Posted by: beckery | May 23, 2009

2009 Pepsi Summer CF

Credit: yikhL891011 @ youtube

The star line up in this CF is just *____* Super Junior M, Huang Xiao Ming, Lee JunKi, Louis Koo, Show Luo and Jolin Tsai. Us authors were talking about Huang Xiao Ming the other day and were all like “he’s so handsomeeee and manly!” haha. And omg I haven’t seen Louis in AGES, but seriously, he never seems to age!!!

Like all other Pepsi CF’s, this one’s sorta….. lame? hahaha. I’m wonderful, I know. XDD But I guess you really can’t do much with 30 seconds, especially if you have a whole cast of stars to show off. The Suju M boys were funny at the beginning though. It reminded me of when Donghae wanted Siwon’s coke and Siwon was all “no no no” but saw the camera and gave it to him HAHAHA. Oh you’re so cool Siwon~


  1. Gorgeous boys men! *-* And Jolin too :O I haven’t seen her in ages D: I remember when I was a huge fan of her back in.. 3rd grade? LOLOLOLOL /fail

    Is it me or did I just mistake Louis for Andy Lau for a second lol D: Or am I really blind?


    • Isn’t Jolin so lucky?!! She’s like the only girl in the midst of all these gorgeous boys *___*

      OMG!! I was thinking of Andy Lau when I saw Louis too!! And the fact that those two never seem to ageeee XDD

      Lol. Its hard cuz I’m loving all the Super Junior Love (minus Kibum) atm but um I miss ZM and Henry too ;__;

  2. :O!!!! i actually know everyone in that CF!!!
    now i’m going to watch it 24124132 more times to catch everyone’s faces ^_^
    and i hope we get to see more SuJu M soon :D
    but i also want the boys to get some rest

    • So do I, which sorta made me feel special for a bit hahaha. My Cpop/Chinese entertainment knowledge isnt so fail afterall :D

  3. I LOOOOOOOOOVED LOUIS KOO’S FULL ON CANTO “WEI”. Btw, he said “I haven’t gotten on (the truck) yet” LOLOL.

    But UNF much? Overload of hotness here~

    And aw I want a BTS of this because a few of the boys were playing on the sand half naked *O*

    • I love Louis Koo full stop. He was awesome back in the TVB days. Step into the Past is still one of my favourite drama. I remembered thinking “man that evil tan guy (Raymond) looks like the other cool tan guy (Louis)” HAHAHAHAHA. XDD

      Stop “unfing”. Seriously T_T It’s so bad cuz everything that comes out from your mouth turns out like your saying dirty stuff. AND I DIDNT EVEN WATCH THE MOVIE. WTH.

  4. I agree that Huang Xiao Ming is just yumness.

    Louis at the end made me laugh though…but he’s still as good looking and chocolatey dark as ever.

    • He is, he is!!! So manly and built and oozing with sexiness *___*

      LOL. Louis is like known for his dark skin, but thats ok cuz at least he never ages. Lucky man!

  5. That was okay but LOOOOL at the Donghae wants Siwon’s soda thing because it’s soooo very… Siwon. XD


      • Huh? Why’d they keep you from internet? Were you studying? I’m not the BIGGEST Show Luo fan out there but um Huang Xiao Ming is hot too? XDDD

        • I’m not really a big Show Luo fan but he’s funny and I like that in a guy. ^^;

          Was busy with our documentary so I couldn’t go online yesterday. ^^;

  6. DROOLING OVER THE HOTNESS. and yes, HXM is very (VERY) sexy. i wish it were longer than 30s though. DD:

    • I reckon they’ll release a longer version. Don’t they normally do? I mean, what a waste of money if you get so many big stars to be in it and only film 30 secs :(

  7. I wish each person/group got a bit more time dedicated to them. This is really cute, and I wish I could see more of SJM :(.

    • DW bb, I’m sure there will be a longer version. Just so we can feast our eyes on more SJM. XDD

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