Posted by: lovediaries | May 18, 2009

Preview SHINee – Juliette Full Version

Credit: YoDubu1 @ youtube

Beckery: Our resident SHINee World aka Candychu is currently suffering at uni cuz I know she’s dying to be here at the moment to listen to the song haha. So yea, for a full incoherent spazz, you’ll have to wait till she comes back lol XD

Personally, on first listen, the song is no doubt quite catchy. The boys sound really good too *__* I hear Jonghyun <33 Awesome choreo, bring it on!

Ok, SHINee fans, tell me what you think!!

Candychu: WORLDLING IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY. Okay, I’m going to be totally unbiased when I spazz talk about this song. I really like it, but I don’t love it yet. The whole song sorta feels really messy O.o. Like, the chorus is catchy but it sounds like before one line is even finished, the next line is starting again? Idk, maybe I need a few more listens.

The boys sound great (Jonghyun *O*) but I don’t like the IN YOUR FACE factor of this song – again, maybe a few more listens will make it better :). Onew’s voice is so soft you can hardly hear him but um, his parts are still my favourite ROFL. The verses sort of remind me of “Love Like Oxygen”.

I love the whistling at the start though and the rap :Q____ unf unf. Honestly though, the song isn’t that great, so I’m counting on the MV and the choreo (and the boys looking gorgeous in PROPER clothes) to make me love it. I’m sure they won’t let me down :).

p.s Jonghyun’s note at the end is sort of amazing *O*.


  1. hahah i jsut spazzed on another post about this but yay official post about this song

    i LOVE it soooooo much, jsut kidna sad cause there isnt that much onew hahaha but oh well =) this is so much better than the original and minhos rap like killed me as did jonghyuns high note =) and i lvoed onews dadadas at the end hahaha

    cant wait for their comeback and music video and rest of the album hahaa ll =) back to physics research paper now *sulks*

    • Lol. You can never get sick of spazzing over something you like so its ok to go around and spazz to everyone like I do hahaha.

      I dont love the song actually. I’ve only had time to listen to it 3 times whilst doing the post and well, it actually felt weird cuz it was sorta everywhere. The rap didnt seem to fit in. But never fear cuz nice MV and sexy choreo always makes up for it XD

  2. Hmmmm. Something about this song reminds me of another song I’ve heard before. It’s very catchy, but I’m not really feeling it yet >.<. I think it will take a little time for me to get used to it, like with Love Like Oxygen :). I really love their concepts for this though. Very artsy in my opinion :D.

    • Lol is it that High School Musical song cuz it’s a remake of it I think? Yea, I dont really feel it either, but I’m sure the MV and live perf will change my mind.

  3. I’m a little bit iffy about this still, if only because it’s a remake of Corbin Bleu’s “Deal With It”. I wasn’t that big of a fan of him to begin with, plus, after this long, you’d think SM could come up with something original D: But at least it’s here, and it turned out better than I expected, so who can complain?

    Like I said, not too sure where I stand on this song right now, but it’ll get better. I’m sure of it. Because I looooove Jonghyun’s high note and Minho’s rap. Now…. WE NEED THE MV. 3 minutes of SHINee is just what i need ^^ And live performances… with DANCING ♥

    • Yea, I heard that it was a remake. Um honestly, SM can afford better songs. I dont know, I dont dig the song, I dont hate it. Neutral atm. I wish they released something like Replay, I still think its my favourite Shinee song haha.

      Jonghyun sounded amazing! But he always has. Minho did a good job at rapping but I felt that the rap was sorta out of place? I dont know, it’s really muddled up atm haha. But yes yes lives will do the trick, if not, then the MV. If not then the other songs on the album haha

  4. I’m not yet sold on this song. I’m sure I’ll change my mind once I see the MV. :P

    The beat is indeed catchy but it reminded me a lot like ‘Oxygen’. I wish they’d have more songs like ‘Replay’. Or just something not too Michael Jackson-y.

    • Agreed. I’m telling Candychu how it feels sorta weird. I cant place my finger on it but it doesnt feel like it flows that well. I LOVE REPLAY TOO!! Probs my favourite Shinee song. I wish they’d do something that epic, not saying their other songs arent haha

  5. Why Corbin Bleu!?!?!! Was expecting something else, but I’m fine with it. It’s okay, but I still love Replay, Love Like Oxygen and AMiGo more. Maybe it’ll grow on me. It’s sort of catchy though.

    • Replay FTW XDDDDDD The chorus is sorta catchy but the whole song in general is just ok? Lol

  6. reminds me of love like oxygen too. wanna see the mv + choreo soon to get me hooked to this song. :DD

    • Lol I think it reminds everyone of LLO apparently.

