Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 18, 2009

LAEC ♥s Music 004

I think the most exciting release of the week definitely goes to Super Junior’s repackaged songs and SHINee’s “Juliette”. Yes yes? (Did I miss out on any other exciting Kpop releases? :/) I’m still pretty pumped on all that adrenaline surrounding “It’s You” release hahahahaha! Official song release, leaked MV release, official MV release, drama MV release, the 4 repackaged songs release, 1st performance on Inkigayo and the list goes on and on and on… It’s been a crazy, exhausting and seriously hectic week at Imop here but we loved it!!! And I’m sure you guys did as well, right? ^____^

Anyways back to this. We realise that we’re pretty much using this as an open thread discussion, so peoples, feel free to spam and talk about anything fandomly exciting!!! But remember to also give us a few song recommendations cuz sharing is caring ♥♥♥

Pinkandsparkly is currently off hiding under a rock studying somewhere haha but she’ll edit the post with her songs later, so be sure to check back if you don’t see it! XD


Candychu was off under a rock studying but her homework is never as good to her as fandom is, so here she is. (Lol I love talking in 3rd person :D).

Super Junior – It’s You – I watched the MV about 500 times trying to learn the zombie move. It is more complicated than it looks!

SHINee – Romeo Narration – You guys, I had this clip on repeat for hrs after it’s release.

Tablo, MYK, Kero One – Map the soul Worldwide Version – I’m obsessed with MYK’s rap (my fav part of the song) and also his voice. Not weird. Not weird at all.


Super Junior – It’s You Yes, it’s still in my top 3 played songs. It’s not that I have it on excessive repeat or anything (which I sorta do, who can blame me? haha), but the number of times I’ve watched the leaked MV, official MV, drama MV and their perf last night is definitely enough to make the song go in the top 3 list ROFL.

CoLor & Mark Chao – Wu Lai Zheng Yi Theme song of the drama, “Black and White”. Have I mentioned that I am totally obsessed with Mark Chao this drama lately?!?! IT IS THE BOMB!! I love the characters, the chemistry between Vic and Mark ROFL and how it’s so unpredictable. The theme song is good too, Mark can sing *_______*

Jason Zhang往事随风 I’ve been meaning to try him out since I watched him perform that medley, but kept forgetting haha. But I finally had time to sit down and properly listen to some of his songs and why hello there, my new Cpop love!! This guy is gooooood! It’s a nice ballad’ish song. Sorta sounds like a theme song for a drama?


思涵 – 雨不停 (Rain Won’t Stop) This song’s featured  “Black & White” but for some reason it’s not on the OST :/ I think it’s a really calming, pretty ballad; the singer has a really nice voice :D And the lyrics are nice~ I couln’t find an mp3 preview of it on Youtube, but you can watch a shaky fancam performance of the song here. I think the mp3 of this is really hard to find, so let me know if you like the song and need “help” finding the mp3 ;)

CoLor & Mark chao – Wu Lai Zheng Yi  I LOVE THIS DRAMA :DDDDDDDDDDDD IT’S SO GOOD. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT. VIC AND MARK SHOULD DATE and I actually like the actress, for once XD I really like some of the songs from this OST, especially the ballads, the  oepning and the ending song. The opening and ending songs kinda remind me of Linkin Park (though LP fans don’t bash me if you think they sound nothing alike XD). In case you’re interested, the ending song is called “Perfect Stranger” and you can preview that here

JJ Lin – 2nd Heaven WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE JJ LIN :DDDDD I’ve been listening to some of his old stuff this week, and this song’s had so many replays. The chorus is so catchy, and somehow I’m reminded of his song “Mermaid”… However, as much as I love him, HIS RAP SECTION WILL NEVER CEASE TO CRACK ME UP XDDDDD


  1. According to my last.FM, this week’s top 3 are:

    슈퍼주니어 – 너라고(It’s You)

    슈퍼주니어 – 쏘리 쏘리 (SORRY,SORRY)

    슈퍼주니어 – 니가 좋은 이유 (Why I like you)

    … um. yes. I probably should listen more to other artists. D:

    • ROFLMAO XDDDDDDDDD You’re so cute hahahaha. You really should try other kpop artists though XP I’m sure you’ll find some good songs out there.

