Posted by: lovediaries | May 20, 2009

Preview SHINee – “Please Don’t Go”

::EDIT:: Initial reaction, “FAK THIS SONG IS BEAUTIFUL“. It is so sad, omg; they sound like they’re crying. I need to listen to the song more (and believe me, I will listen to this 1.48min long preview until the full song comes out) but I love it already. *FLAILS*. The chorus ;_____;.

{credit: mariaj2007 @ youtube}

I heard two seconds and the audio stopped working. Fml. (I watched another video and the audio still didn’t work omg.) BUUUUUUT from what I did hear, it’s the “Romeo” instrumental we’ve been hearing!?!??!

This is OnHyun’s duet too, omg. YOUTUBE WORK FOR ME.\

Also, I’m sure you’ve all heard of what happened with Onew? Silly dubu ^^;;. Hope he rests well. 27th is only a week away…


  1. hiiiiii~~

    you can also go to to try and have a listen?
    if the voices come out staggered, you could try pressing pause and then playing it again.

    im totally listening from the official site because it loops the song over and over again (and thus allows my heart to shatter over and over again)

    i've been waiting for smth like this to happen ever since their radio show duets and stuff.

    you're right, it's the Romeo instrumental we've been hearing ^^;
    aww what am i rambling about, just go listen to it. xD

    and silly dubu indeed. of all times to have a major attack of Onew Condition… :/

    • I actually went on first but nothing would load for me so I went onto youtube. It’s okay though, I closed my windows, opened it again and it worked :D!

      The song is so beautiful omg; I have a feeling I’ll sleep well tonight cause of it haha.

  2. I was supposed to be out drinking with friends. LOL!
    But when I read that the preview for OnHyun’s duet was out.. I rushed home. XDDDD It’s beautiful. <333333 I've read about Onew's accident too. I felt bad for Dubu. But I actually wasn't surprised coz I know he's a clutz. T_T I hope he recovers soon. I can wait for the comeback. He should be more careful next time.

    • LOL YOU’RE WORSE THAN ME! I think of skipping uni haha to come home early or something but then I always just wait xD.

      I was so shocked cause PAS messaged me before I came online and I was waiting for her to tell me she was kidding. But I think Onew is the only one in the world who would do something like this T__T.

      • Rofl! Yes. SHINee >> drinking buddies. lololol!

        I was really looking forward to their comeback and album release and didn’t expect something like an accident would happen. What about his beautiful smile now? I really like his teeth too. T_T But yeah, I think if it happened to another person, I wouldn’t believe it. But it’s Onew. It’s more possible than not. XD

        • I honestly hope we won’t be seeing something like this XD; though, it is all I’m picturing right now!!! I AM WORRIED because his smile is like my life-brightener lmao.

          • LMAO. did you ps that? i sure hope we won’t be seeing a toothless tofu! XDD

            • YES I DID XD. I wanted to see how his smile would be affected if he actually lost his teeth. Cause he “dislocated” them, right? And when you dislocate something … its usually fractured or something? Lol man, I seriously don’t know how he injured himself. He must’ve landed while smiling XD.

              • [forgot to say sorry for butting in.]

                ROFL. you have such a wonderful imagination! HAHAHA. seeing how smiley onew is, he probably landed his smiling face flat on the floor! oh, it’s really something onew would do. XDD

                • lol no need to apologise! Comment threads are open to everyone :D.

                  HAHA I do don’t I? Too bad I can’t put it to better use. Well if they’re set to comeback anyway, I’m sure it means his looks haven’t changed dramatically ^^

                  • oh, yes. if lsm can do nose jobs, then he can definitely give dubu’s teeth some loving too. ><

                    • That’s what a part of me was thinking. Idk, it’s something SM would do. But no, do not ever replace Dubu’s teeth ;_;

          • Oh God, please no. LOL! It looks like a vampire who lost his fangs! XDDD It would be worse if it’s his two rabbit teeth. How will he eat his carrots now? T_T

            • I heard the teeth affected WERE his front teeth D:

              • I read that last night too!! But idk, I hope they’re still there :((

            • LOL YES. There’s this rly cute rabbit!dubu gif; so so previous.

  3. i also think it is the romeo instrumental. heck, it’s a super nice song. such ear candy. i read that the title literally means sleep talking (?) <3333

    • Yep yep, the literal translation is “Sleep Talking” (which I think is such a sad title ;__;) but the english name for the song is “please don’t go”.

