Posted by: lovediaries | May 16, 2009

090516 Taegoon Comeback @ Music Core

{credit: elaisfangirl @ youtube}

Taegoon didn’t get new clothes DDD; I think for these performances, he’ll just be wearing the clothes from his music video.

The performance started off really sexy (doesn’t it hurt to have hair flicked into your face? O.o). He still has the track playing in the background, but he sings more than he did in his “Call Me” performances. You could hear he was out of breath, but I thought the second half of the song was a lot better than the first. Which probably wouldn’t make much sense lol but maybe he regained energy? Haha.


  1. The fans didn’t begin cheering until 1/3 through the perf.. maybe they give him energy ^^

    • That must’ve been why :D!

  2. Personally I think that he got more into the performance in the second half as well as the fact that the fans took so long to start cheering.

    Either way the performance was ~fierce~

    • Yeah the dancing was great and the singing is getting there!

  3. omg the dance was crazy good, I really love the bangs after superstar, esp since it was louder in this perf. He reminded me of Michael Jackson with the red jacket.

    • Haha I usually don’t associate wonderful things with MJ…that may just be me XDD!

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