      • I swear, I listen to other artists! It’s just that those are my top listens for the week D: See for yourself! DDD:

        • I believe you bb :)


    1) “it’s you” – super junior
    no explanation needed.

    2) “nobody knows” – tvxq
    idk, recently this really really grew on me. i just keep playing it and playing it. my favourite part is junsu’s “baby checkmate”. LOL his engrish cracks me up, but i love it! (bias? what bias?)

    3) badboy/lastfarewell remix – son dambi / big bang (remixed by ??) listen
    i freaking love this. i actually like it more than the original songs themselves. they go together so well because they were both arranged(?) by the brave brothers. very catchy. (:

    • I fail but I haven’t listened to “Nobody knows” yet rofl. I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting DBSK but that’s what happens when they go to Japan haha. I will go try that song XDDD

      I love Last Farewell!!!! I thought Bad Boy was pretty catchy too.

  3. 1. 내 여자친구에게 by I the Tri top’s
    it’s sooo nice. it’s two guys, from SM i believe, and they’re varying from your average boyband group. the beginning samples the ever famous Canon in D ^^

    2. I don’t think i’ll bother mentioning the 4 new songs on Super Junior’s repackaged album. Just all 4 XD

    3. Xiahtic by Xiah Junsu ft. Key (SHINee)
    THe beginning is sort of slow but then it picks up and Junsu sounds so sexy HAHAHA and key just adds to it :)

    • O___O J the Tri top’s?!?! I’ve never heard of them? Are they under SM? Are they new? Lol, that’s so weird that SM has a boy band out but doesn’t do that much promo for them. But ooh I hear the Canon D tune. Pretty *_*

      I haven’t had a proper listen to Xiahtic yet. Uni is killing me :(

      • They’re not brand new from what I know. But I didn’t hear about them until now either hahaha! They used to be 3 people I think, and now it’s only 2 guys.

        • I.T.T. actually debuted sometime in 2007. I thought they wore good, and then I absolutely fell in love with them when they went on >a href=””>Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter. According to google, they’re under Doremi Media? idk =P

          And they’re still 3 members, its just that one of them is studying in New York right now.

    • I’ve been listening to I the Tri Top’s single too (I don’t think they’re from SM since they were too poor to make their own mv – even though they did come out with one in the end) and their song is a remake of something. Like maybe OST from a TVB drama or something? I was going to look into that further but .. got lazy XD.

  4. 1- Its you – Super Junior

    O-M-G….I love it…Neoragoooo, neoragoooo, ….at least they all had singing parts…(apart from kibum :'() The drama version was a bit….rubbish? I wanna see the dance versiong NOW!

    2- White horse – Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift is my new love, I have had this song on repeat since i discovered it the other day XD

    3. Fire – 2NE1

    Debut stage = EPIC!!!!!

    They are sooo good live, I thought it was lipsynced but realised it was actually live; plus Dara can actually sing…in tagalog I HEARD HER…just dont understand it ^^

    • Oh you didnt like the drama version? Haha I loved the drama version XDDDD I thought it was pretty cool how they filmed it and you get see more of everyone :D But yes please, dance version!!!!

      Taylor Swift is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Love Story is still one of the songs I constantly listen too <3

  5. I need to listen to other artists soon D: But I still haven’t cleaned out my music folder, thus the limited songs I have on my iTunes.. XD

    Half – Hwayobi: I listen to this daily actually, this is like, the first song I’ve heard by her (late, I know! XD)

    Eien – BoA: I think this is the first song I’ve heard by BoA. Or second? Well I think I’ve heard more before, but I didn’t remember since it was a few years ago-ish? (I know I know, why the heck am I so late in actually listening to these amazing people D:)

    Vanilla Love – Lee Hyun Ji ft. Onew: For some reason, I had a feeling that I must listen to this song more than usual, but I don’t mind, it’s Onew after all :3 And it was a bit freaky, ’cause all the listening of Onew’s voice balanced out his lack of vocals in Juliette… D’x

    • I LOVE “HALF”!!! Hwayobi’s voice is so freakin unique. It’s got that raspy quality too it that makes it really sexy. But omg I really really really like “half” hahaha. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna listen to it now XDDD

      I actually like Eien more than any of the songs on Boa’s english album .___. I’m sorry but her english album was a miss for me. Eien on the other hand is awesomeeee…

      Candychu will probably agree with you on Vanilla Love haha.

