Posted by: lovediaries | May 22, 2009

SHINee “Juliette” filming pics + new Romeo

Just checked AND MV WILL BE RELEASED TODAY. MAY 22ND HOMG. Youtube refreshing, here I come~

CHECK OUT ALL THAT COLOUR *is blinded*. (Lol that move is like a combination of Replay & LLO.)

I was sort of wishing the pretty masquerade scene would be for the Romeo Instrumental/OnHyun’s duet lol just cause it’s so pretty, I didn’t want it to go with “Juliette” hahaha XD.

Anyway, Minho is most likely going to be the lead for this MV; him and his ~*Flaming Charisma*~ hehe.

The hat has now moved to Key :D! Onew’s hair looks crazy here.
What crazy clothes are they wearing *crying*. THEY HAVE HAIR NECKLACES, omg. Why do they have so many different concepts? Which will actually go into their mini-album? XD.

I like the grey/white/black photos the best but I have a feeling they’re just promotional pictures T__T.


  1. taemin’s shoes remind me of like shoes you wear at home..they look like they’re made of cotton instead of whatever the stuff shoes are made of lol…compared to suju’s sorry sorry mv which had no color, this mv has too much color lol it’s like blinding me..


    • Lol but at least the background is white, right? It’s just like “LLO” with all the colour :D. But still, these aren’t half as blinding as 2NE1’s “Fire”. I had like a migraine afterwards T___T.

      • ya i agree and color + shinee go together very very well but fire on the other hand was O.O…I want to seeeeee their choreo really badly and music performance good thing I only have 2 weeks left of school so i can fully concentrate (as if im not) on kpop XD


        • I bet the choreo will be epic ♥

          And aw you’re so lucky. I have a month left before I can relax :(.

  2. why isn’t key wearing the pink?
    and onew’s pants aren’t just yellow, it’s brrrrright yellow. D:
    and oh, minho’s got lots of bugs on his shirt~! :DD

    • Haha I know, Minho stole his colour!

      And yes, the bugs are creeping the hell out of me D;

      • :( i love key in pink.
        it makes me sad that minho stole his color. but hey. key doesn’t look bad in green either. XDD

        • And I love Onew in blue~

          And what doesn’t Key look good in? (sounds grammatically incorrect but meh XD)

          Also you didn’t sign in? You have a red avatar now :D!

          • i got what you mean anyway. XDD

            the yellow onew pants really get my attention when i see the picture. it’s just soooo bright.

            do you want to see the creeper-faced-avatar? well here it is. XD

            oh, the new pic! onew’s hair looks like a mop. what did he do to deserve this? :(

            graffiti!hyuk belongs here. XDD

            last, are they gonna release up to ver. z for this mini album? LOL.

            • HAHA that one isn’t creeper-faced :P.


  3. WHOA so much colour!! i’m looking forward to the mv release. hehe. X))

    (but why are the bugs back?? ;_____;)

    • I have no idea; I hope we don’t see them too much in the mv ;~;

  4. I SAW THIS. I’M SO EXCITED 8D LOL yes, I see the cross between the songs too :O I wonder why Key is’t pink though DDD: Although I like Onew’s yellow pants XD Yellow is my favorite color (other than pink) ♥ I swear it’s not because of Onew D: Oh and um, I thought Minho’d wear red, since he’s the Flaming Charisma.. XD but hey, I can’t complain. I’m loving this bright style 8D;

    Post up the MV ASAP okay? XD *crosses fingers it’ll be released by the time I wake up before school*

    • Lol yes I will try post asap (even though I have a tonne of work to get through ;~;)

  5. You start realizing that the world is crashing down around you when Minho wears pink pants XD

    All joking aside, SM seems to be riding on the heels of the Gee bright skinny jeans craze D: Which kind of annoys me, but that’s okay, because Key is looking mighty fine ♥ Taemin and Jonghyun’s hairs are kind of weird, and I don’t like Minho’s shirt D: Onew looks okay, though.

