Posted by: lovediaries | May 14, 2009

New Official Super Junior Pictures

{credit: baidu}

These are from their official website. They have a new layout and profile pictures AND LOL they look like cyborgs. Siwon’s legs are stick thin (;____;) and Hae looks like a lost little boy with one pant leg rolled up XD.

PLS DO NOT HOTLINK! Thank you :).

I’m…not sure if these profiles are 100% accurate though, because Kangin is 70 kgs and Siwon weighs 65 (or so they say); but then, Kyuhyun is 68 kgs. Does that seem right to anyone? And Hankyung is 66kg? Idk, I thought Siwon’s abs would outweight Hankyung already…guess not XD. Sungmin is also the lightest member here lol. Hmmm.


  1. I find it pretty cool *_________*

    Honestly, I don’t care how heavy they weigh or how tall they are but I guess these stuff are good for trivia contests haha.

    • I’m a nerd and like to “learn” everyone’s heights & weight. Just for trivia, like you said lol. And I was just curious cause after all the shoe lifts and what not, I thought they’d be more honest XD.

      • I just realized that the group picture is actually like a box of action figures :D It has a barcode too :DDD And as someone who makes mock DVD covers and random packaging with PS as a past time, I feel far too happy in a geek/dork way :DDDDD

        • This reminds me of Utada Hikaru’s Keep Tryin’

        • Do they inspire you? :DDDDDD. Oh LOL I so did not notice the barcode (GOOD WORK!) I just thought since it was off the site, the box was on a funny angle or something.

          • Yes. Much more inspiring than Versions A and B /o/ I remember Don’t Don’s repackage inspired me as well~ Maybe I should start relying on the repackages instead XD

            • This is so interesting, I’m worrying maybe a D won’t come out. But it has to, right?

              • maybe it’ll be like the other time when the first repackage has the new songs but no DVD, while the other has a DVD but no new songs D:

                • I hate that :(. I’m greedy and want everything on one. Like “AMIGO” :).

  2. Kyuhyun’s hair, though…. that thing at the back bothers me.

    • I saw some photos from the repackaged album (SO MUCH COLOUR!!!) but some solo ones haven’t been uploaded and soompi is down for maintenance (well, was) so I haven’t posted them. BUT ew, Kyu’s hair was really bad in the pic I did see of him.

    • me tooo! his hair looks odd in the picture for some reason…sorta like he has bedhead XD
      but otherwise hot as ever kekekkee

  3. lol at the not so legit profiles. I like the change though, it went from black hardcore tough looking, to nice pastel colours where the boys look approachable and they do look like cyborgs

    • I know, I’m really happy with all the colours. There’s more coming. I just need to find all the pics first :)!

  4. Some of them are really… thin.

    It’s okay, I learnt weights and heights of some people too, for what, ihni.

    • Lemme guess. 2pm’s profiles?

      • Oh you are good (that was obvious)
        But you never know when you will need to recite this info

        • Woot. How did I know.

          Yeah like once I was in a convo with pas and I can’t rmbr why but we were talking about people’s heights and I was just throwing out all these funfacts. It’s useful, really.

          • Do I sense sarcasm?

            I’ve never actually used this info, except for telling my sister but she is like “go away, no one cares except for you”. Do you know SHINee’s stats?

            • You tell me if I was being sarcastic or not.

              LMAO your sister is the funniest, I swear. I knew SHINee’s debut heights but they’ve all grown minus Jonghyun who’s probably shrunk so then I don’t know their current ones :(.

              • ;_____________________________;

                I haven’t grown in like 4 years (buh, you don’t know their weights?) LOL is Jonghyun that short?

                • No, I don’t know their weights (they can always sit on me for me to measure? :D)…after all, you can’t trust everything on the net >:(.

                  Um, yes I think he stands on boxes for their interviews. Lol, i kid.

                  He’s the shortest member though, and Taemin will be as tall as Minho soon, I think. Which is funny. TEEHEE.

                  • HAHAHA @ Jonghyun, it’s okay, I know what it’s like – (one of) the shortest of the group. But even if he is the shortest I’m 99.9% sure he’d be taller than me.

                    • Lol you know I was going to say something like that but it slipped my mind when I was replying your comment T__T. Waste of a line :(.

  5. Neat concept!<3

    SJ action figures….buy them all! (and I probably would XD)

    • I’d love to have them sit in my room and just come alive :D

  6. I want some Super Junior action figures :)
    I want Kyuhyun <3
    Omggggggggg, Kyuhyun looks so skinny and fragile.

    • I rather have the real Kyuhyun though ;)

  7. omg, I’m bombarded with homework and I’m still here XD *too lazy to click on all the pictures*
    BUT LOL OMGGG This concept is so cool 8D Super Junior action dolls~! I did click on one though, but.. I don’t think I can ever remember how tall each other XD I’m just bad with memorizing like that ROFLL

    • I”m in the same situation – only, I’m posting and replying to comments & stalking You know, if I stopped posting, I’d be helping both you and I. T_____T.

  8. i love the way yo described donghae HAHA! cute.

    jongmal saranghae donghae yeobo! gaaah so hawtlycute :]]

    eunyhuk.kibum.heechul ~looking good :P

    sungmin.kyuhyun ~ cute


    • Haha I only described as it is :D

  9. i love super jr n mt opinion is why is the cover picture sooo robotic?they look like dolls in a glass box…loltheir outfit…hmm…ok ok la…but i still luv super jr!!sungmin cutie!!not jst sungmin of course..every1!!

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