Posted by: lovediaries | May 17, 2009

090517 Super Junior “It’s You” Perf @ Inkigayo


{credit: CodeMonmon @ youtube}



{Pic credit: miximel @ lj}

This isn’t considered a post if I don’t say anything :).

BUT HOW CAN I RESIST, RIGHT? *BRAINCOMBUSTS* HOMG HYUK WITH HIS JACKET OFF HIS SHOULDER :Q_______________________________. AND LOLOMG, DONGHAE’S PANTS ARE SO RIDICULOUS. EWWWWWWWWWWW SUNGMIN CUT HIS HAIR. Okay, I don’t really hate it, BUT IT MEANS HE CAN NO LONGER FLAP HIS FRINGE INTO HIS EYES DDDDDDDDDD:. Also, not sure if it’s just the quality of the vid – too impatient to wait for hq/hd – but is Kangin’s hair grey? Everyone looks really spiffy here – sheesh, how fast does Heechul’s hair grow? And idk, I can’t see properly, but Kyuhyun’s wearing gloves??

2NE1 also debuted tonight; shall have to watch their performance some other time because I only have time to watch one performance ^^;;. *runs off to study again*


Couldn’t resist but add in my little own KJSFLKJSLKFJ  HYUKJAE I NEED TO KIDNAP YOU AND HIDE YOU IN UNDER MY BED!!!This will be very very VERY Hyuk biased because I’m allowed to be so um..I love the other boys too??? Lol :D

I’m so glad there are no jumpsuits here!!! Donghae’s 2 coloured pants are…unique ROFL XDD Kangin’s hair colour is..unique too :// I kinda preferred Sungmin’s old hair style and um Teuk’s ponytail LOL.

BUT SERIOUSLY, WHO GIVES A DAMN WHEN EUNHYUK MAKES ME NOSEBLEED TIMES A MILLION!!! That’s definitely not helathy but omg that boy will be the death of me! That fierce face with jacket off shoulder move is the smex!!! And then he go and does a million popping thumps and you have me fainted on the ground <333333



  1. have no time to watch.but no kibum rite??

    • I didn’t actually count how many were on stage but I’m sure no Kibum :(.

      • where are u going kibum?? nway sorry sorry for disturbing u studying.. gud luck

        • ahahha no no it’s not your fault, I’m letting myself get distracted.

          I really don’t expect Kibum to ever perform a single song with them this time round =.=”.

          • same with me.not expect anything.but still hope that he will give us big suprise.but the 1st instinct always rite.

            no more disturbing.. ^^

  2. here’s a more hq vid:

    too bad the cameraman didn’t manage to capture hyuk’s chestpump move with shindong.
    but those shoulders are freaking SEXY!

    as much as i want to rejoice by this effin’ sexy perf…
    imma beat that person who told you to cut your SILKY SMOOTH BOUNCY RED HAIR.
    i miss it already, and he seriously looks like a newborn.

    • I think beckery is editing the post atm. Not too sure since she’s been editing for an awfully long time ..

      AND LMAAO @ SUNGMIN = NEWBORN. Yeah I’m so sad. Seriously, I loved his dance part mainly because of his hair flipping. It just doesn’t feel the same without the hair flip :(((((((((((((((((((.

      • i know right, that glorious HAIR FLIP is gone. im gonna mourn ’till his hair grows back. i just do hope it’s as fast as heechul’s.

        and i just noticed that his pants are short! LMAO. you know those micheal jackson pants from beat it. HAHAHA where the hell do they get these kinds of pants anyway. donghae has a black and white one.

        yesung’s vocals is hella amazing. totally love 3:31.

        • I hope it grows as fast as Heechul’s too. Seriously, can Heechul still see past his hair? O.o

          IM STILL WAITING TO DL IN HQ. So I..yeah. But lolomg Hae’s pants were so weird XD.

          I loved Yesung’s part too <33

  3. i’m still trying to download the perf but somehow i’m not so surprised that kibum isn’t there :\

    • OFF WHERE? SJ market won’t work for me ._.

      • SJWorld.

        – Sungmin’s, Kangin’s and Teuk’s hair = no like DDD:
        – it really isn’t as epic as I expected it to be but it was still awesome *______*

        • bb, I have like post count of 1 on sjworld. I can’t dl stuff from there T___T.

          • Eh? I thought they already removed the post count requirements except for the All Rise forums…

            • …shows how often I go on sjworld XDD.

