Posted by: lovediaries | May 22, 2009

F.T Island – Girls Don’t Know MV

{credit: FTilove @ youtube}

They’ve translated it as “She doesn’t know”; but since I’ve always known this song as “Girls Don’t Know” (“여자는 몰라 ” from Colorful Sensibility), I’ve stuck with that translation.

I LOVE THIS SONG. The unreleased music video was released, recently on their Rock Prince Concert DVD. So it’s got Wonbin in it :). The boys all look really gorgeous here (hello, Minhwan in frames :DDD)~ Such perfect complexion *O*.


    But no, I won’t watch the video now, I should stop coming here, everything is so tempting, why are you posting so much, shouldn’t you be studying?!

    • Yes missy, why are you still coming here? (I hope you’re not on fb either)

      I’m not posting too much. I’ve posted like………yeah okay I’m studying, dw.

  2. yay! I haven’t been keeping up with
    this fandom lately…but omg! WonBin!!! *.*

    • Haha me neither, actually. I hope they release something new (in Korea) soon!

  3. :DDDD
    Wonbin! I miss him so hard!
    I squealed so loud when I saw him, my mom came to check on me. ^^;
    They all look really good, and I love Minhwan in frames. =D

    • Lol haha parents are hilarious XD.

  4. Wonbin :( finish school and comeback already!?!?
    they all look amazing in this video. The ponytails are cute too!

    • But this was the stage where Jonghun had yucky hair xD.

  5. Wonbin!! where are you my kitty kat? T_T
    i miss him so much!
    i though i’d get over it, but its just not the same :|

    • :( Aw, bb, don’t be sad! He’ll come back in no time, I’m sure :)!

  6. Wonbin T____________T

    I lol at Hongki at the beginning, trying to look so cool and all ahahaha. But omg I see Kangin at that side view XD♥

    • Yes because Hongki is Kangteuk’s love child. I see it less these days .. but I STILL BELIEVE!

  7. i think i suddenly fell in love with the song ahahaha~
    i wonder if they have any other nice songs and the first guy who sings, omo, he does look a lil bit like kangin from side view doesn’t he?*or is it juz my eyes?*

    • Lol that’s good, I love this song, it’s so lovely :D!

      And yeah Hongki is Kangteuk’s lovechild rofl :P

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