and should’ve been really easy to do but they made it look really hard XD.

I wasn’t going to watch anymore, but then Donghae had to be all cute and sexy with his weird thing of a glove so I wanted to see more of him xD. In Part 4, the SJ members have to choose one of the female Student Ambassador people. Siwon hugs the girl he chooses and omgaaah *____* I IS SO JEALOUS. Donghae’s one gets a hug too T_____________T. She’s really cute though, she didn’t think she’d get anyone. The next one didn’t get anyone and idk, she went to like step behind Shindong but Donghae pulled her back to the front. HE’S SO SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET ;___;. I wanna get hugged by Shindong, he looks so warm and cuddly :). The three remaining girls turn at the same time and Hyuk and Teuk are both on one knee :'(((((((.

They each have to come out to do a couple dance and oh God, cringing at the awkwardness that is Siwon dancing XDD. Hyuk actually takes off one of his gloves and puts it on the Students’ hand AND GOES TO KISS IT. CRYING. (So glad Hae didn’t think of that XD.) AND TEUK, AHAHAAA OMG LMAO HE’S SUCH A DORK XDDD. He takes off his jacket and puts it around the girl and then dances with the empty sleeves XDDD.

I then skimmed through the rest of the video and wth at one stage, a student is carrying Siwon bridal-style. WTH I so did not picture that ever happening xDD.


  1. LOL now i do not feel like watching this because hyuk and hae are being all sweet with other girlsss. XP
    i can never watch these kind of things without going like crazy jealous or something, lol
    =/ maybe i’ll watch another different part later, if it’s better haha

    • Haha lol yes it always makes me think “Hey! That girl could’ve been me XDDDD”

  2. There were a group of students that danced to a famous S.E.S song and they picked out SUJU members as their dance partners. Hee..XD. The tall one (Bada) picked Siwon, the middle one (Eugene) picked Teukie and the last one (Shoo) picked Eunhyuk!!!! The guy just didn’t carry Siwon bridal style, he previously danced sexily (and caressing his neck in the process) in front of him!!! Oh boy!!!!

    • Lol yeah and I saw a student kept running on and getting carried off!? Rofl XD

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