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Super Junior “It’s You” 3rd Album Cover

{credit: SJWorld }

Image Hosted by

(Click to enlarge. The image is so big it doesn’t even fit on my computer screen *O*)

UNF UNF UNF :Q________________

Image Hosted by

Um, so this looks like SHINee’s cover x 2.5 (lmao, it’s always some boy group x 2.5 XD) but LAJSLASJD this is so gorgeous in its own way too. I can’t pick a favourite between Kyuhyun or Hankyung. I love Kyuhyun’s outfit and pose aksjdfd he’s so good looking *O* and Hankyung with his jacket half off, omg. IS ANYTHING HOTTER THAN THAT!? Donghae is really cute with his backpack. I can’t say the same for the backpack design though. Kibum is wearing parachute pants, wth, BUT YAY for him being in the center. Hopefully this is a sign that he will play an important role in their upcoming promotions !!!

Everyone looks really good here, I’m happy! Though the concept is not as interesting as Version A or B, I like this cover more. It’s simple in its own way and everyone has normal outfits. It’s pretty LOLtastic though, that they’re wearing their own faces on themselves, but whatever.

p.s After close inspection, Kyuhyun > Hankyung in this XD. Because um, Hankyung has funny pants. And they’re rolled up D; But…suspenders. Hmm, OKAY I CAN’T DECIDE XD.

p.p.s Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe Hae is wearing Hyuk’s face :DDDDDDDDDDDD. Actually, don’t tell me if I’m wrong. Just let me think that he is. Oh and, look where Sungmin’s hand is (not the one holding the mp3) TEEHEE. THIS IS A GREAT COVER, INDEED :D.



  2. teuk distracts me. he’s like glaring straight at the camera [same goes for hee XDDD] and yes! hae is wearing hyuk. <3333
    and as for sungmin’s hand, i LOLed. can’t even find it at first! and, rofl, kangin looks like he’s just walking on space, eyeing donghae for some yaoi. HAHAHA. but, i definitely love love love the cover too. ♥♥

    • LMAO he is too. AND WOOHOO, EUNHAE <333. Seriously, nothing can get better than this cover. ROFL yeah I’m weird for noticing Sungmin’s hand xDD.

  3. always love super junior^^

  4. Love-love-love. Especially Kangin without any particular reason.

    Btw. Oh, the fangirls’ power.

    I hope Whitney, Mariah & Celine appreciate the honour to be mentioned in one row with him, LOL.

    • LOOL OMG THATS HILARIOUS XD. They put Yesung as if everyone knows who he is XDD.

    • OMG. THAT IS EPIC ROFL. They really should be honored to be mentioned with such a boy (man?) :’D♥

  5. I went there to read about belting because when I learned about classic vocal in Russian there was NO word for this singing method. Some of vocal teachers say NG about it (well, for classic it IS, there is not doubt about it). So I went to wiki, began to read this article (I WAS SO SERIOUS ABOUT IT, OMG) and randomly giggled for two days after XDDDDDDD
    Not only as if EVRYBODY knows him. Just. Those three are DIVAS. And made of epic fail Yesung. He is my favourite voice ever but I never thought I would see him in one row with WH, MC and CD. LOL.

    • Lmao so you randomly stumbled across that? THAT MAKES IT EVEN FUNNIER XD. I thought maybe the fangirls changed it and put it up on forums or something. Omg lmao that is so funny XD. Other people reading it for info probably thinks “Who the hell…O.o”

      • EXACTLY. I just went there. And. GOD. You can’t understand my feelings because you were prepared. And I was NOT. I almost had heart attack, I swear.

        • Lol but damn, I’m unlikely to ever come across SuJu from researching the sort of things I do. But then again, I do Korean and I think that’s as close as … anything XD.

  6. wow.. a very unique picture of them ..


    • It’s nice, right? :D

  7. That would make a really nice wallpaper. But can you imagine trying to crop someone (in the back) out of that?

    That Wikipedia article is really.. well.. XDD

    • It’s my wallpaper atm :D. And possibly many other people.

      I’m…not so sure what you mean but check out our new header. Guess how long it took for me to do T____________T.

      • xD I should change my wallpaper to something that’s NOT default. EVENTUALLY.

        Ooh that’s nice! I bet it took… many hours. T____T That’s how long it’d take me. XP What I meant originally was say, if you just wanted a graphic with ONE person, trying to just take that one person out of the whole picture if they were somewhere in the background. And figuring out how to make it so that there’s not random parts of the body missing. xD

        • Um yes, sort of. But it looks so tacky ;~; crying. Except since I took so long, I think PAS felt sorry for me and let us use it XD.

          Yeah it’s pretty much impossible. You see Siwon? He has a stump as an arm as a result of all this overlapping XD.

          • Honestly, it’s good. It’s really hard to put them all onto the same height (?) so you’ve done a great job. And it blends in together – if it were me, I’d just have them one by one and you’d see all this white space in between. *fail*

            The only people who’d come out whole is Heechul and Donghae. Everybody else is missing one part or another. xD Their photoshoots lately have really subdued colours – it was first the b&w, and now the really pale and white tones.

            • OH, yes you’re right. Donghae & Heechul would come out normal XD. Gosh so many limbs.

              Hmm I reckon they’re trying to save colours for the young ones ie SHINee. Because theyre going for a manly image. But argh I miss my colourful SJ ;~;

              • It’d still be a pain trying to get them out though! I guess album covers can’t really have that much variation if you’re trying to fit 13 (or even 5) people on it. I’m glad they didn’t go for a shot where there’s just all of them looking serious in two lines.

