Posted by: beckery | May 17, 2009

090517 2AM’s Last Stage + 2NE1’s Debut

2AM ft Jaebeom and Taecyeon – Lost Awwww this is 2AM’s last stage, which means they won’t be performing on music programs anymore *goes and cry in my little corner cuz 2AM doesn’t get enough love* I don’t think they’ve won No.1 on any of the music programs? WHICH IS JUST SO SAD AND FULL OF INJUSTICE BECAUSE HELLO, THEY ARE AMAZING SINGERS!!! Anyways, I actually hoped they would perform “A Friend’s Confession” just cuz I like that song slightly more than “Lost”, but I’m not complaining since they got Jay and Taec (who both look all sorts of handsome) to rap for them. The ending was awesome! “ONE DAY” FTW ♥♥♥♥

I FELT SO SORRY FOR JINWOON THOUGH!! The poor bb got the lyrics and song mixed up and started to sing his part of “A Friend’s Confession” instead apparently sang too early? Last stage aswell!! I hope he doesn’t take it too hard… He looked so lost and embarrassed, I wanted to hug and cuddle him and say “It’s ok, I still love you magnae”…But I’ll be honest and say, Candychu and I did sorta laugh at the cute mistake XDDD

Btw, Congrats to 2pm for winning today. I’m so proud of them *beams* Next week is gonna be some tough competition though!

2NE1 Intro + Fire I think everyone’s sorta curious at how these girls are going to fair, especially since there is so much hype surrounding them. My thoughts on them are pretty much indifference atm haha. I’m interested to see how their live performance will be but I’m not interested to learn names as of yet so sorry, I won’t be really naming anyone here hahaha.

They all did a dance intro which was sorta cool. I don’t really dig their clothes and hair that much though. It makes me think that GD are their stylists, which sorta makes me cringe hahahaha XDD I love that boy but um his style is questionable ^_^

I don’t like Fire, I don’t hate it. I like Lollipop more haha. The choreo is ok, nothing too exciting. Honestly, this song doesn’t really show off your vocal skills so I cant’ say much about their live vocals haha. I guess it was pretty good for their debut stage…… How bout you guys tell me how you think? XDD


  1. G-Dragon *IS* 2NE1’s stylist. G-Dragon and his two model friends were the ones who styled the girls. And I won’t be surprised if some of the girl’s clothes are from GD’s closet (cough, Sandara’s fur jacket, cough). XD!

    I hope 2AM makes a follow up soon. Me. Wantz. Hot guyz. LOLOLOL.

    • ROFL DID HE? I thought it was only his model friends that were being stylist for 2NE1. No wonder the style was so….familiar in that “unique” way rofl XDD

      Me want more good ear candy! They’re seriously made of all sorts of awesomeness <33

      PS. Why does it feel like its been forever since you commented on my post? XP haha

      • “PS. Why does it feel like its been forever since you commented on my post? XP haha”

        That is because there are hardly any Shinhwa posts from my fave Shinhwa post-er. *pokes you* LOL. I kid. I promise to make more comments. Aaaand don’t you think that I’m not reading your Hyuk spazzes. BECAUSE I AM. *raises my Eunhae banner*

        • .___________. I know, I feel so bad that I haven’t used my Shinhwa tag for AGES!! But you know me…I’m sorta Wannie and Leadershi biased, and now that they’re all in the army, it’s hard for me to keep up with the other boy’s solo news. *ducks face in shame*. I will get more Shinhwa posts out, dont you worry. And you better come and comment on them!! <3333333

  2. I didn’t see the Jay and Taec rap coming (obv. I am not stalking them enough yet) but it happened so I love that performance (except for jinwoon’s slip… but that made me laugh, so maybe thats why I love it), hurr and ever since he rapped for Navi I have been needing to see more of Taek in suits.

    On 2ne1, I hate hype, you can’t live up to it, and this didn’t. Dance intro was fierce albeit a little awkward but the actual performance was… okay (which would have been fine / good for a debut if all the hype in the world of k-pop wasn’t resting on the group).

