Posted by: lovediaries | May 16, 2009

090514 Super Junior – Making of “It’s You” MV

I’ve edited with the subbed version :D!

{credit: sjsubs09 @ youtube}

T__________T. Why would you show clips of “Rokkugoh” and “Pajama Party” right before “Sorry Sorry”? It’s sort of misleading lmao because it makes it look like SJ grew up within a year or something, when they were already all “manly” and badass in “Don’t Don”.

Kangin & Shindong play some game on set lmao. I…have no idea how it works ^^;;. Eunhyuk does his shrimp blow up shell back WHATEVER thing he was doing on “Intimate Note”.

Then they have footage from filming “Sorry Sorry” MV. Hyuk has a cam recorder and says it’s got stuff from when they first debuted. Wow O.o It must have everlasting tape on that thing or something. He calls it Treasure #1 (I thought Treasure #1 were the jewels in your pants xP).

Afterwards, they show clips from when SJ were in China. I SEE ZHANG LI YIN ;DDD!


  1. I want Teuk’s yellow glasses! lmao at Wook sitting down while Kangin and Shindong have a point-at-each-other-fit while saying norago, how does that game work, I dunno.

    • LOL I SAW THOSE GLASSES. But then I realised I had no idea what was going on so I just stopped watching xD!

  2. Damn you Kibum. D:

    • Don’t tell me he wasn’t there at all.

  3. hahaha, “Treasure No.1”!! XDDD

    ohh, and collab stage!

    • Ooh thanks for the link; I’ll watch it when I have time :(.

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