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Preview SHINee 2nd Mini Album – Romeo

It’s Beckery here. Once again, our resident SHINee Worldling, Candychu, is being a nerd (XP) at Uni, so I’m gonna post in the youtube links and let her edit with her song reviews later when she is done with her assessments! :D On first listen, I gotta say I’m loving “Hit Me Baby” the most so far. It’s got a nice RnB/Jam vibe to it haha <3

Btw, Happy 1st Anniversary to the boys. Has it seriously been only a year? It feels like they’ve debuted forever O___O lol.

Candychu: K, I’m here. FML lol I’m so screwed for my exam tomorrow so imma make this short and quick! (Will reply to everyone’s comments at the end of the week <333)

1. 줄리엣 (Juliet) Juliette – I’ve shared my thoughts on this song before. Waiting for a live performance now :D.

2. 니가 맘에 들어 (I Like You) Talk to You – Loved Key’s intro followed by Minho’s rap :Q___. It’s got a really funky beat, reminds me of Suju’s “She Wants It” but it’s sexier haha. Onew’s “talk to my bod-ay~” is as epic as Kyuhyun’s “my mama told me” rofl. I don’t know my music genres but beckery says this is a dance/jam song :D. And the raps at the end too ~ this group has too much sex for their age.

3. 차라리 때려 (Hit Me Instead) Hit Me Baby – OMG ONEW’S ENGLISH AT THE END *drools*. This has, like beckery mentioned, a RnB type vibe. I’m loving it~ Em,

4. 세뇨리따 (Senorita) – Another upbeat, fast paced track :D. I hope they get to promote each and every one of these songs ~ I like these a lot more than “Juliette”, to be perfectly honest. Namely because I can’t really pick a song they’ve previously had which is too, or, similar at all to these new tracks.

5. 잠꼬대 (Sleep Talking) Please Don’t Go – Just gonna copy and paste what I wrote on twitter lol: Oh my freaking gosh, OnHyun sound so good, I think I’m gonna cry. WEEPING, ONEW OMG. JONGHYUN ;~;. *WIBBLE* Goosebumps goosebumps ;~~~~~~~; THIS SONG IS SORT OF REALLY QUITE VERY BEAUTIFUL

In summary, this is a beautiful ballad. Onew & Jonghyun sing their hearts out and their voices are gorgeous <3.

6. 소년, 소녀를 만나다 (Boy Meets Girl) Romeo & Juliette – I thought this would be a ballad XD. THE TITLE IS MISLEADING. Taemin’s synthesised voice is creepy HAHAHA. I haven’t listened to the whole song but it has an infectious beat. I feel a little confused. I love all these english lines in their songs!

Okay, I have to run now, but wow THIS IS A REALLY SOLID AND WONDERFUL MINI-ALBUM ;DDDD. I’m a bit sad there’s only one ballad, but then it’s so beautiful that its okay – for now hehe.

SM do not repackage this because I am about to go preorder it >:(.


  1. Quick post, but Hit Me was the first song I listened to (other than Juliette) and I already fall in love with it and am totally excited to pre-order the album x) but of course all the other songs are really great too *_* The JongYu duet is really beautiful :Q And… my mind can’t think this late D: THE ALBUM IS AWESOME ♥

    • Too bad Hit Me was also a remake; not that it makes any difference since its still awesome :DDD!!!!

      And yes, OnHyun duet was so much love~

  2. Sleep Talking lol why do I imagine Jonghyun singing this while asleep? Track 6 is creepy DDDD:

    Haven’t heard everything yet. Will probably wait for a repackage since I’m yet unconvinced to buy this… I wants a KiKi duet D:

    • — had a better listen of 잠꼬대. KiKi duet would’ve been lovely but OnHyun does sound absolutely amazing together

      — listened to 소년, 소녀를 만나다 again and if I’m not mistaken, I hear Jinki belting out a high note. I LOVE it. They always make JH sing the really high notes but I think Jinki sounds just as beautiful. Taemin’s synthesised voice is really creepy, yes, but the song is nice overall.

      — 차라리 때려 sounds nice too. It’s probably not a happy song but it feels like something I’d listen to to relax.

      — 줄리엣 is growing on me. It’s like with 2PM’s 10점 만점에 10점 and 2NE1’s Fire. Took me a few more listens to get used to but I think they made the right choice of a comeback song. I mean, if I’m to choose among the songs in this mini album, that is. I didn’t know Corbin Bleu’s song before this so I guess I was pretty unbiased?

      — I’m still “Meh” at 니가 맘에 들어 and 세뇨리따. *shrugs*

      • But imo, Key and Onew’s voice suit different genres of songs (though they manage to pull pretty much everything off) so I don’t really mind OnHyun. BUUUUUUUUUUUT I would’ve probably preferred another OnKeyHyun haha (In My Room <333)

        • Of course, OnHyun is an obvious choice since they’re the main vocals but you know my bias. Make Jinki adapt since he can sing pretty much anything anyway :P (and Key surely isn’t the one bending unless it’s…….. okay, I’ll shut up.)

          *crosses arms and pouts*





  3. candychu
    lols. all the best for u exam tml.
    i wanna cry when i listen to onhyun’s duet. wakakaka.
    don’t order it! what if there’s repackaged ones?

    uh helooooo**Waves here.

  4. all their songs are good, i’m addicted to ‘boys meets girls’ (i’m normal right? the song is creepily good) unique slow retro beat, rnb jam ‘hit me baby’, Senorita with their little SHINee spanish…hehe and of course sleep walking, (farrr JongHyun’s ten octave high voice )

    • I know, the second chorus homg. Jonghyun :Q____

  5. 소년, 소녀를 만나다 (Boy Meets Girl) Romeo & Juliette: it’s not scary IT’S MY FAVOURITE!! wahooooooooOOOooo!!! SHINEE JJANG!!

    • Lol all the songs are great!

  6. Usually I really don’t like ballads coz they make me sleepy :/ But Please Don’t Go is a;sdlfj amazing :O

    1;; the english lyrics in Talk To You made me go O.O
    2;; Hit Me Baby makes me think of britney spears coz of the name. i suck D:
    3;; a;sdlfj there was spanish in Senorita? I think…LOL THAT IS JUST LOL
    4;; Romeo & Juliette makes me flail a little more than the other. :| i love synthesized voice. like a lot. ideky.


    • Haha synthesized voices are okay as long as they can pull it off in LIVES :DD

  7. Just a heads-up though you may have already seen this XD:

    Oh yea, ‘Hit Me Baby’ is a remake too…

    • Yeah I read about that. Thanks for the link though!

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