Posted by: lovediaries | May 16, 2009

090513 Love’s Family – KyuMin Cuts

Thanks to sjsubs09 for being so speedy with their subbing :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

Part 2.

I watched this at 1.30am last night and OMG YOU GUYS REALLY NEED TO WATCH THIS. So KyuMin go off to some far away place (it looked far lol, definitely not suburban area) to take care of disabled kids for a day. I felt really sad seeing the disabled children, but everyone just looked so happy and were so playful – it really makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

Kyuhyun & Sungmin have to help with washing blankets, bathing the children, cooking rice cake, feeding the children and performing for them. IT WAS SO ADORABLE.My favourite parts were (and in no particular order since I did watch this last night XD):

  • Kyuhyun holding the baby girl but not knowing how. She practically fell forward onto his knee and looked like she was trying to get away. She was tiny and here, Kyuhyun, this fully grown man, had no way of carrying her XD.
  • Washing of blankets. I really wanted to just get into the bucket. Sungmin is SO good with kids!!
  • Bathing the children. One of the girls was really playful and kept moving about and not wanting to get washed. The two of them were so patient with her :3
  • Feeding. Again, Kyuhyun was like all ???!??!?!?!??!??! hahahah! And he told the baby not to move at one stage (I think?). Sungmin was such a pro, seriously.
  • They then did a performance and LMAO Kyuhyun had a “secret”, scary performance which just left everyone like O.o. HE WAS SO CUTE AND EMBARRASSED XDD!

But yeah, really, it was a very enjoyable 18 minutes. I WANT KYUHYUN TO FATHER MY KIDS DDDDD; He was so inexperienced but so sincere with trying to help as well. *clutches ovaries*.

They also cooked and omg is there anything Sungmin can’t do? His ddukbokki looked so good *drools*.



    • Are you watching this?

      • No, not yet but I wiiiiiiiiiiiill when I get home! *_________*

        • And I will when I can tick another two things off my to do list :D~

          • I think I’m not supposed to laugh but…. I find it kind of funny that there’s sign language translation for Sorry Sorry too… .____.

            O:! Isn’t that guy the same dude from Mystery 6?

            • TEEHEE I’ve already responded on twitter :D

  2. Only watched part 1 so far but it is XDDDDDD “yokshi.” I was prob watching Kyu more than Sungmin since I knew he had no clue what he was doing. Looked like he might cry and take a nap at some points. lol

    Both boys looked *really* good and they haven’t epic failed yet unlike some other members of Suju.

    • ..What’s yokshi? Is that korean? XD LOL SORRY I FAIL.

      I know, I was just keeping an eye on Kyuhyun the whole time. But yeah, this wasn’t fail-y like other stuff SJ have done xP.

      • Yokshi is “as expected” or “indeed.” I learned that from a radio clip where Shindong said it like 1176714718074 times.=P

        You said you’re learning Korean right? Are you taking formal classes or just teaching yourself b/c I’m watching a series on YouTube that’s pretty helpful.

        • HAHAHHA lol yes, despite my epic failure, I’m actually taking formal classes. I’m considering minoring in Korean too xD.

          Ooh, does the series on Youtube teach you on use of particles? Cause that is my greatest problem. I don’t know when and which particles to use orz.

          • Minoring in Korean?! Cool. ^_^ The Youtube series had a little 2 sec mention of particles so far (I’m on ep.9 of 260!) but that’s okay cuz I taught myself particles before I started. So far we’ve done past tense, commands, future tense, wants/desires, location, and vocab.

            • My lecturer is a “Dr.” and yet, he doesn’t seem half as good as the internet T____T.

            • hi what’s that youtube account calld that you are learning korean from? Im also learning..

  3. yey for subs!

    can i like marry these 2 right now.
    (opps, that’s illegal! HAHAHA)
    MARRY ME SUNGMIN! and you wouldn’t have to do any household chores forever! <3

    this is like the 104862342th time i’m watching this and i can’t really remove this huge silly smile in my face. KYUMMIIIINNNNNN!

    • LOOL K. You marry Sungmin, I marry Kyu :DDD.

      Yeah I really liked this. It wasn’t BUAHAHAH funny like variety show, but what they did really had great meaning ^__^


    *gets brutally murdered by candice*

    Seriously though they both looks so cute! Kyu is just jhahdfljfpa;ojglkhkl;jpl;ahgjl! I was laughing my head off when he was trying to figure out how to hold that baby! Sungmin is sooo good with the kids. He’s just too adorable for words.

    ‘Kay I’m gonna watch part 2 now. o.o

    • He can have my babies and then you can watch him take care of it, if you want :/.

      OMG I KNOW. I felt so sorry for the baby and her mummy was probably very concerned. He was so cute I wanted to jump on him and say “HERE, MAYBE CARRYING ME WOULD BE EASIER? :D”

      • Dude. I need to get my eyes checked. I thought you said “I wanted to jump him”.

        …I can’t blame you though. O.O

        And what is it with you and ovaries?!?!?!?

        • No, you just read beyond what I said. Because yes I’d like to jump on him but I would also like to jump him *O*.

          My ovaries are my bitches. Duh.

  5. That..was by far…the CUTEST interaction with kids I”ve ever seen from Suju. This totally beats out Eunhyuk and Leeteuk’s EPIC FAILURE in WGM XDDD

    Oh man. Sungmin is like. The perfect husband/father. And Kyuhyun’s getting there. Maybe when/if he does become a father, he’ll be much better. Well, either way, he’d be to adorable so it’s all good.

    • I KNOW! WGM was freaking hilarious and this was just so sweet :3. But I’m sure every member of SJ would be great fathers. This was really very previous <33

  6. awwwww Kyuhyun and Sungmin are both so cuuuuute in those pink and red aprons
    Sungmin did lots of volunteering *swoons* guys who are loving to the world are turn ons XD Sungmin is so good with kids
    I loved their expressions after finishing bathing the kids, lying on the ground hahaha! Kyuhyun and the babies are adorable. He has zero idea what to do XP And when he says ‘I am now ready to be a groom.’ I thought YES YOU ARE!! And when Sunmin said he wanted to get married I thought YES WITH MEEE I’LL BE POLYGAMIC JUST FOR YOU TWO

    • Lmao I loved the transforming part haha. Sungmin is so sweet and caring it makes me cry haha. AND YEAH when they were wiping the kids together, it was so friggen cute.

      Yeah it made me really happy when they were like “I’m ready to be a groom” and “I want to get married now”; it just shows how enlightening this little experience was for them ^^.

  7. awww they were so cuute :) I especially love eun hye she’s so spunky! and kyumin ftw lol i like how u said he looks like a man compared to the kids…yet he looks like a boy next to suju members XD haha but dude there were moments where his voice was like soooo smooth and deep…*O* ahhh if only there were kyuhyun clones for every girl it would be perfect…sigh


    • lolol the kids were so cute. Well Kyu is very mature even with the SJ members. It’s just interesting cause he’s usually so witty and funny and here he’s totally helpless haha.


  8. watching this is priceless!!!


    • You’re welcome :)!

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