                My friend reckons LSM is just too cheap to print colour ink. xDDD

                • My friend reckons LSM is just too cheap to print colour ink. xDDD

                  ROFLMAO. SO TRUE.

      • The header is pretty good, I can’t even tell you like, cropped pictures and overlapped them ROFL. My photoshop would fail sooooo bad :| (But I did notice Siwon’s arm stump, only after you mentioned it… XD)

        • Lol thanks. But omg the colour version is so much better. Next time I feel like procrastinating, I’ll make a new one XDD!

  8. BEAUTIFULLLLLL *O* I love the cover very much~ I want it x]

    • I would’ve ran to preorder this if there was a DVD on it. So…I’m still waiting. BUT ARGH, THIS IS SO NICE, RIGHT?

  9. After you mentioned the whole Sungmin’s hand thing, I immediately went to see if there were other.. mishaps LOL.
    Shindong’s hand is like, behind Donghae’s butt lol, but it looks like Donghae’s annoyed/bothered about it and leaning his back backwards because of it. Kangin’s hand is behind Hae’s butt too, but these probably aren’t as… “bad” as Sungmin’s hand LOLL (btw, I can see his missing hand :OO)
    Oh, and look at Siwon’s hand position LOL. Eunhyuk look like he’s pushing against Siwon’s shoulder to get away from him.. XD INGENIOUS LOL. (And wth is that piece of green and white string o__O;;)
    And Teukkie looks a bit creepy, only because his hand is reaching towards Siwon’s butt…….

    //end essay XD

    But um, I LOVE THIS PICTURE♥ And my friend, who doesn’t even follow KPop, think It’s You is an awesome song and really loves the album cover too 8DDDDDDDDD


      I have a thing for suspenders and ugh, sj have been satisfying my every need XDDDD!

      • LOL I KNOWWW ;; Immaturity can’t be avoided, but it’s for the best anyways :’D

        ME TOO. SUSPENDERS! AND GLASSES. asdl;kfjsdafljksdfjlkafdsaflkjasf I’m hating how SM is like.. luring me away from my more important school studies and distracting me during the last few weeks of school ROFL lsdkfj;ad♥


          These are the last few wks of semester too. I really need to hide from fandom. I don’t want them to screw up my first semester ;___;

  10. I am so buying this version. Oh gosh. The pictures are gorgeous!

    • ajlfkjlsdkjf I’m still waiting for the DVD version!

  11. they’re wearing their printed t-shirt. aaahhhhh love it!!!

    • lmao how cute is that?

  12. why if my kibum put in the center.?
    its right. coz he’s the cuties in suju.
    he looks so cute wear that clothe.

    kibumm. luv u. =)

    • loool what, then Hae should be in the center! Haha j/k

      • haha. so what.?

        what is kibum’s fault.?
        he was just not in sorry2 mv at the beginning. then why u r all insult him.?

        it acceptable.
        all members r same.
        maybe he has a reason why he isnt take a part in that mv.
        what r u busy 4.?

        • Lol, when did anyone insult Kibum??? We love Kibum :)

          And Kibum was in the Sorry Sorry mv…he just wasn’t in the dancing bit ;)

          • heii. can u see in the other forum.? they r all insult kibum. i hate that. i love all 13 suju member.

            yea. i know he’s in sorry2 mv. but he wasnt dance. so he can follow sorry2 performance. that make me very disappointed. huft.
            hope he will back to the group soon. back to sing n dance too.
            please always support 4 him.

            it will make him survive. n suju will complete again with all their 13 member.

            i cant imagine that kibum replaced with henry.?
            heii. did u agree with that.?
            i think suju member will push that away. they have 5years together.
            m i right.?

            kibum hwaiting.!!
            im always support u.

            • Hmm, no we’re not sure what forum you’re talking about. Maybe just don’t go there? Or avoid reading the posts?

              Idk, everyone is entitled to their opinions after all.

              Anyway, lol, Henry isn’t out to replace any member.

              We’ll just leave it at that :).

              • thats right. i hate that forum so much. they r all insult my kibum. f**k.!!

                impossible henry can be a suju member.
                it’s absolutely impossible. lol.

        • I was only saying Donghae should be in the center cause I was going along with what you said, and I think Donghae is the cutest. If that means I’ve insulted Kibum, then I’ve also insulted the remaining 11 members of SJ.

          I meant no harm.

          • ohh. ok. i know. u like hae right.? so u said that.
            n i like kibum. so i said that.
            a little misunderstanding here.
            peace.! ^^v.

            please always support for kibum.

            • K, I’m glad that’s cleared up ^^

              • lol.
                im so sorry for the misunderstanding reason.

                but hey. what do u think about kibum performance in that MV.?
                is he look ugly.?
                i think he look cool. it doesnt mean that i ike him so i said that. if i dont like him, my reason still same.

                btw. hae look cool there. siwon look mature. eunhyuk.? luv him. he become very cute n cool.


  13. thank you for putting up the album’s cover!
    now i can see everyone clearly ^^
    i had a hard time determining who’s who.

    p/s: kyuhyun definitely looks good in this outfit (i tink he looks gd in almost any outfit XD) but the rest are adorable too, he juz happened to b my favorite hehe~


    • No problem ;).

      And yes, Kyuhyun is one of the few members who pretty much always gets nice outfits. I’m so thankful for that :DDD!

      • me too!! :DDD!

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