Posted by: lovediaries | May 8, 2009

090508 Super Junior @ Music Bank

CRIES. I thought “Sorry Sorry” performances were over ;____;. And they won the K-Chart Award too, omg. YAYYYYY :D!!!!!!!!!!

I haven’t watched the performance yet cause I’m waiting for HD to work, but from their Award clip, I see that they’re wearing suits :DDDDDDDDD.

Sorry Sorry – It’s been a while since I watched a Music Bank performance and hey, what do you know, the lighting still hasn’t improved =.=””””””””. I love them in the suits omg *O*. Seriously, my EYES are drooling. I’m not even kidding. This is like “Wrong Number” x 2.5. I CAN’T HANDLE THE HOTNESS *holds neck*.

I think I have serious issues.

(Oh and does Hankyung usually “brush dirt” off Hyuk’s shoulder during the dandandaan part? O.o)

Winning K-Chart Award – Suju were up against 2pm and SG Wannabe. It was sweet how the camera was on Taec and when the winner was announced he had a huge grin on his face :D. Teuk seemed slightly breathless in his thank you speech ^^. He lets Kyu have a turn at speaking and lolololol his mic wasn’t working and 2 seconds later, he has 5 mics shoved into his face XDD. SJLOVE♥. Annnnnnnd Donghae apparently (I didn’t hear all that clearly ^^;;) shouted out “Kibum, saranghamnida” <333333.


  1. i am sooooooooooo gonna miss sorry sorry.
    but yay! for 너라고! :DDD and oh, have you seen the teaser photos for the new mv?? i was like OMG! KIBUM!!

    • I cannot wait! I really like Sungmin’s new hair colour too :)

  2. GLAD TO SEE YOU’VE DECIDED TO JOIN US, KIBUM. Now I expect you to show up at least once in the live perfs!

    Sorry Sorry T_______________T But congrats, boys♥

    • I HOPE SO TOO. We’re so not gonna take the same lame excuses over and over T_T.

  3. I haven’t been spazzing over Siwon or Suju lately and I think it’s cause we’ve been lacking Kibum action, but hopefully once the next mv comes out I can have a normal Suju spazz fest with Kibum on stage, congrats suju!

    </3 Taec & OneDay, there’s always other shows!

    • I honestly hope Kibum will perform with them :3.

  4. ELFs left and right have been trying to stop the leaking of the song…which is sort of too late since it hsa already leaked… apparently, on that picture, the korean says something along the lines of ‘If this gets out in the open – uh, I’m gonna kill you’ :S apparently the teasers out on youtube aren’t even official, SM didn’t authorize that at all, it was some fan who cut a part from the song and uploaded it…from what i’ve heard on the teaser, the song is really quite good. it’s good to know ELFs are loyal to Suju and try to help clean up all the leaks.

    • Oh really? Thank you for letting us know. I’ll take the pic down right away!

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