Posted by: beckery | May 21, 2009

090520 2PM-Arirang Pops in Seoul

Credit: punpunpun07 @ youtube

Rofl, I love 2PM interviews mainly cuz Jay fails most of the time in them XD I’m so nice aren’t I haha. But seriously LOOK AT THE EPIC FAIL THAT IS THE LEADER!!! XDDDDDDDDD Things to look out for:

  • Their english! I love it when the english speaking trio show off some of their english even if it isn’t fluent such as Khun’s  “Um we’re just really uhh what’s the (word)..we’re happy” XD.
  • Junho introduces himself in english and all the others are like “ooohhh”
  • Taec’s “Chansung looks so much sexier now” and proceeds to do the awesome TaecBrows. IT WAS AWESOME! I watched that part like 10 times cuz he looks so greasy and pervy, but totally cool. Does that even make sense? haha. And then Chansung? says “is this something personal” ROFLMAO. What what what?!?
  • They talk about how the boys are popular with girls on their Idol Show and asks how Jay does it. Khun goes “takes off his shirt” and Jae is like “yea take off my shirt” ROFLMAO. Demonstration please XP
  • Junho’s reply, “natural”. Yes, this gets a whole point to itself cuz Junho is adorable! <3
  • The “Takes” at the end.!!!!!!! I was literally lmao-ing the whole time even after watching it like 10 times. He is sooo funny XDD Couldn’t speak in English OR Korean properly and what in the world is “The weather is getting warmer and you gotta take off your clothes…” ROFL. Oh and watch him busts out the Hyori “U go girl” move. Ilu for reals leader haha <3333 Oh and Taec for taking over haha


  1. Ohmygawd that was hilarious!!!

    Jae’s “take off your clothes” comment at the out takes killed me!!! Hahahaha! The other members looked like they were dying too from that wtf line. LMAO.

    • ROFL he fails so hard. I have no idea where he was going with that rofl. Junsu’s “aiiishhhh” and Taec pushing out is hilarious LOL. XDDD

  2. LMAOOOOO<3; Jay is such a weido :D I bet all the other members were like "Man, now they're never gonna take us serious or love us again cus they'll think we're creeps now." :)

  3. seriously, why are the leaders such fail? LMAO.

    “is this something personal?” HAHAHA.

    • Loool oh I dont know, but it seems that the only fails are Leeteuk and Jaebeom hahaha. But we love them anyways XDD

      • thinking about it, i must agree. lol.
        [s]though i must add onew on my fail!lleaders list. XDDDD[/s]

        • Rofl..I’m not to sure about Onew but sure add ahead.

  4. LMAO. jae is too funny.

    • Lol when is he ever not? XD

  5. <3 Jaebummie I'll teach you English again. lol
    And khun too. :))

  6. Your things to look out for made me watch it when I tried to resist so hard. At least the video was worth it.

    I LOVE THEIR (mostly Jay’s) FAIL FOREVER and Taec’s grease forever too and Junho is adorable forever as well!

    • *AHEM*. Wth are you still here >:(.

  7. lmao “we’re just really, uh what’s the, happy” did he really forget the word happy or was he looking for something else to say, and no matter how many times Junho introduces himself in english he will never fade away the image in my head, “Hello my name is 2PM”

    • Lol I think he was looking for a more descriptive and pawnage word but couldnt think of anything hahahha. XD But YEA! When Junho started off with english, I was waiting for his “my name is 2pm” hahaha but he got it right. I think Taec/Jay/Khun taught him the right way XDD

    and I agree that Khun’s english is the most undertsandable while Jay keeps mixed with up both languages ^^”

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