              But how come? Isn’t that really nice…?

              • Not so sure why. I know it’s been that way since the release of Sorry Sorry… o.o

                • File is too big orz. Will have to wait for off peak T_T.

  4. Damn you Bec! Now you’re making me comment from my facebook to this XD

    They make half of them look SOOOO good, and then they make the other half…O_O? i.e. Donghae’s pants, Sungmin’s & Kangin’s hair, leetuk’s ponytail (doesn’t look right this time ><).

    If only Hyuk took the rest of his jacket off, sigh.

    • Hello…are you bec’s friend? :DDDDDDDDDD.

      • Yes. I didn’t realise this was her site, until Rain came to Brisbane.

        What a small world.

        • lolol yes bec told us about that xD.

          You should drop by more often. Bec needs some loving :P.

          • T_T I get enough loving thank you very much. Hyuk supplies me with infinite supply of that already haha

        • Lol, that’s Candice. You will be competing against her for Kyu. XD Just thought I’d give you both a heads up hahaha.

          HYUK IS SO SMEXY!! I’m sorry I STILL CAN’T GET OVER IT. I need to finish the post I’m doing and hurry up and watch it again hahaha

          • Aha, funny how you think I need to compete for Kyu *flicks hair*. HE HAS MY HEART, REMEMBER? DDD:

            • Are you trying to flick your hair like what Sungmin did in the MV?

              He may have your heart, but I’ll aim to steal his heart ^^

              • Don’t talk about Sungmin’s precious hair flick because by the looks of it, we won’t be seeing it EVER AGAIN ;_____________;.

                Well, YOU’LL HAVE TO CATCH ME FIRST IF U WANT HIS HEART :DDD. *speeds off*.

                • I’m too tired to fight. Sorry to ruin your fun Bec. But as long as I can squeal and spazz over him, then it’s all good.

                  But when your defence is down, I’ll strike ^^

                  • lolol yes, we’re more mature than bec ;)

                    • More mature than Bec’s fangirl’istic ways.

              • ROFL. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!

                Whilst I stand on the side and snuggle up to Hyuk XD

                • how old are you?

                  Hyuk’s too busy mastering his next sexy-move so let him be.

                  • Um young enough to marry Hyuk and not be A PEDO NOONA!!!

                    • THATS NOT WHAT I MEANT >:D.

                • Snuggle up huh? More like molesting ><

                  • Lol sif you wouldn’t molest the boys if you had the chance to be next to them. It’s purely human instincts!

                    • nope, it’s animalistic.

                    • Fangirl’istic?


  5. I like Sungmin’s hair. He wants to be a boy and I approve X3
    Also, I always say that hair is not like teeth, it GROWS, so Kangin with gray hair is okay with me (this, and I’m old enough to like guys with early gray hair).

    Yesung. In the end of the song. You. Oh. Orgas… I mean, you were SO FUCKING GOOD. They should post your name FIRST in that wikipedia article, bb.

    • He looks boyish but I dont really like it that much. Its too short, I preferred his old hair :( but you’re right, it will grow. However, if Kangin’s grey hair grows he will get black roots and grey tips. So lets hope this isnt permanent dye haha

      Yesung did sound awesome <33

  6. I’ve been working all day and wow, what a great way to end the day (and lose sleeping time). Donghae’s pants (and partially, Kangin’s hair) is pretty much the funniest thing I’ve seen today. Everytime Donghae came up, I started laughing because of his pants. Just… O____o

    Yesung was just EPIC towards the end of the song. Everyone else did really well too. But I’m REALLY disappointed that Kibum didn’t participate – when is he going to start contributing properly to group activities? T______________T

    • Lol I was out all day and couldnt wait to get home to watch this XDD I’m so antisocial haha. I think Hae’s pants are definitely the funniest thing. I couldn’t help but literally LOL at them XDDD

      I too am disappointed that Kibum didnt participate but it was expected. How do you expect him to participate when he didn’t get any singing parts nor learn the dance? :(((

  7. I was surprised that the voice to “Neorago” was Hee Chul.
    I kept on thinking it was Kyun Hyun haha.

    My long member thoughts:
    -Dong Hae is SO CUTE. I’ll sing this song just for him and he shall for me too :D. I just think his hair went the hoboing direction.
    -Ye Sung pulled off the emo/omg wth did you do expression wellXD
    -lol Eetuek’s hair is like a kid.
    -Si Won’s hair is too flat D: Ruins his hotness.
    And Kang In with gray hair!? That just made me go = :D…:O.
    -Kyun Hyun is gorgeous as always (Does he have any flaws?).
    -Sung Min looks manly…I guess he cleared the pmsing stage.He still has that ‘I’m going to eat you~’ look going on.