  6. 1. Taegoon – Superstar
    i’ve had the song and mv on repeat for ages especially the other day ’cause it made me forget that it was pissing out of the heavens D: his smile oooomg ~_~

    2. Super Junior – It’s You
    Another song which has been on repeat this week XD

    3. Alan Kuo – 零
    i think my mind is subconciously telling me to rewatch mars, either way, i really really like this song

    i’ve also found myself listening to andy lau’s last mandarin album

    • I liked Taegoon’s “Call Me” more than “Superstar”. Call me was more catchier and the MV for Superstar wasnt THAT great either. It’s a miss for me, sorry ._. haha.

      Ohhh Mars. I’ve never seen the drama but I really really really really REALLY LOVE Vic and Barbie’s duet, Rang Wo Ai Ni (Let Me Love You)!! Like seriously, I love that song so hard. Had it on repeat for AGESS!! It’s such a lovely duet *____*

      Ohh Andy Lau. I pretty much grew up listening to Andy haha!

      • Their voices go really well together. The OST for mars is really good. Shuo Ai Wo (Say You Love Me) by Liang Yi Zhen is another song from the drama that i really love.


      AND OMG “零” is the ULTIMATE themesong for a drama. Every time I listen to it, I feel like rewatching the song. I LOVE IT SO HARD. (The song and the drama)

      • The *BANG* is one of the best parts of the song!

        it really is the ultimate themesong. i feel like rewatching it even more now. XD;

  7. 1. Kabhi aisa lagta hai – Lucky Ali – I don’t know if you’re into indian music but even if you’re not i thiiink? you’re gonna like it :) I like his voice and it’s a sweet song..

    2. Super Junior – It’s youuuu – repeat repeat repeat repeat… :D

    3. We ride – rihanna – listened to Park Bom singing it and I loved it…& i like PB’s version better…

    • Haha nah I’m not that into Indian music lol. Listening to Korean and Chinese and Japanese is bad enough since I don’t understand any of the three languages hahaha.

      Ahh Rihanna…My favourite song of her goes hands down to Unfaithful. I dont really listen to anything else of hers hahaha. But PB can sing!! She sings really well in those BB songs XD

  8. I missed last week =( Finals should be more fun and less time restricting, I say.

    Hmm, I’ll just randomly pick 3 songs off my iTunes playlist since those are the songs I listen to the most anyways.

    Super Junior – It’s You
    – Is an explanation really necessary?!??!? XD

    Kenji Wu – 回不來
    – I know he’s been around for a while but I have only started recently listening to him and I like more than just a few songs of his =D

    AAA – Deai no Chikara II (出逢いのチカラII)
    – This is such a cute song and I am really liking this group more and more. I find myself off looking for their concerts. The two leads singing this song are just so cute together and Nishijima Takahiro is fast becoming my new jpop obsession. He was sooo cute in Delicious Gakuin.

    • I have one song of Kenji hahaha. Aren’t you proud of me?! Lol. But it’s a really nice song as well. Has like twinkle twinkle playing at the start. I’m sorry I fail but I cant for my life remember what song it is hahaha.

      And oooh yes, I will tell PAS to watch that Jpop performance XD

      • Fail. It’s called “Writing a poem for you”, and I think I sent that to you XD

        • Oh YEA. Lol, I wonder why I keep forgetting the name. And yes you did send me that song, aren’t you proud of yourself T_T

  9. 1. Super Junior – It’s You
    You are not the only one obsessed with the zombie move! I think I’ve spazzed about this on your blog Candy. So let’s just leave it at that. XD!

    2. Penny Tai – Wo Yao De Ai
    I know. It’s cheesy. And old. But homg I just love her voice and every once in a while (particularly when I’m frustrated…like how I was feeling yesterday) I listen to this song and for some weird reason it soothes me and calms me down.

    3. Demi Lovato – Don’t Forget
    I hate Demi Lovato with a burning passion!!!! But I can’t stop playing this song. :( I blame this on this fanmade MV.

