Posted by: lovediaries | May 13, 2009

090502 Introducing Star’s Friends – Kangin & Yesung Cuts

{credit: sjsubs09 @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3.

I didn’t even know they went on this show :(. But Kangin x Yesung lol. Strange pairing, don’t you think? Jo Kwon is also here ^^ but since these are the SJ cuts, I’m not sure how much of his parts are included ^^;;.

Kangin brings his friend, Park Su Min, who’s a dancer. He also lives right next door to Kangin. How cute is that? ^^. Yesung’s friend, Park Sung Ju, is a friend from high school :).

I’ve only ever seen like 2 episodes of this (omg LMAO have you guys seen Teuk’s sister on this!?!? SHE’S FRIGGEN HILARIOUS) so I’m not too familiar with the rules. There’s a female guest in the box (?) or something and they have to try guess who she is? Yesung finds out her age and goes all BUAAAAAAAAAA :D. Omg I love his |D smile.

Kangin and his friend do a “Super Junior dance compilation” :DDD. They dance to “U”, “Rokkugoh”, “Pajama Party” and “Sorry Sorry” (um, why does Kangin keep grabbing at his crotch? O.o) They then do this other dance. Su Min pretends to play baseball, “hits” a police car, and then gets chased by a policeman who is Kangin. Yeah, it’s strange XD.

Yesung then brings his friend up to the front and tape-waxes his leg O_____O.

In the end, Yesung and Jo Kwon’s friends are left and they have to take each other’s masks off (Kangin’s friend got picked by a girl – he’s quite good looking). AND AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW they’re so squishable; especially when they go hug each other ^^!!!

They then play limbo where the groups of 4 have to hold hands and go under the pole together.

K, I’m only going to watch up to here~ Must go study now T__T.


  1. “I look like…my mom” lmao not shocking to know their friends are like them. And Yesung’s bravo was hilarious, darn I wonder what his reaction would be when I say I’m a 91er. I can’t wait until someone subs Jo Kwon parts because he was a major camera hog and didn’t let his friend show his talent.

    • LOL That’s exactly what I thought too XDD. SO much like Yesung.

      :( I still have the windows opened but I’m actually trying to study T_T.

      • uhmm, you have to resist the temptations! :D but i know it’s hard on you. D: i wanna see the full ep subbed. it looks good cos it also has jokwon. and LMAO at the i look like my mom part and yesung trying to run away with the girl. XDDD

        • I’m such a loser lol. I won’t watch this, but I go and make myself a new Taemin icon. *headdesk*.

          Damn and it’s getting late too T__T.

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