    And yes omg Hyuk is amazing<3 His moves are always so slick and smooth.

    • I pretty much agreed with everything you said lol. And I really need to get my ass off Imop to study but I still have a bazillion comments to reply to so I’m gonna keep this condensed aka:

      Hyuk will be the death of me!

      Lol XDDDDDDDDdd


    Leeteuk has a little ponytail again! Kangin has gray hair o.O. Omg. Kyu with gloves!!! And Hyuk’s chest thrusts *dies*. AND HEECHUL <33333.

    I don’t really like Sungmin’s hair though. It looks like he got drenched in water hahaha.

    I don’t think this really counts as a comment cause I’m just saying how hot everyone looks xD.

    • I really liked Yesung’s hair here and I cant stop laughing at Hae’s pants. Lol honey, I’m pretty sure us authors just pretty much rant on about who’s hot most of the time anyways so I certify that ur comment is a comment haha

  9. i can’t take sungmin seriously anymore *sniffsniff* WHY DID HE CUT HIS HAIR WHO’S THE LOSER WHO SUGGESTED THIS HAIRCUT I’LL GO HUNT HIM/HER DOWN NOW. he looks like a little boy attempting to be sexy because of his haircut GRRRRR

    Donghae <3 looks so smexy hahaha but his pants were as some said, ‘unique’ lmfao

    • ROFLMAO!!!!! It’s not HIDEOUS, it just makes him look very childish and you add that to his clothes in the performance and you get me sorta cringing. I still love the boy, it’s just that he needs to change stylists. Oh and so does Kangin and Teuk and Hae.


    • HYUKJAEEEEEEEEEEEEE <333333333333

  11. *too tired to say anything else*

    But I’m just like. . . KiBum? Where’d you go? O.o

    • Lol. Well Kibum is currently busy “taking acting classes”. I shall not breach on this topic further before we cause World War 4 here XDD haha


    So. Kangin’s hair is gray and makes him look like a wannabe idol ajussi, Sungmin needs to start wearking a wig until his hair grows back, Yesung needs to trim his bangs because I can barely see his beautiful eyes, Leeteuk should stop putting his hair in odd ponytails, Donghae needs to start wearing normal pants again, Heechul did great probably needs to trim his hair too–BUT JUST A TRIM, and Kibum needs to decide whether or not he’s still in Super Junior anymore.

    Everyone else? Perfection.


    • ISNT HYUK JUST THE SMEX?!?!? *nosebleed more*

      I downloaded the HQ of hte performance and can not stop watching his skin flash and thump thump hahahaha XDD

      Again, agreed with everything you said, especially that Kibum part *coughcough* but yea sighs.

      • Lol, skin flash and thump thump? That’s called a strip tease and popping. XDDDDDD

  13. Ahh Yesung, your voice makes me melt… *_* Such a smexy voice *sighs* The performance was good and the guys were hot. lol Donghae’s pants reminded me of Mr. Two-face from Batman, Teuk still wants his pineapple hair, and Kangin’s gray/blonde hair…no comment… just puahahahahaha >_< j/k still heart the guys to death.

    btw, siwon hotness:

    *faints* (no i’m not pervy….. 0:D)

    • ROfl Mr Two face from Batman XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

      ANd yea I’ve seen those photos…somewhere.. a few days ago. HOW FLIIPIN SMEXY IS SIWON!! CHOCOLATE ABS FTW. GIMME SOME

  14. super junior no.1, cac oppa no.1, sorry sorry no.1, and It’s you no.1 too

  15. SUJU Hwaiting!
    Hyukie is so hot!!
    It`s You gonna be H.I.T!

    • He really stands out in this song :DD!

  16. SUJU fighting!! WOW yesung amazing voice >< NO. 1 for sure. I LOVE IT.

    • Yeah, I love Yesung in this <33

  17. can someone tell me why HeeChul didnt dance? D:

    • I mightn’t be entirely correct, but I think recently, Heechul had the operation to remove the last rod in his leg and so he’s not well to fully participate in all their choreo :).

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