Posted by: lovediaries | May 17, 2009

Preview Junsu feat. Key – Xiahtic CD Version

GUYS, DON’T LET ME POST ANYMORE TODAY >:( (But damnit, SJ’s “It’s You” Perf is tonight…)

{credit: ichigoKJJ @ youtube}

So then, the Concert Album will be released soon!?!?!? :DDD/ (I don’t know why I buy them lol – they’re basically just the actual album XDDD.)

I couldn’t hear anything from the fancams from the Mirotic Concert so I’m actually listening to the song properly for the first time. I love Junsu’s compositions <333 (I wonder when he’ll compose a ballad again :/). And I like this one more than “My Page”, actually. I swear it isn’t cause of Key’s sexy rap :Q__________.

Or this:


(click to enlarge :P)


  1. So you say, so you say but no one believes you. XD I know Key’s a big part of it. Ha, I’m commenting but I haven’t even listened to it yet – I’m sure it’ll be great though. I already heard Key’s part and it’s pretty cool, if a little lolworthy. Anyway, now go off and do whatever you’ve got to, miss candychu – the performance will be there when you get back.

    • HAHA LOL IM SERIOUS! I like the beat of this one more. And…Junsu’s engrish counting sorta put me off “My Page” lmao.

      (BUAHA. I posted it anyway :P)

  2. the song is really good. i really love his voice <3 theres just this hypnotic quality to it and i really really like it =D

    btw…im really excited for “it’s you” =]]]] but unfortunately, i have to wait til the morning or afternoon since its like 1:26 am here =// LAME.

    • Yeah Junsu’s voice suits all type of music *O*.

      IT’S UP, IT’S UP!

  3. THAT. IS WHAT I CALL A HOT BEAT. Not just the beath, but the song too ^^ I actually like this more than “My Page”, too (: Not…. just because there are two hotties instead of one and at least for a little while, Junsu’s not feeling anyone up. Because a wet Junsu was pretty awesome too. IT’S THE SONG. I LIKE THE SONG.

    My two favorites of my two favorites ♥ (member of group). Ahh… it’s SO hard to breathe while listening to the song and staring at the GIF at the same time :Q____________

    GO STUDY. SJ will be here when you come back at any time, but studying/homework… only one day (?) or so to do it D:<

    • lolol this was like when Kyu & Wook sung “Wish” with Junsu and Changmin. I JUST ABOUT DIED FROM THE HAPPY :DDD.

      YES MA’AM. I’ve been studying all day already T__T.

  4. wow, cool song

    junsu’s voice so unique and he can really pull off an
    MJ style of song

    • Agree :D. Junsu can pull off anything, really~

  5. haven’t listened yet but *Q* GIF

    • INORITE *O*s some more.


        • BUT I AM. And if I’m pleased then so is Onew…?

  6. two smexy voices combined. whew~
    “have a little patience girl”

    *saves the gif then tranfers it to phone*

    • auhgfsjfksdljf i know. Junsu & Key are like the all rounders of their respective group. Love them to death<333.


    /off to listen to the track.

  8. I’m too distracted when watching the fancams *double hip thrusts* lmao ;)
    after numerous repeat I find the lyric seems to be short, repetitive, and has too many intermissions? idk, 5 mins long kinda kill it for me :/
    I like My Page better, but this one add points with Key in it :D

    • I haven’t read the lyrics so idk, I still like it~



    • I’m a tad late, but thanks for linking us <33!

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