  7. The beginning really sounds like LLO a bit! And I think Jjong’s going to have a signature kind of singing after singing like this.. ^^”
    I’m a bit sad that it’s a remake of deal with it, of all songs D: but it’s much more catchy than I expected! I’m still getting used to the “Juliet” repetition though xD cause I didn’t like the repeating of “deal with it” in corbin’s song D:

    He only has three lines >> even if he has more since he is on the chorus, I’m terribly upset. But it seems like taemin has more lines although I haven’t focused too much onwho is singing when though xD (doing laundry LOL~)

    • Onew sangtae hiding behind magnae ftw *-*

    • Apparently everyone’s talking about Jonghyun singing sorta like Michael Jackson? Is that what you’re talking about? Lol. Well I dont really know Corbin’s song so I dont really mind this. Just that I didnt think SM would release a remake for the title. I wanted something more original?

      ANd yes yes Candychu is crying about how soft Onew’s voice sounds and how you can hardly hear him haha.

      • Yes! MJ! XD Sorry if I sounded wordy or weird or something XD *pretty incoherent sometimes* I only heard Corbin’s song just once, before I heard Juliette, but actually after waking up and coming back from school, I looked at the romanized lyrics more closely and I think I like the song a bit more now! Although it still sounds a bit messy :S:S:S:S (damn you SM >>” What happened to the epic touch on SJ? GIVE SOME TO SHINee TOO. Although I’m really excited for their other songs 8DDD and the apparent second release of something too! and Onew’s song lol)

        I cry with her :|

        • I think SM gave all the epicness to SJ and since there’s 12 13 of them, there wasn’t left to spare for SHINee :(

          *clings and cries with you*

  8. I’m happy they’re back but I can’t hide my disappointment. Why…why did they have to come back with a cover?

    WHY!? Seriously…what happened to that awesome composer who made replay??
    Why couldn’t he make a new wonderful tune that fit SHINee but is original.
    Is SM that poor to not afford someone who has talent to make a original tune?

    I think I’m just even more disappointed because they covered some guy’s song from Disney.

    DISNEY? WTH really.

    Sorry for ranting lol.

    • Guess SM used up all there original song on SJ :x

      Actually I’m not too keen on the song myself yet but I can see my feeling changing once I see the MV or a live performance :x (I’m probably gonna benefiting from the fact I’ve never heard the original song ^^;)

      In any case remember that If nothing else we still have 5 others songs by them to look forward too ;)

      • Lol. If father sm wanted, he could hire composers and producers to make up a 100 new songs haha. So yea I don’t know what he’s thinking T_T

        I think you are benefiting from that. I heard the song once cuz I was curious but I dont remember much. The same goes with SHINee’s remake though. This song isnt as memorable as Replay!

    • I know, I wouldnt mind something as epic as Replay was. I’m not exactly disappointed, but um, they could have produced something better. It’s not the guys fault cuz they still did a great job. Damn Father SM hahahah

      Disney? As in Highschool Musical? LOL.

      • lol yes its the high school musical guy where they took the cover from.

        Yes, it’s not the boy’s fault they’re being made to sing this song. Just I wish SM doesn’t waste their talents with too many covers (Thats what I’m worried about…once or so, a cover is fine. But if it becomes more…then its a problem).

        • Originals rock harder than remakes. Even if it’s SHINee.


  10. I REALLY wished SM would stop making SHINee sing remakes! SO many of their songs were remakes. Why can’t SM let SHINee sing some NEW ORIGINAL SONGS that sound like Noona Neomu Yeopot (Replay)? T.T

    • BECAUSE FATHER SM IS MEAN! Lol, nah I seriously dont know what he’s thinking. I’m sure he could whip up original songs if he wanted with all that money. Maybe he thought doing remakes are cool?

  11. I think most people are disappointed not only because it was a remake but also mostly because it was Corbin Bleu’s song. XD I dunno I just feel like it. LOL!

    Anyway, I love the song and I’m sold. :P I’m also excited to see their live performance and the rest of the album. 6 songs! <33333

    • Well I heard Corbin’s song before they released the full version of Juliette and thought “this doesnt really sound like a formula to success type of song, why are they remaking it” and thought maybe they’d change the beat to it or something. They did indeed but still not enough to make it GREAT.

      I’m glad you liked it. I need other more convincing stuff such as lives ;D

      • I belong to the small fraction of people who likes it! XD The fact that it’s not another overly repetitive type of song is enough for me to love it eventhough it’s a remake. LMAO! I also think it’s more vocally challenging than most kpop dance songs out there right now. :D

        But yeah, I think most people would enjoy it more if they see a live perf. MV’s doesn’t really do anything for me. So, I’m more excited to see them live.

