Posted by: beckery | May 19, 2009

JunJin – Hey Ya MV ft Lee Siyoung

Credit:nglktshinhwa @ youtube

(Look moonynim, it’s Shinhwa related haha XP)

The song features Son Dam Bi and Bigtone, whilst the MV features Lee Siyoung in it (Gundam couple d’awwww). Apparently this is the 1st part and the 2nd part will be 8eight’s Beige MV, which will again feature JunJin and SiYoung. Lol, sounds like some major production XDD

Anyways, I’m not really the biggest fan of this song but the MV is pretty cool. It’s very “Step Up” style with the whole dance crew battles etc, but hey who doesn’t like a bit of “Step Up”? Lol.

So JunJin is part of a dance crew but one of the guy disagrees with JJ, so he ditches the crew. JJ then sees SiYoung dancing randomly (and by randomly, I mean randomly hahahaha) and gets her to join the crew. He teaches her the moves, which is all sorts of cuteness. They’re so adorable together <333 Then on the big night, the traitor guy decides to sabotage them by umm…cutting out the electricity? HAHAHA I dont know what happened there. But then they all hit the streets and dance in the rain…Yeap, definitely “Step Up” influenced. Though gotta say SiYoung can rock that body and JunJin of course can dance!


  1. SHINHWA!!!!! *jumps up and down*

    Junjin pwahahahahahahaha! I swear, Jinnie is just too funny for words. I was LMAOing like crazee. This is like a Step Up rip off! Specially when they were dancing in the rain. But SiYoung looks so pretty so props to her.

    Have you seen that Suju on Star Golden Bell epi with Jin’s dad in it? Junjin looks so much like his dad it’s freaking me out. O.O’

    • LOL *jumps with you and causes us both to trip and fall over XDD*

      I thought it was a total Step Up rip off too but I didnt want to say “rip off” hahahha. I love Step Up and all, but some originality would be good too. But since the MV is quite short, I guess they couldn’t do much about it…

      No I havent actually but I’ve seen JunJin’s dad and they’re definitely father and son haha. I love how his dad treats the Shinhwa boys. All a happy family XDD

  2. lol I didn’t know bigtone was featured in this song!?!? but yeah not a fan of it, the mv is good, the korean step up lmao, SiYoung is really cute, now I’m going to have hey yeah in my head all day.

    • Yeap it was Bigtone XD I liked his other song which features SiYoung more. This song is ok, it’s just not very memorable haha. But SiYoung was awesome here!

  3. Hello again :) Don’t you miss me? It’s been like so long lol since I’ve been commenting laec :D Well long story short, I traveled to Korea – psh yeah I wished -.- – actually I flew to New York and stuff and then came backk :D omgg and on Sunday when I came back, right when we came back home, an earthquake happened. I was like so tired and it didn’t really help either (: well anyways to cut it short – I’m BACKKKK <3; Okay now to the song/Mv…I like the song although the Hey Ya is really annoying, it's like so repetitive. I just can't stand it. So many songs are like that now, and it's not really cool to me but i like the dancing :DD it's really good and yeah lol okay now just ignore what I say :D

    • Wp was being evil and put your comment into the spam filter – so sorry! But omg I was reading and I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT YOU WENT TO KOREA. SO EVIL FOR TRICKING US ;___;.

    • ROFL. Trust Candychu to be tricked T_T *I* didnt get tricked cuz if *you* went to Korea you would have come to us and said “OMG GUYS IM GOING TO KOREA AND UR NOT MUAHAHAH” XPPPP And we would have made u kidnap all the boys for us :D

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