Posted by: lovediaries | May 15, 2009

SHINee’s “Romeo” Comeback Schedule

Stalking on twitter makes everything so much easier ;D.

WHAT? THIS PHOTO IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT TO WHAT WE’VE BEEN SEEING !?!??!?! Loling so hard at Onew omg. And a big D; to Taemin’s hair here :/.

Source: + + shineeTH
Translation: kika @

090518: Release new single online
090521: Release the mini-album
090522: KBS MusicBank
090523: MBC Show! Music Core
090524: SBS Inkigayo

I’m so sad. My calendar is seriously used for marking people’s comeback dates/album releases instead of important stuff like “EXAMS ARE JUST AROUND THE CORNER”.

Also, apparently Onew wrote the lyrics for one of the tracks on their mini-album aljflskdjfjdsfjsd♥♥.


  1. OKAY. I like this one better.

    Yay Jinki!lyrics :D

    Key, your hair makes me sad.

    • Yes, this is more SHINee-like :D.

    • ikr!! key’s hair was so pretty before.. and then he chopped it off D;

  2. LOL. Yes. SM + SHINee = unpredictable.
    I don’t like the hair though.
    I’m excited for dubu’s lyrics. The english version is really sweet but there’s the word wife….XD I hope it really is included in the album.
    Also, I swear the title track is not a ballad. :D

    • Yeah I didn’t like the hair when they first showed their new hair (even under hats). I actually think their hair in the other pictures looked better than this one. But then hair here is better. xD. And, why do you swear that? :DDD. OH DAMN IM SO FREAKING EXCITED IM GONNA PEE MY PANTS.

      • I PEED MY PANTS.

        When I first saw that pic I already know their new song won’t be a ballad.XD The fancam on their rose day event proved my theory too. But the song is going to be a remake….? I don’t mind though.. It’s still going to be awesome. <3

        • Yeah, slightly disappointed that it’s a remake BUT Jonghyun wrote the lyrics so that makes up for it, right? :)

          • Wait, Jonghyun wrote the lyrics? Not Onew? D:

            • Jonghyun wrote the lyrics for “Juliet” and then maybe Onew wrote lyrics for another song? I’m not too sure about the Onew part anymore O.o We shall find out soon enough!

              • kja;sdfajdlsfaskjlfaklsdjf this is so confusing LOL. But all the more secrets and surprises 8D

          • Yes. Bling writing the lyrics more than makes up to it. lol. To me at least. I’m happy that they are given this kind of opportunity so early in their career. I can’t wait for tomorrow too. I don’t think I can sleep knowing their song and MV will be released few hours from now. XD

  3. I AM COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS OMFG D8 ♥ The best thing is, it’s on my birthday :”D

    • ORLY? That’d be the best birthday present ever <33333. Happy Birthday for then (I’m sorry if I forget on the day – I’d be excused, right? XD)!!!!

  4. wow. i seriously thought minho’s boots has got some heels. -__-;;

    onew’s lyrics! :DD

    • HAHAHAH I only looked when you said so and I thought too LMAO.

  5. Hahaha.. Onew makes me think of L from the anime Death Note. :)) So cute. ^^ YAY COMEBACK. xD I MISSED YOU SHINEE AND YOUR SHINEE-NESS.

    • I’ve never seen Death Note…so I really wouldn’t know ^^;;

  6. hello there jinki and your adorable-ness!
    somehow he looks the magnae here and not taemin. who btw looks good with scruffy hair!

    i’m seriously beggining to love this month! SJ + Shinee + 2ne1. hell yeah!

    • Taemin’s legs *________________________*

  7. 4 days!
    I don’t think I can wait much XD

    • I’ll have to study really hard today cause Taegoon’s comeback tmr, then SJ’s then SHINee. FML!

  8. omg my last day of high school is on the 21, but all i care about right now is SHINee’s comeback hahaha =) and onew wrote lyrics to one of their songs? i;m so excited =) i actually like his new hair and the way he’s sitting reminds me of L, as a lot of people have already said =)

    it’s only 4 days away? O_O yay! =)

    • :O. So then you’re graduating? Wow, Congratulations! Rofl I swear everyone puts their life on hold for SHINee xD.

