Posted by: lovediaries | May 10, 2009

Listen to … Junjin feat. Lee Siyoung, PJ Jun – 바보처럼

THIS ISN’T A BALLAD, GUYS :D! I’m not sure what this song is called but a direct translation is “Silly” (pabo!) rofl. I only ever associate that word with Heesica now XD.

{credit: 101Nanonine101 @ youtube}

I haven’t listened to any music recently – been too busy with uni and crap. But Junjin and Lee Siyoung make a good couple, and I wanted to hear Siyoung singing, so I went and listened to this song.

It’s really catchy, omg! The beat just sort of pounds into your head so I can’t listen to this on repeat, but it’s a really good dance song *flails around*. Siyoung has like, two lines, and her voice is really soft so you can’t hear her much, but she sounds really pretty ^___^. Her femininity also brings out a balance to this song, I think.


  1. Well sort off anyways. I was gonna do an album review for him after my assignment. Rofl I guess theres no need anymore.

    Favourite song from the mini album <3

    • LOLOL well I’m sorry you’ve been too busy to tell me :PP.

    • :O! You should make a review of his album, this post is only one song :’D And I need to get into more KPop singers XD

  2. Um. Um. Um. I think this is going to be on repeat for a while now O__________O I heard this when I woke up before school from your post, and I just instantly woke up, bopping to the music XD But now I’m listening to it and it’s really reallyyyyyy catchy ;~~;♥

    Junjin x Siyoung = ♥ :’D

    • I haven’t listened to this song since I posted this T_T. See how busy uni is :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((.

      • *hugs* at least there’re vacation days and summer for you to spend flailing, right?
        D: I dread college more and more now.. T_T

        • Vacation starts 21st of June….I’d be so behind in fandom. But then, being behind in fandom is better than failing uni. Except … omg, fandoms are exploding soon ;~~~~~~~~~;

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