    T.T I just finished watching The Man In the Iron Mask today in history class (Leo diCaprio ♥) and I’m kind of sad. They had really awesome masks in the masquerade ball scene. Plus I found a stray pink one in the ASB room the other day. Krystal looks so pretty, but Minho’s got bugs on his shirt. BUGS! and… OHMYGOD IT’S A SPIDER. EWWWWWWWWWWWW. WHY?

    • Wellllll SHINee are the ones who really started the coloured skinnies. Replay, remember? :DDD. And Amigo of course~ OMG SHINEE COME BACK ALREADY I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH.

      • But rainbow vomit was balanced out by good hair D: And with the third picture… do Taemin and Onew’s hair look G-Dragon-esque to you? like in 2NE1’s Fire MV?


        • Oh, that is true ;__;. Actually Jonghyun’s hair is quite hot. I hate it but on him it looks good. That boy just hot-ifies everything ;Q___.

          Taemin’s hair is okay in the third picture. Just really thick looking O___O.

          I have no idea how bugs are even romantic *crying*.

          • You’re right about Jonghyun, but I really do hate that hair >:( Honestly, how bad would it look on anyone besides him?

            If Taemin didn’t wear the clothes he wore, he could pass for emo, I swear D:

            Bugs… bugs… bugs… BUGS CAN MATE AND REPRODUCE. THAT IS HOW THEY ARE ROMANTIC. idk, my brain is kind of fried.

            • Why are you thinking about bugs mating T____T.

          • THESE bugs are romantic because they are on Minho
            <3 -Spazzes- <3


    (that was lame) Minho and Key apparently switched pants. I like their MV clothes. :D

    • BB WE ARE LONG LOST TWINS. i was singing that (well, typing it on msn) to bec on msn when they started releasing things bit by bit and she just found me weird XD.

      • NOT WEIRD IT’S A GOOD SONG. the bit by bit releasings just make me antsy so i sing xD

        • HAHAHA That’s actually the only line I know from that song lmao XD

          • lmao me too XDD
            ASD;AFJ DDD: I HAVE TO GET OFFLINE WHICH MEAAANS I’ll miss the MV till tomorrow DDD:

            that’s depressing :|

            • bb it’s okay, you can come on tmr morning :)


    • NO, DON’T ! PLS GO STUDY FOR YOUR EXAM. DON’T LET SHINee RUIN YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Lol the post will always be here, come on, shoo~

  8. Someone was having WAY too much fun with the crimper on Onew’s hair XD

    • HOW DARE YOU >:(.

      Lol yeah, Onew should never have his hair like that xD.

  9. I KNEW MINHO WOULD GET THE LEAD. He didn’t use to be my fave but he grew on me lots. :DDD

    still at school so can’t spaz properly yet haaaaa!!!!

    • It’s…almost 5, right? Hometime soon?

  10. I’m going crazy waiting for the damn MV.

    I just dropped by to say that. XD!

    • I read on LJ it’ll be released 6pm in Korea. Which should be in 10 minutes.

      I thought afternoon meant 12-4 T___T. Had me waiting this long.

      (I passed time by watching Frozen Flower anyway kekeke)

  11. p.s.

    The new banner is awesome sauce. :D

    • Thank you :D. You’re obviously a “cool kid” ;)

  12. ~OHMAGAH~
    HAY-AY-Y people,
    I just saw this.
    (Minho's pink pants caught my eyes.) Suddenly the colour pink is starting to grow on me! (On because of the way he looks in them, I SWEAR)
    OMG! The MV is out, But I can't watch it until I get home *cries* dumb school computers -_-;;.
    Taemin's hair is umm…
    Interesting. But i like it!
    Jonghyun's hair is SEX IN A JAR!
    LOL! I was trying to concentrate on Kyrstal's face,
    but the bug are just to sexy (it's cause they're on Minho <3) And what the hell is with the hair necklaces? I WANT ONE!
    I can't spazz properly till i get home.
    If any of you guys wanna talk tome, or get to know me, e-mail me at

    • SEX IN A JAR LMAO. Well, only on him~

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