    I know we’re only suppose to give three but uh, I’ve been watching Jolin Tsai’s Comprise MV. A lot. Don’t like the song. But I like Ethan Ruan. So there.

    Bec, do you have a link to Mark Chao’s song. I couldn’t find any. ;___; Thanks!

    • The zombie move hahahahhaa. You guys are so…weird XP But I love you anyways <333

      I dont have any particular song that calms me down but I really should try to find one haha. Cuz when I get fustrated, I abuse my stomach by eating heaps of junk :/

      P.S Who can say no to Ethan *____*

      P.P.S I do darling, do you want the whole OST? Or just the theme song with Mark? I’ll send the link to ur email XDD Do you watch BnW?

      • I haven’t seen BnW yet but I want to! I have a friend who’s addicted to it too. And yes please, send me a link so I’ll be able to listen to it. :D

        I’m trying to catch up with my Cpop so if you have more recommendations, whether it’s old or new, please do tell. Thanks!!!!! <3

        • Yea do watch it! I have to study for my finals coming up so I”M TRYING SO HARD TO RESIST! :((((

          I’ve sent the links to you XDD Listen to the themesong, Mark Chao is so fkn hot. Would totally do him anytime ROFL.

          Um I haven’t been following Cpop that closely lately so we’ll have to get back to you. But um, have you ever heard of Raymond lam? You should try him sometime. Try his “Searching for you in loving memory” aka “愛在記憶中找你”. Candychu and I adore him <3333

          • Yes I have tried Raymond Lam…. and it was good. WTF. XD!!! Someone should shoot me for my lame humor.

            Anyhoot. Yes, I like ‘Memory’ too but I really love ‘Love Is Not Enough’. <3

            • ROfl took me awhile to get your “joke” hahahaha. I shall do the honours and shoot u for ur lame humour *bang bang*

              But zomgggg Raymond is so awesome!! I love how his voice is so flippin’ manly. Do you watch TVB? He’s an awesome actor as well *____*

              • You are awesome and a half!!!

                I got the links and I’ve been listening to it all day. I’m now super excited to watch this drama. I’m so surprised that Vic Zhou looks so manly here. I don’t think his Lei image will ever leave my consciousness.

                TVB as in the network…? Unfortunately, we don’t have it here. We have HunanTV tough. XD! *lame*

  10. 1) Davichi: My Man
    It’s so cute and happy and a total contrast to the official mv =/

    2) Sodagreen: Xiao Qin Ge
    I felt the urge to listen to this because I heard they’re coming out with a new album soon *excited*

    3) Jolin Tsai: Wo de Yi Lai

    Lol I’m nowhere getting married yet but this is so sweet and there’s a really lovely line that goes “I’m grateful for our imperfections and naturalness.” And I thought the guy in the mv is cute ^^

    Ohhh and yes yes I agree with you about Black & White and how unpredictable it is. I’m actually trying to watch it slowly so that I won’t tear my hair out at the end of every episode waiting for the next one.

    For moonynim:

    • OMG you are sooo awesome!! Thanks for the vid! Now I really want to see Black and White. Vic Zhou looks *________*.

    • Ooooooooooooooooooo, you listen to Cpop. ME TOO :DDD

      Though I haven’t properly listened to Jolin since she and Jay broke up XD.

      That guy in her mv looks really, really familiar. Is he one of the strange guys from BnW??? The one who went to shoot Kingone???

      • *hopes it’s not too late to reply*

        Yes I do YAYYY XD I also watch too many TW dramas for my own good, lol. Jolin has been on a more dance/electro pop direction lately, which has been imo sometimes good and sometimes… not so good? =P

        He is? I have to go watch that scene again. Actually I was thinking that the female lead reminded me of Chen Lin. See how BnW has permeated the collective consciousness.

        You’re welcome ^^ Yes please watch and join in the joy! What I really like about Vic’s role here is how different it is from his previous ones and yes he looks fantastic! I must admit I am also getting (happily) distracted by Mark Chao though…

        • I just don’t like her overall image atm, the whole “i’m the queen of tw cpop” thing ^^;;; But I rarely like female Cpop artists XD

          Yea, the evil guy who stalked Kingone at the hotel and who later went to Vic’s house and sat on the roof… Awwww, Chen Lin is cute <3 Have you seen some of the variety shows they've been on? SHE'S SO LOUD, OMG XDDDD

  11. 1. Mya, Blackstreet, Blink & Mase – Take Me There
    Haha, it’s so old, but I started listening to it again recently. I miss the Rugrats, btw.