  9. LOL. Onew and Taemin’s hair! I feel like if they fixed it up a bit, it would actually look kinda sexy ;D.

    • Yeah, it was probably just the wind. I hope ://

  10. Um, Onew’s hair after he dropped his hat is seriously wayyy cuter and better than the one in this picture… ^^;;; But he still looks good :3 But I agree! Taemin’s hair a bit… o____O;; poofy? a lot? shaggy? XD
    Why is Minho wearing a pair of white tights/pants under the denim shorts and then a silver pair of.. something under his boots?! XD It’s interesting though O__o It doesn’t look horrid on him, fortunately XD
    JONGHYUN IS HIDING. And Key’s hair looks a bit similar to Onew’s :’D ONKEYYYYYYY

    omg, my calendar’s going to be all about THEM rather than my finals dates… \o/

    I found a slightly bigger picture of the one you just posted! I take back what I said about Minho XD it looks kind of awkward-ish :O



    Onew’s and Key’s hair looks the same XD ONKEYY But I still prefer Onew’s flat hair D: so adorable♥ Taemin’s hair is a bit.. o__O shaggy? I hope they’ll tone it down when they make their official comeback ^^;; MINHO’S OUTFIT IS A BIT AWKWARD. There’s like, three layers of clothing on his legs, and his boots. But it doesn’t look too horrible on him for some reason…AND JONGHYUN IS HIDING XDDD

    Oh btw, I found a slightly bigger picture of the one you just posted! :D

    (I seriously can’t wait to hear/read Onew’s lyrics♥♥♥)

    • I AM SO SORRY. Wp is sometimes a bitch like that and it put your post into the spam filter. No idea why.

      But thank you <333. I saw the bigger picture and just went wtf at Minho. I thought he actually had his legs painted lmao HOW THIN ARE THEY.

      And yes, finally some work from them. I rememeber Onew had all his music sheets in their dorm and I was already anticipating what he’d been composing/writing ^____^.

      Simply can’t wait :D.

      • LOL So that’s why D: Maybe they really think I am spamming?! ;~;

        I KNOW. I’m really jealous of their slim legs *-* Why can’t mine be like thattttt D8<

        That episode was awkward and pwn .-. Even though it’s a remake.. YAY♥

        • …it’s because we have to give birth so our hips are wider. As a result of that, our legs are naturally less skinnier…?


          • I FEEL SLIGHTLY BETTER THOUGH X’D (some girls in my school are freakishly skinny though, it scares me to see that they can even pick up a backpack, that’s how skinnybony they are @@)

  12. so i went to michaels to buy a white shirt coz we’re tie-dying shirts in chem and while i was at the register i see the cashier and he looks EXACTLY like key!! except he had bronze skin (i live in texas) and the way the sun fell on his hair made it seems like it was glowing…I was like frothing :L then I look at his name tag and his name was ALSO Key *O* !!! lol jk it was actually Jay but I just wanted to tell u this story and link it to how mighty fiiine Key is :D


    • Omg your story made me LOL irl SO hard. Because I thought it was spam at first lmao. But I honestly thought the guy’s name was Key. YOU TRICKED ME XDDDD.

      • teeheehee I’m gonna go to Michaels and stalk him every thursday from now on :} oh and taemin & messy hair = not so clean thoughts haha


        • Taemin doesn’t need messy hair for me to have … not so clean thoughts. XDDDDDDDDDDD.

          • SHINee has an amazing ability to do that lol I finally see the pedo side that every1 is talking about XD

            • The true effects of SHINee come into play when you start looking at rl underage boys.

              Or, maybe that’s just me. HAHAHAHA.

  13. hahahahahahaha wowwow I think it’s just you XD I’m older than taemin but for some reason I feel like I’m pedoing over all of SHINee

    • .___. k, pretend I didn’t say anything. (I’m younger than Onew – and Jonghyun – but I feel like a pedo when I coo @ him)

  14. Why are people saying they dont like their new style I THINK ITS FUCKIN HAWT! its soo fashion forward! Kinda vouge style !XD and btw their hair SHIt i cant handle this hawtness!

  15. omO shinee comeback will be the beepin bomb!

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