    Noooo I should go study rather than type comments T_T

    • I still feel bad for Jinwoon’s slip. He looked so confused! But then we couldn’t help but laugh cuz it’s soooo cute hahaha. And he looked totally adorable going all “????”

      I KNOW! Taec is sooooo hot rapping for Navi. Jay was all leather jacket and all and Taec was suit *_____*

      I hate hype too haha. And there were HEAPS of hype surrounding their debut. Way too much for a newbie group. I feel sorry for them that the pressure is extreme but part of me feels disappointed that they didnt live up to it. I didn’t really expect much of them though XD Like I said. Not really interested, as of yet hahaha.

      • Jinwoon looks so sad afterwards too, I want to give him a hug (also, why does he look like he’s sitting far away from the other three?).

        I am still annoyed that Taek didn’t get two verses of rap like Jay did because I personally think he sounds better rapping for that song, THE HOT SUIT LOOK HELPS, but his rapping itself was aghsjdghjsa too.

        Maybe I’ll like them when I see them more but I still don’t get all the hype around 2NE1.

        • Lol he’s being left a loner cuz he did it wrong XP Jokes lol. It’s ok, I’m sure they love magnae anyways cuz I still do :D

          YEA!! Its so unfair. Wanted Taec to show off some english..But he’s so hot and I really don’t care cuz I could just stare t him XD

          Dont worry, I don’t either haha

  3. I’m… a bit disappointed. I think I’m still freaked out with Minzy not acting her age. I don’t like their hair D:

    are they singing live?


    • Lol, um which one’s Minzy again? How old is she?

      I’m totally 2ne1 dumb atm XDDD

      But One Day ftw <3

      • The one who danced first. She’s 15 or something like that. I only remember their names because those people around me who never liked kpop suddenly started going gaga over 2NE1. *still hasn’t gotten over the frustration*

        • Omg poor bb. Lol out of all kpop, 2NE1?! T___T WHY?!?! I dont get what the hype is, I seriously dont :///

          Maybe I’m too old for this hahahaha

          • Because of Sandara. They’re all, “OMG SHE’S SO DIFFERENT NOW!” Duh. She was practically exploited here in the Philippines. -o-; Of course she’d be better off in her own country.

            • OHH DARA ROFLMAO. Sorry I can’t stand the name Dara… :/ *gets shot*

              Well, she is very different from the old photos I’ve seen of her. Was she very popular back there?

              • Yep. Very very popular. Like a fireworks kind of popular where you shoot high up there and sparkle for a few moments and disappear when people don’t like you anymore. ): Kind of sad but it really wasn’t her fault.

                • :SSS Um, ok. That totally confused me but I guess that’s why she went to Korea haha. I’m sorry, Its late here and I’m so out of it XD

  4. I can’t stand Dara’s hair, it’s annoying me.
    I think the hype is unnecessary, because it was just a normal performance. Nothing stood out to me. And since it’s a dance track, it does no justice to their vocals. I love Bom and wish she wasn’t in 2NE1 cause she can outshine the rest of the girls with her vocals.

    I love One Day. Jinwoon was so cuteeeee. He was staring at Jo Kwon and had that “what should I do!?” face. Taec <333333 and Jaebom <333333

    • LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. I wonder how they managed to do her hair hahahaha XDDDDD

      The hype is definitely unnecessary, because really? they’re not exactly VERY TALENTED! I mean, I could name a handful of Kpop girls who can sing better than them but dont get the recognition they get. But that’s Kpop for you. It’s not just talent, its the looks, the company you’re with, who you’re associated too etc. In this case they have Big Bang backing them up.

      I felt sorry for Magnae, he looked so lost like a child. But he’s so adorable!!! I need more One Day love <33333333

  5. Since there is 2pm in this article… have you guys seen this?

    *goes to a corner and cries*

    • I have seen this and the episode was actually aired yesterday wasnt it? I’m just not..interested..seeing Khun flirt with someone else rofll XD

  6. LOL its just too much to handle D: i got up to 2 minutes and gave up!
    ahaha hardcore khun fan?! x]

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