        • Oh, I like it! But just … like I said, it’s really messy and loud and headache-inducing. Except for Onew’s 3 lines :3. Nothing against the boys, of course! Just the way the music has been arranged.

          I love MVs and I’m excited for this one. It looks pretty :D!

  12. it’s so nice.. even for the fact that it’s only a remake, it’s still SHINee!!

    • Lol. Talk about biased XPP

  13. i don’t care if it’s a cover or not..its SHINee!!!

    seriously now.. i think the song is great.. they even sang it better than corbin did. :))

    • HAHA Another eternally biased one XP

      They did indeed sang it better, but the song in general isnt that great haha


    • Do u wanna change authors?

      • You can change if you want to.

        • I shall darling. But dont u worry, I will help……..

  15. I seriously can’t like the song despite how many times i listened to it. I’m really disappointed =(
    I just really don’t want another remake because they have too many already! What is wrong with SM man?
    Even though I don’t like the song, I still want them to be super successful. I think I’ll look forward to the rest of the songs in the mini album (no more remake please!!!)
    After listening to the song a few times, I actually kind of like the dadadada part. It’s kind of catchy! XD

    • I just read this article on where SHINee said they’re not back to compete; they just want to sing :3333.

      And yes I love the dadadada part haha I hear little Onew~

  16. Hmm~ don’t really love it yet. Maybe need to listen to it more or something. It’s okay, not bad, but I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t expect too much from it. *shrugs*

    • Yes I’m more excited to see them performing again and not rly what song they sing hehe~

  17. farr the song is awesome!
    okay the song was sang FIRST by that corbie dude. So?! That guy didn’t write the freaken song or anything. An awesome melody can be reused, what wif the term recycling?…ooof.

    Shinee wrote the lyrics! The melody is not corbie’s so i won’t call this a cover. Shinee owns the lyrics BIG TIME.
    There is no right ownership of the melody.

    give the kids some credits, their vocal is rocking! and the beat of the song is freaken awesomeeee.
    Juliette will sky rocket on korean music charts, (like koreans give a damn who that disney guy is)
    all they care about is Shinee!!!
    i’m not being a crazy fan, just really pissed at all the comments saying their disappointed at Shinee. Shinee has done a bloody awesome job with this single. no argue
    shinee hwaiting XD

    • I don’t think people are disappointed at the boys
      (I’m actually glad one of the members wrote the lyrics).
      They’re more disappointed with the song.
      The reason why its disappointing is because they already did “Love Like Oxygen” for a cover and this one sounds pretty similar to “LLO”.

      Personally, waiting for couple of months and thinking that their new song will be great…this is just really being a let down.
      And Disney is not a place to get songs that show off talent.
      That’s why it’s a bit disappointing that SM couldn’t find at least a great composer who can show off singers talents.

      Super Junior, DBSK, and SNSD came out with something that ‘stood’ out.
      Why can’t SM do that for their SHINee boys? SHINee’s bankable.

      Sorry for commenting you and ranting ^^;;

    • Ditto what lr said. We’re not disappointed in the boys because they’re great in this song, but the song itself isn’t anything worth getting too excited about. Though, different people are entitled to different opinions.

      But anyway, as SHINee said, they’re not out to compete – they just want to sing and perform.

      And plus, if you’ve followed this blog long enough, you’d know I’m a die hard SHINee fan and I will continuing loving these boys no matter what.

  18. okay, i’ve just heard ‘its you’ from suju and i think its a rocking song, comparing back shinee’s new comeback and suju’s comeback (smash hit sorry sorry) i can see the point ur making that SM is being a friggin dumb not to compose a more….’Shineeerrrr’ song. (but anything Shinee sings is the best)
    Now you’ve made me pissed at SM(lol, at least Suju didn’t sing highschool musical tracks)

    butt my point is clear i hope everyone still supports Shinee all the way. And i’m so happy everyone here is a BIG TIME shinee fan.

    • Thanks for going to that effort ♥♥; but yes, glad you understand why :).

      It’s okay, we all have faith in the other tracks on this mini-album ^^!

    i just wished i never knew that this song is a remake *sigh* that way so i wont be comparing it,,

    nonetheless, glad to hear them sing finally, especially key’s rap :D

    • Lol I don’t listen to non-asian music much let alone what Disney releases (though, I loved Lizzie Mcguire and Hilary Duff ^^)

  20. um, sry for the wrong comment ^^” I listened to Minho’s rap while thinking about Key at that time lol.

    I love Lizzie McGuire too! always follow the serial and listening to her song :) Did u watch the movie? ahh, good old days~

    • Yes the movie was so cute – I even went out and bought the soundtrack. But I hated Gordie’s hair in it; and the fact that Miranda wasn’t in the movie (cause the actress had chicken pox?). That was really sad :(.

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