Posted by: lovediaries | May 10, 2009

090509 Super Junior @ Music Core

I didn’t watch this last night but beckery just sent me this gif (click to enlarge – it’s really big xD):


{credit: KOREAPOP10 @ youtube}

This was an awesome stage! They split up into the “White team” and the “Black team”. They start off on two separate stages and later join into one. It’s really cool, actually, with the camera shifting from one stage to the next :D (less crowded, too ^^;;). It was a really good performance (everyone sweated so much xD).

Hyuk full on licked his glove hand. I know it sounds really gross but he made it look really hot with his slight finger waggle *O*.

And of course, the highlight would be the EunHae butt slap. Except Hyuk sorta missed and it was more back-of-the-thigh slap … BUT STILL AWESOME NONETHELESS. You’ll see from watching the video that Hyuk’s move was after their usual skippidy-skip-skip and they were walking off already, so it came from nowhere BUT LOVE, really :DD.

I wonder why they haven’t been doing the full remix though. I loved the HyukHaeMin start ^^.


  1. that was
    i think this is the most creative ss performance i’ve seen (but then again with 12/13 hot guys you could never be too creative XD)
    EUNHAE!!! i need super HD to see hyuk’s glove-lickin move @ 2:11 >.< and the butt slap will forever be remembered in the fandom u.u
    LOL at heechul advertising his hat at the end (they should just pay him for doing tht since it looks just as cool as a normal CF)

    • What was unexpected? The black/white-ness or the butt slap? :DD. Yes the glove-lickin was finger-lickin good LOOOL /lame.

      • finger lickin good? LMAO XDD *ish a dork*

        • Yesh :D. I tell no lies~

  2. this was very awesome, but Sungmin wasn’t on the same stage as Ryewook to caress his arm, oh well Hyuk was there to caress Hae’s but! The different stage/come together was awesome! ugh I didn’t see Hyuk’s glove lickin’ must go back to watch out for it!

    • CARESS HIS ARM LMAO. I never saw it as a caress. More a push and a slide? XD. LOL IDK ANYMORE.

      Yes you must watch out for it! It’s the part after the sorry sorry remix bit and before he gets down into his stance to do the let’s dance part :D.

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