      I guess this is why they sound like they’re whispering; oh, my heart ~

      • i find the literal translation pretty weird but, that’s just me. XD i hear “kajima” so that’s probably why the english title. lol.

        this is such a pretty song i’d probably be singing while i’m asleep. XDD

        • Weird as in, how they got that from “Sleep talking”? Well it’s like “Graze”; the korean title had something to do with make up and that doesn’t relate to Graze? (I still just picture green fields and cows lmao; but I love that song).

          I know, it’s like a lullaby~ But a sad one haha.

          • graze is <3333 too!

            so we'll be crying ourselves to sleep then. LOL.

          • did my reply get through? if yes, kindly delete this one… if no, oh my, wordpress is hating on me. DDDX

            i love graze too.

            and oh, it looks like we’ll be crying ourselves to sleep. lol.

            • Argh, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what wp is doing. It’s already spammed three of the comments on this post. So dw, it’s not just you! (Guess we’ll have to check our spam filter more frequently now – though we try afford it cause it’s usually … naughty stuff haha.)

              Yes, the rap <33.

              This needs to last me one more week ;~;. SM, release another preview please~~~~

  4. can anyone tell me what actually happen to onew?
    i really want to know =)

    • He fell over brick steps after rehearsing one night when going back to his dorm and “dislocated his front teeth”. Not really sure what that means but I think they need to watch over him for 1-2 wks for treatment :(.

    I thought, “Hey, I’ll just sleep early, nothing awesome will happen…” and then OMG BEAUTIful.
    Now I have lessons to attend. TT_TT

    • LOLOMG. I was checking my emails in the library at uni and LOLed irl so hard at your comment XD.

  6. sexchu bb that song really is beautiful kajdsfhgkj thank you for linking it! ♥

    • No problem my mixen bb :). Twitter is even more convenient with updating these sorts of things than following lj I think haha~

  7. omg this song is gorgeous O_O so this is what the romeo instrumental was for haha =)

    and poor onew. i hope he gets better soon, the poor guy must feel horrible (both pain and abotu what happened)
    it’s okay onew!!! =)

    • I still want a full length instrumental for this song though; except it’s not in the tracklist ;____;.

  8. tbh, for me, dance music > ballads and any song of the sort, BUT THIS SONG IS JUST TOO BEAUTIFUL ;; And it’s ONHYUN :3 I really like the part where they both sing together, it’s just… *-*♥

    I just woke up this morning when I checked the shineee forums and I just literally gasped out loud, cause dislocated sounds really scary D: I looked it up and it can mean that he LOST those teeth TT____TT and my friend who dislocated her teeth when she was a kid, said that her tooth got pushed up into her gums, but it was okay cause her adult tooth later grew and pushed the baby one out.. but.. D: Dubu’s affected tooth isn’t a baby one >>” I’m worried ;; But I’m probably just paranoid cause I’m just like that XD I hope he’ll get better soon though :3♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • I first felt that Jonghyun’s voice was a tad too overpowering but after more listens, you can distinctively hear differences in both their singing and voices. They sound so beautiful together.

      I KNOW, I AM FREAKING WORRIED. I really hope he won’t need surgery or veneers or whatever because I love his teeth :3.

  9. You know my thoughts on Jinki’s accident. And on JH’s inspiration for Juliet. HAHA

    I can’t listen to this yet but I’m all ): because there’s no KiKi duet. :||

    • I know your thoughts on everything, bb *stalker mode*.


  10. thank you for the info =)
    i really hope he get well soon

  11. SO BEAUTIFUL *__* their voices match so well, strong JH and soft Onew.. ahh~
    oh, dont u think the song is kinda similar to DBSK’s Forgotten Season (JJ’s solo)?

    • Yeah I can’t help but always just listen for Onew’s soft voice when they sing together.

      Em………… not really? xD Idk, I love ballads but I’ve never really “loved” “Forgotten Season” :/. But this, I love really hard <333

  12. I love the harmonization! It’s so clean, you know? They better perform this live.

    About Onew…the whole thing keeps switching between sad and hilarious. Am I evil? lol I mean, if anybody was going to trip down the stairs it would be him, if anybody was going to injure their teeth it would be him, and it just had to be the front bunny teeth too. Ironic. I kept loling when the statements said they would moniter Onew’s condition. I hope he gets better and they sort the whole thing out though b/c I love his teeth…and you know, the rest of him too.^^ Ondubu<333333

    • ME TOO! Like I keep thinking “LOOOOL” then I’m like “No, but wait, what if it’s actually really serious” and then I”m like “But it’s Onew ^^” and then “….his smile might be ruined DDDD;” And yeah. I just want like a recent photo to make sure his teeth are still in place :3.

  13. whoa…breathetaking, this might just be ‘the bomb’ song of their album, more wat i expected of Romeo and Juliette

    • I’m dying for a full version ;~;

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