Posted by: lovediaries | May 10, 2009

SBS Inkigayo Energy Song – Heechul & Hongki

{credit: rinko07 @ youtube}

LOL GOSH, THESE TWO HAVE THE MOST FUN, DON’T THEY? (that sentence sounds so grammatically incorrect, but whatever.)

They do a whole lot of talking in this video. I’m really ashamed because after 2 months of learning Korean, I still don’t understand anything T__T. I pick up random words but can’t put a sentence together. WHY DO I SUCK SO HARD.

Anyway, the fun starts when the two play scissors, paper rock. Heechul loses and has to walk along those stone paths (except it’s more like a stone pool). He starts dancing to “Gee” only to writhe in pain. Then LMAO the two of them are walking along some other jagged type path and are singing “Again & Again”. They go elsewhere (where there’s just this MASSIVE HAND in the middle of nowhere) and flail about and LOLOMG the best part is their “Again & Again” singing & dancing. I loved how they imitiated the part where Junsu sings at the front and the other members wiggle out and do their migraine move. Heechul just goes a little crazy and Hongki flails some more XD.


  1. Heechul and Hongki bff! best daddy’s forever! lol at the torture path, that cone walk looked painful. I would’nt of even known that was Again & Again if you hadn’t said anything, they completely butchered it, in a good way.

    • they completely butchered it LMAOO INORITE XD. Gosh, they’re such failures. But I love them so much ♥♥.

  2. ohh they even sang After Shool’s Diva! xD

    • Lol oh, did they? XD. I didn’t even realise.

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