Posted by: lovediaries | May 13, 2009

DBSK Seolreim CF – Yoochun Version

{credit: farahmicky8 @ youtube}

THIS WAS SO CUTE (LMAO the way they climbed over the roof XDDD)! This is the sort of thing I miss from DBSK ;~;.

AND CHANGMIN, I SAW WHAT YOU DID THUR. He full reached for Yunho’s moobs chest. CONTROL YOURSELF, MAGNAE!!


  1. this is si cute! XDD i miss dbsk’s cutesy. :D and oh, junsu’s winks. :DDDD

    • You just wanna cuddle them close, yeah?

  2. they’re so CUTE !!!

  3. ROFL Changmin was full on molesting Yunho XDDDDD That kids learning some tips from those stuff he’s watching HAHA I’m joking….

    • he thought Yunho was me for 2 seconds

  4. LOL jaejoong with an accordion ^-^
    and right when i read the moobs comment it happened >_<

    • LOL that was so random. And Changmin with the ukulele ..? Is that what it’s called? XD

  5. LOL! Changmin! I wonder if that was scripted, or if he just really wanted to touch Yunho xD. I missed these cute CFs.

    • I think he just wanted to touch Yunho XDDD! (Heck, I would too!)

  6. someone must send me a gif of Changmin molesting Yunho!! pretty please?!?!?!? I
    don’t even know what they’re endorsing
    but I’ll take one!



  8. LMAO! Was Jaejoong doing Hongchul’s creepy dance at the end? xDD
    But thats immense blessed-ness

    • I can’t wait for the other versions lmao :DDD!

  9. ming and wookie’s composed song.

    • Thank you for that <333. We’ll try get a review up of the new songs tmr :)!

  10. After you mentioned it I had to se…


    Btw I am guessing this is an ad for a juice or something?

    • I HAVE NO IDEA. Lol I actually don’t know what type of drink this is ^^;;

  11. ngeh.



    • I wonder if anymore are even coming out :(

  12. lol XD CHANGMINIE~~ what are you doing?! XDD

    I really did miss their cute side…

    oh and they are davertising for a milkshake…

    • Me too! They should loosen up a bit more lol~

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