Posted by: lovediaries | May 15, 2009

Super Junior – “It’s You” MV Drama Version

{credit: Sup3rJunior @ youtube}

Watching now to see how different it is to the original (and leaked hehe).

I think a Dance Version will come out soon and that and this together made the “Official MV”. I actually wouldn’t have minded if they just released the two separately :D. This MV was filmed really nicely and it was a running shot (um, I just made that term up lol – what’s the technical name for this technique?) throughout the entire MV.

I really liked Leeteuk’s scene. Idk, there was just something really nice, for lack of a better word, about the way he crossed the road, paused, and glared at nothing in particular (the car probably drove into a puddle and splashed dirty water onto his pants).

I had no idea Siwon was walking towards the telephone booth when he was emo-ing and aww at Wook running down the street. And I wondered about how Kangin changed seats but it all makes sense now :D! You also get a better look at Hyuk’s graffiti and he emos against the wall for a long time :).

During Heechul’s part, you see everyone start coming in. Siwon throws a total fit at the telephone (a bigger one than the one we’ve seen) and OMG DONGHAE’S PART MADE ME DROOL. He was so into it ♥♥/

(Yesung has no idea where his heart is.)




      • Well, I guess for angst, TeleSiwon > PaperTeuk because it seems like the latter has a better (kinkier?) relationship than Siwon and the phone right now. o.o Siwon is rather abusive, hmm~

        • O______________o, I would say TeleSiwon is the kinkier of the two since Siwon is aggro and abusive and Teuk is a dork and blows on p-… okay, yeah, that’s a tough one.

          • I dunno. I think this is kind of kinky. XD

            • Oh yeah, that was the photo I was thinking of. For some reason, I pictured Teuk blowing a piece of paper that was covering his face.

              Does such a picture even exist?

              • I don’t remember but it’s very likely that there is. I have far too many pictures of him I’m not so sure of what’s what anymore. ^^;

                • Yeah, this hols, I have to be organised again and sort my pics into their respective folders :/.

                  • Everyone who sees the files on my laptop wonder how I know exactly where to look for something because I have far too many folders and far too many files. XD

                    Honestly sometimes I forget where I saved some things. ^^;

  2. (Yesung has no idea where his heart is.)


    So emo. I love Eunghyuk’s part, and I discovered Kibum’s shirt is ugly. ):

    • ROFL honey no offence to kibum, but his clothes and hair aren’t very attractive here XDDD

      I love Eunhyuk’s part too. He’s so sexy emo-ing it out against the graffiti in his sexy street clothes *__________________*


    • have to agree, that shirt looks like he got it from a surplus shop. kinda something an ajusshi from a street would wear. aheehee.

      and yeah, gotta love hyukkie’s “gangster” vibe. i wouldn’t mind having huge graffiti drawn in our house if he’s the one doing it. :D

      i just LOL real hard when 2:34 comes. the part where yesung leaves hyuk in that dark alley. looks like they just finished their drug-dealing transaction.

      • That part does give fans ideas … xD

  3. Mm it’s been a while since I saw the official one, but at the moment I like this one better. Maybe b/c the dance moves in the original weren’t as flashy as usual so I don’t miss them? Donghae’s mouth/body wiping moves make my laugh.=P

    • Mm its hard lol. I think I like this one better too cuz honestly, I don’t really dig their dancing clothes and SOME of the choreo is a bit lol-worthy. This is emo and angst through and through XDDDDD

      HAHAHAHA SAME OMG!! I was just telling Candychu how Hae’s spit wipe and hip thrust was really really really random and out of place loooooooool

  4. Yesung. He made my day, honestly.
    Donghae with his emo bodywaves demonstrating his eternal suffering ove the lost of his beloved girlfriend was not half bad either.
    Maniac Kibum added to the whole impression.

    Btw, who else does enjoy the new pairing of Kibum x Kim Bum (or other way around, they are both girls so I don’t care)? Because I do and I WANT FANFICTION. It’s not healthy.

    • YEAH I LOVED DONGHAES PART. Even though it was sorta O.o and um … ? eh? haha

      LOLOL your comment made me LOL irl. THEY ARE BOTH GIRLS XD.

  5. What is better than 13 angsty guys?

    I’d like to be that bike Hee is sitting on because…well, Hee’s booty (!) and they’re all surrounding me…..mmmmmmmmmm

    • ROFL umm this is hard. I kinda wanna be that necklace Teuk is clutching, that wall that Hyuk was leaning all over, the table and mail box that Sungmin was emo-ing with, that phone booth that Siwon was being all angst at, the phone that Hankyung was talking on and well Donghae’s body cuz he kept touching himself XDDD

      Rofl and lets include everything else they touched. SWEEETTT rofl

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