Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 23, 2009

090522 – SuJu Wins on Music Bank

Video: TOPrandom3 @ Youtube

Hands up if you saw this coming *raises both hands and feet*. I don’t mean that in a mean way; I knew they’d get number one cos THIS SONG IS FREAKING AWESOME. It’s still one of my most played songs, and it’s been out for like, two weeks. That’s a huge accomplishment for me since I tend to get sick of a song after like, five listens XD

I love how Yesung sang the song by himself at the end cos everyone else was too busy crying happy tears/bouncing around the stage XDD

The “Super Junior” strip of words scrolling across in the background reminded me of those “Crime Scene Do Not Cross” tapes, which then reminded me of Black and White XDDD I’M OBSESSED WITH THAT SHOW.

I haven’t watched the actual performance of this yet, cos all the videos on Youtube so far are out of sync and I HATE it when the audio and the video doesn’t match. It annoys me :/ So please link me if you find a better video :D


  1. donghae’s mic died on him & eunhyuk did his off-shoulder jacket move! ^^


      Boo about Hae’s mic though :(

  2. hey i was jus checkin on youtube
    and i found this vid…its pretty sync

    but yeah im happy that they won

  3. MC stole Donghae’s pants.
    <3<3<3<3 EVERYONE KNEW THEY WOULD WIN<3<3<3<3


  4. heres a hd one i happened to land on..


    • Is Codemonmon Codeanalysis??? I’ve been trying to find his/her other account :D

  5. The song IS brilliant, possibly the song with the widest appeal out of all the ones they’ve done so far :D

    And I had to comment because I AM ADDICTED TO BLACK&WHITE CURRENTLY AS WELL! It sucks that this show is still ongoing; I sped through all the episodes on tudou only to find that .. GASP.. the show hasn’t even ended yet. Brilliant D: All the romance in the drama is a bit unpredictable though, I’m really not sure which pairing I’m rooting for. But that’s exciting WOOHOO haha


      I think there are 14 eps out so far??? I NEED MOOOOOORE. omg I neeeeed to know the ending. THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME DDDDD8

  6. All of my non-Asian friends love this song! It goes to show how epic and amazing and everything this song is *-*♥ And wowwwwww 0s in TWO sections and they still win by so much :OOOOOO


    • I wonder what those two sections were??

      • it was…
        Viewer preference : 0 (the one with 2000 random email voting)
        Media frequency : 0 (# of times the song was played. idk XDD)


        • The song was played 0 times on the radio?! O_____O HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE DDD;

          • i did a research on this one. that’s how much ilu. lol.

            my research says, “If they don’t have points in media frequency it’s because it was first performance on Music Bank

            • Excuse my rudeness… but that’s pretty interesting. O:

            • ILU too, bb <333

              I've always wondered how they decided who wins each week….

              • they primarily won becos of the huge album sale (the 7000+ figure). :D i find it interesting too. :)

                • See, I’d always wondered how Gee won nine consecutive times….apparently they count ringtone and internet downloads too?

                  • idk about that one. it was the time mubank still have the old criteria, right? and i think digital downloads play a huge part in there. >< so maybe, yes?

  7. I find it cute that Kangin was, like, “Huh? Wait, what?” behind Jungsoo and Geng who were already “OMGYAY ;O;♥” haha

    • I SAW KYUMIN♥ Kyu’s dancing by himself at the side and Ming is all :D with him ldkafhjkdfkads

      • I’m reaaaaaaaaaaaally attracted to Sungmin, atm. Idk, did he get hotter? :P

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