Posted by: lovediaries | May 17, 2009

SHINee – Official Rose Day Event Clip

{credit: randy19972 @ youtube}

ONEW IS SO SMILEY IN THIS. I loved when Taemin was just ^____^ and handing out roses then someone started taking photos of him and he got all shy cause she said he was handsome. Then, more fangirls run up to him (they’re outside a Women’s university) and he dropped a rose haha XD.

Also, there were a heck lot of people there omg. I got scared seeing them surround the truck the way they did O___O.

They were supposed to give roses to their lovers; why boys, did *I* not get a rose? :PPPP.

(And I miss “Replay”. I don’t think there will ever be a song as good as that one :/)


  1. I’M SO JEALOUS LOL OMG *-* Onew+Taemin, you’re supposed to give me a rose X’D
    Lol, Taemin being shy all of the sudden was just so adorable :(♥♥♥

    (I know! all of their songs are great but… D: that debut song was just way amazing~)

    • YES. You said exactly what I wanted to say but it was almost 2am and I was scared my dad would turn off the internet, so I was just rushing to post and didn’t rly phrase my thoughts correctly haha XD.

      • 2AM? *refers to the band* but XD YOU SHOULD BE SLEEPING AT 2AM LOL ;;


  2. was minho talking to a wall at one point? hahaha i agree, onew is superbly smiley i miss their replay days, but am so excited for their romeo days haha =)

    • Em…I think he was trying to hear the fans from outside the truck? Lol I have no idea.




  4. holy crap jsut listened to the full verson and omg its SOOO good
    way beyond what i expected hahahhaaa =)

    joy =) i jsut spent half an hour stalking soompi and SFI instead of doing my physics research paper but oh well!!! =)

    • Hehe really? The song is okay, I think. IM MORE LOOKING FWD TO THE OTHER SONGS ON THE ALBUM. They have very interesting names XD!

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