    2. The Saturdays – The Fall
    Some Europe for ya.

    3. Soulstar – I Will Forget
    I’m an old-school YG Family fan (before BigBang =P) and I love Soulstar like no tomorrow. I miss them so much T___T
    Jonghyun and Onew sang this on Sukira too! =D


  12. 1. Super Junior – It’s You
    I really think that this is my favourite Super Junior song, I’m still going mad repeat on it at least once a day.

    2. Angus and Julia Stone – Bella
    Because I can’t think of another word right now, really really nice will have to do BUT THAT DOES NO JUSTICE WHATSOEVER and I love Angus’ voice forever.

    3. Again – 306
    Behind the very err… MV is indeed a good song

    • …are you coming on twitter tonight .__. ?

      • Will you be ronery without me?
        (the answer is probably yes, as if I could keep away but I feel like I should study for the ext 1 exam coming up because I don’t remember anything about circle geometry, oh god I hate that shiz)

        • i see you lmao. but go study (stop youtubing). im gonna eat dinner now :D.


  13. hi!! i’m so glad you’re going on with this ^^ I think
    I missed the last one.
    Anyway, my top 3 of the week are:

    1. A Friend’s Confession – 2AM
    I had this on repeat all day!! They are so underrated…but I love their voices!!

    2. Love Will Keep Us Alive – The Eagles
    I know this is like a gazillion years old, but it’s so relaxing to listen to, especially when you’re suffering from exam stress like I am :(

    3. Teardrops On My Guitar – Taylor Swift
    I love her songs *.* This one is so sweet…and yeah, i have you guys to thank for this because I got it off ur first music post ^^

    • Hehe, I think I was the one who recommended Taylor Swift’s song XD *feels special*

      2AM NEEDS MORE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. hee.. I haven’t participated in the previous ones.. but here goes my top 3 for now (More like other song’s I’ve been listening to before Juliette went on repeat for the rest of the day lol) :

    1. A’st1 – You
    This song makes me giddy every time I listen to it. Idk. XD They have nice and sweet vocals too.

    2. Nell – Stay
    I love Nell. One of my favorites from them.

    3. Hale – The Day You Said Goodnight
    From a local band I used to obsess with. :XD A little emo but I really like it.

    • Emo? I like emo :D

      A’st1 are cute; I wish DSP woulc promote them a bit more though :/

      • Really? XD Emo is <3333!lol It's been a while since I've listen to that kind of stuff. I also abandoned my hardcore punk and indie rock for kpop. XD

        A'st1! I like them next to SHINee. :) I also wish DSP would promote them more too. I was really hoping they make it big this time around but they are neglected yet again. T_T Dynamite is such a catchy song. I even like it more than the popular songs in kpop right now. :(

        • Haha, I used to like punk too XD

          DSP sucks. The end. THEIR CHOREOGRAPHERS ARE ON DRUGS. FOR REALS DDDDDD; I haaaate SS501’s choreography; IT’S SO BAD DDDD;

  15. Okay so here are my threee :D

    I actually like umm Dynamite from that band who i’ve already forgotten the name of :D I didn’t think I’d like it cus of like all the umm other sucky songs they had :)

    I’ve also listened to Park Ji Yoon – In My Fading Memory. She has an awesome voice and she’s really pretty. I love the song so much that it’s my ringtone now :D

    The last one is someone new that I’ve discovered lol :DDD Kang Kyun Sung – This Time, It’s Different. His voice is nice.. idk I guess? I like the beat, he’s also pretty handsome. Too bad i think he enlisted in the military so we won’t get to see any new performances from him :D

    • A’st1 sang Dynamite :) It’s sooooooooooooooo catchy. But yea, I’m not a *huge* fan of any music DSP produces…which is unfortunate, cos I really like the SS501 boys :/

      I must try the other two singers you mentioned~

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