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Official “Romeo” Tracklist


1. 줄리엣 (Juliet) Juliette
2. 니가 맘에 들어 (I Like You) Talk to You
3. 차라리 때려 (Hit Me Instead) Hit Me Baby
4. 세뇨리따 (Senorita)
5. 잠꼬대 (Sleep Talking) Please Don’t Go [ONHYUN DUET HOMG]
6. 소년, 소녀를 만나다 (Boy Meets Girl) Romeo & Juliette

Note: The titles in brackets are the direct translation of the song; the actual song titles I’ve put in bold :). I  got the song titles from THIS LYRICS POST. I’m so looking forward to “Talk to you”; Onew sings talk to my body LOLOLOL.

When I read “Hit Me Instead”, I read it as “Hit on me instead” ROFL. I bet you I’m the only one in the world who interpreted that song as that. But then, idk, you could interpret that in the violent sense? Dirty or Violent?

“Boy Meets Girl” will probably be some happy love song lol. Have you guys read the book by Meg Cabot? I love it ♥. Apparently, Key will be speaking Spanish at the start of “Senorita”? Not too sure about that but still stalking about. I thought there’d be a “Romeo” instrumental DDD; That instrumental is really pretty, I hope it’s included in one of the tracks. (And lolol thank goodness there isn’t a “Love Should Go On Part 2”, I was hoping they were just rumours because I get annoyed when they make ten thousand versions of the same song XD.)

Two pictures under the cut ~ One ugly clothed one and one normal and spiffy looking one :D. Jonghyun’s crotch lmao.


  1. LOL. The titles on DVD heaven seems a bit different! XD Hit Me Instead —-> Hit Me baby. lolololol Boy Meets Girl is Romeo and Juliette. Please, Don’t Go is an OnHyun duet. There’s alot more things to look forward to in this comeback album. <33333



      • Yes. According to the lyrics out on bestiz. It’s also written by Jeong Yeop of Brown Eyed Soul. It seems legit. XD I’m really hoping it’s true. 3 more days till the album release!!

        • I’m actually looking at that lyrics pg right now too. I was looking at that song and thinking “Damn Jonghyun sings a lot” and realised it was just him and Onew rofl

          • Rofl. I didn’t even notice that at first since I’m more concerned about Onew’s Your Name lyrics which is not even in the album. TT Also, there’s a big possibility of a 2nd album release in the next 3-4 months especially since Sean Alexander and Jimmy B.’s songs are not included in this mini album.

            • But they’re set on a Jap release in July, aren’t they? I think this is just to please us for the meanwhile so that they can then go work on the Japanese Market. Probably expect 2nd full length album near the end of the year?

              Though I’m waiting for SM to come out and be like “HEY GAIZ, WE CHANGED OUR MINDS. SHINee’S STAYING IN KR!”

              • I have this feeling that their Japanese venture is just a phase that won’t last long. I hope. LOL! I’ve been telling myself that just so I won’t get frustrated over the decision. XD I don’t know though. SM is really unpredictable. Isn’t it the repackaged album that’s going to be released in July? I think I saw a preorder for that. It’s just like how they released Amigo in Taiwan? lol. I don’t know anymore. XD

                • Lmao yes please. I hope it’s just their album with the cover in Japanese or something. HA we’re so cruel to the Japanese fans XD.

  2. Jonghyun has the ugliest mask but the most normal clothes. I actually like Taemin’s. WTF is that, Minho? Key reminds me of the Pink Ranger. Jinki. Uh.

    I don’t think I’m buying this one. HAH.

    • I like Onew’s mask. The cards are really cook <333.

      There are more photos up which are called “Romeo” and theyre in the grey clothes. They look REALLY good but I can’t figure out how it’d fit in with these coloured tights :/

  3. Hooray for 6 new songs! Some full length albums get released with 10 tracks but only like five new ones so this is quite satisfying.^^ I love how “not in the zone” Onew is in the first pic. Oh Leader…
    Also, Taemin’s wearing a cape. And holding a creepy doll. The stylist noonas really shouldn’t pick on their dongsaeng.=P

    I love love love LOVE the 2nd pic! But while you were loling about Jonghyun’s crotch I was loling over how tall the pic makes him look. And our cute little Taeminnie is officially a heartbreaker.<3

    • Yes which is why I don’t mind mini-albums all that much. Unless they do what they did with their 1st mini album and album where half the songs were in both T____T. I wanna buy this because I never bought their 1st mini-album and I feel like I don’t have enough SHINee merchandise rofl.

      LMAO okay well we all know what *I* pay attention to most XD

  4. I was hoping that Jonghyun would be speaking spanish in “y si fuera ella” but no, now I’m hoping Key will speak spanish in senorita!?!?

    • Lmao apparently he will :DD!

  5. LOL tbh, I’m already getting used to SHINee’s weird clothes XD They’re kind of cute in that picture actually, albeit the styles still strange-ish… everyone is just so cute and dorky (except for Minho ROFL) BUT OMG THE CREEPY DOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL (Oh! btw, I saw this ad in Teen Vogue and it was a croch shot of a girl wearing a skirt, and she was holding a creepy doll too O___O Except it had um, fighter’s mask or whatever it’s called of some sort and really big eyes. It was creepy in its own essense >>” But I thought of Onew’s crotch and Taemin’s picture :’D)

    Wait, what happened to Taemin always in the middle…! D:

    YAYYYYYYYY OMG ALSKDFJA;SDKLFJASDLF ONHYUN DUET I LOVE ONGHYUN DUETS :))))♥ (poor Key though, when is he ever going to get a duet or solo? O___O he’s the almighty Key too!)

    Hit on me = dirty, not violent XD

    I love happy love songs :’D And I loveeeee the book too! And lol, Key’s going to say “ladies and gentlemenhorsemen” in Spanish 8DDDD

    I heard there’s going to be a second release though! (Where else would Onew’s song remake be? :O)

    • Yes that doll is seriously freaking scary O.o.


      But hey, why is everyone talking about this second release? Is this why there have been two concepts? One weird and one less weird? (Minho’s silver leggings/socks/paint? WHATEVER?). Hmm, shall have to see~

      • Because someone asked to Jimmy Burney (who was on of the writers of Replay) :

        (credits : soompi forums)

        hahah SM wants OUR money.

        • Oh, thanks for clearing that up! Woooah that’s so cool :D.

        • That’s the picture I saw! XDDDD And that’s what I was referring to rofl :D/

      • Maybe the doll will turn out to be very cute..? cause we haven’t seen its face yet right? XD

        I THINK READING YOUR POSTS INFLUENCED ME D: and my friend who looks at SHINee’s crotches in every picture on my iTouch –;


  6. woah,, full lyrics floated in net already? 0__o

    ugh, why the fugly clothes concept D:

    • Yeah which is strange. No idea how people got a hold of them ….

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