Posted by: lovediaries | May 24, 2009

New SHINee Romeo Mini-Album Pictures


But oh god, the cute ;~;, I couldn’t resist.

{credit: candyhotT @ baidu}

BLUE-EYED KEY *O*. Do you guys feel the love?

The photo of Taemin sitting there really scares me. He is wayy too thin, I don’t think it’s healthy. No wonder Jonghyun can have Taemin on his shoulder and make it look like the easiest thing to be doing. But the other Taemin photo is cute. *jumps into ball pool with him :D*

I’ll edit the post when more are released

(Also, have you guys been seeing their NZ pictures? They all look so freaking good, I’m gonna buy whatever it is. Unless it’s like … really expensive. But omg unf unf unnnnnnfff @ Jonghyun in a singlet :Q_________)


  1. I…still think Taemin is the hottest. Even when he looks ridiculously skinny. :|
    Makes me wanna cuddle him. D:

    • I would break him if I were to hug him O.o

      • he would break if anyone hugged him, poor kid. D:

        though that still doesn’t make me NOT want to hug him.

        • Lol but I’d rather tackle someone like Onew :3

          • Does it make me a bad person that I want to see him without his teeth? >.<

  2. Lolgay.

    Sadly, I’m just as skinny as Taemin so I really have no right to get all D: at him…


      • YES I DO D:

  3. uh uh!
    can’t wait for tomorrow!!
    their comeback stage and hopefully, more variety shows? haha
    candychu, although i really appreciate u posting in LAEC, u better go back and study and do whatever you’re supposed to do now!!
    just kidding!
    i’ll miss you when you’re away!! <3

    • lajdlfkjdf I know omg. I’m staying back at uni tmr though to study so I’ll get home late and then I’ll have to post about SHINee. Omg I’m so excited lajflkdsjfljsdflksdlfjdsf

  4. omona…. taemin too skinny….
    to much practice i think….

    • Haha maybe. He probs burns off more than he eats :(

  5. I laughed at the group pic. 8D Onew and Taemin look happy to be there (omg Taem and his eye smile shdfjkads ♥♥♥), Minho looks like he just woke up, Jonghyun kind of looks like he’d rather be somewhere else, and Key… and his blue eyes. o_o BUT THEY’RE STILL SO CUTE DAKDJF!!!!

    Is it weird that I don’t think Taemin is thin? I mean, there are pictures where the angle is such that he looks really thin, but for the most part, the pictures and videos I’ve seen of him show that he isn’t super thin. :x

    • Yeah I think it is just the angle because most of the time I think he’s just prepuberty and still a tad scrawny :/. But idk, bones sticking out isn’t really cute :((

  6. why only pics of taemin & jonghyun ? :(
    but i like this pics ^^ :D

    • Hehe I’ve added more in another post ^^;;

  7. ……..i swear TaeMin is starting to look like a girl O_O…(No offence) and KEY BLUE EYES …..trying to do a jae there? XDDDD (Its working)

    Onew still has SHINee teeth here XD

    • Haha well he’s looking less like Heechul? I know, I wonder what his teeth look like now ;~;

  8. taemin sure is skinny. it’s scary~!
    ultimate bias KEEEEEEEEEEY!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  9. GO WORK ON YOUR TERM PAPER :| (And good luck! :O) I’m a hypocrite, I need to start studying for finals TT__TT;;

    What’s that blue thing on Jong? D: It’s a bit creepy, how it swirls around his head lmao. And I swear, Taemin looks like one of those poor kids living in terrible conditions and stuff (only with decent, and not ragged, clothes on..) DDDDDDDD: eat magnae, eat! *stuffs food in his mouth*

    • Done, done and done. Assessments aren’t over but I’d better reply before comments accumulate like there’s no tomorrow XD.

      Omg there’s this rly creepy thing where Jonghyun’s blue thing is like coming out from his face and I’m like WTH O____O

  10. Yahh group hug! I wanna get in on that. );

    Also…*chucks a sandwich at Taemin*
    A fifteen yr old boy should be bankrupting SM with his eating habits! My 16 yr old bro and I were making sandwiches the other day and he finished eating before I could get a drink and sit down.0_o

    • Haha *throws self into pic*

      LOOOLS @ your story.

  11. *dies* CUTE!!!! a little on the funny side, but CUTE!!!<3

    • A little on the strange side too xP

  12. SHINee MINI-ALBUM, IT’S OUT. :Q_____________


  13. Cuteness =)
    I think their new concept is:
    *lots of skin* =P

    I don’t mind… keep it coming XD

  14. They look cool XD but somehow i think Jong Hyun look better the other way with long hair!

    • I think Key looks better with longer hair too haha.

  15. Taemin’s so skinnyD: I do wish that his body was more accepting towards him gaining some weight. Btw, what’s NZ?

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