Posted by: lovediaries | May 15, 2009

Super Junior 3rd Repackaged Album Pictures

{credit: sj official website; otani-no-suki @ lj}

Click to enlarge ^^! (Solo shots are under the cut)

YAY FOR COLOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ;DD. Um, some of their shirt designs scare me a tad because I’m a total wuss like that, but then lol Hyuk’s shirt just makes me giggle. Is that a PONY on his shirt? XDDD.

Their poses are pretty loltastic. Some of them seem to mirror each other (probably unintentional), yet they’ve been placed next to each other!? Idk, it’s all sorts of weird.

I like Hankyung in his shirt :) (well, he looks slightly out of place in the group ones but his solo shot is nice). Why does Siwon & Shindong have two outfits? Guess this means more pics are to come…? Maybe? :).

Okay guys, I will stop spamming you. Except there’s still Taegoon’s mini-album to review and SJ’s new repackaged songs…


  1. HAHAHA that’s so true some of the poses are HILARIOUS
    wheeee Donghae is so cuuuuute and Kyu toooo saving these on my laptop NOW

    • HAHA! You sound like you have the same favourites as me ♥

  2. hahaha funny things on their t-shirts XD!!!
    i like Heechul’s and Donghae’s pics a lot~
    funny thing about these is that its a huge contrast to their current image which is “mature” and they look like little boys in those clothes XD

    • You think the designs on their shirt are funny!?

      Haha I know eh! And the whole action figure thing isn’t very manly either :P

  3. The designs are… creepy….. O___O

  4. kibum and siwons’s poses are the same so are ming and yesung’s. XD

    i love hee’s the most and hae’s too. :DD

    • lmao in the group ones, almost everyone has one leg up xD

  5. THESE PHOTOS ARE SO BRIGHT, but maybe only because everyone is going black/white/no-colour-whatsoever lately.

    wahaha but I like their shirts and that some have hardcore shirts and others have ponies!

    • SHINee’s teaser is colourful too :DDD.

  6. haha just noticed kyuhyun’s shirt has the joker (heath ledger0 from the dark knight on it..lmao

    • Lol yeah that was the first thing I saw XD

  7. I see colour! But other than that, the repackaged album pictures look… really boring. XP

    • These pictures aren’t that exciting, but I do like the action figure concept they’ve got going :D. I think that one is gonna be on the album too since they’re wearing the same clothes as their album cover.

  8. yay colour, it’s funny how this compliments SHINee going all black/grey/white.

    • Lol. I think SM only lets one band go colour at a time XP

  9. aaaaaaaaa
    love them soooooooo muuuuuuuchhhhhh

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