Posted by: beckery | May 26, 2009

Big Bang – My Heaven (Japanese Version) MV

Credit: YGEntertainment @ Youtube

Aww we haven’t done a Big Bang post in ages. Someone give me a quick update on their news please? XD ♥

Heaven was one of my favourites from their “Stand Up” mini album, but then again I really liked all the songs on that album haha. I actually expected this to be in English cuz their other “Japanese” releases turned out to be in English rofl. But this is Japanese through and through. So its pretty much like the Korean version for me, since I don’t understand both languages haha.

TOP looks soooo good. He’s seriously getting hotter and hotter *__* I sorta wanted TOP to be the main character cuz I wanna see him all angst and emo. Cuz you know, TOP is just hot like that XDD But seriously, if GD insists on keeping this hair, he should really tie it up the whole time. Just word of advice? HAHA. I really should cut him some slack about his style, shouldn’t I?


  1. the video isnt working ;~;
    *runs to youtube*
    brb commenting XD

    oh, for infos and news and pics and videos about them, you could check :D

    • Ohhh Sorry, the clip is changed now XD

      I do occassionally visit the big bang site, but other fandom and uni has been taking up all my time these days, I havent had time to catch up with them :D

  2. This flows pretty well in Jap. Not too awkward, you know?
    GD hair up=sexay Japanese girlboy
    GD hair down=schoolgirl flashing Japanese creeper

    Just thought I’d make that clear….^^

    • Helloooooooooo, I haven’t seen you around for ages. How’s life? XDD

      ROFL. I don’t like that hair full stop. Either down or up but if I HAD to choose, up it is XD

      • I haven’t been posting as much but I was always watching. *creepy eyebrows* lol I took the liberty to stuff my summer vacation with many things, among them: MORE SCHOOL! I’m taking a pharmacy course 2 hrs a day 3 times a week and when you throw in study time, learning Korean, piano, working, writing a novel(?!um idek), and random summer fun I don’t always feel like writing stuff. lol Of course I just wrote an essay explaining it…XDDD

  3. darn copyright infringement

    p.s. lol three of your lines start with TOP, is that like your addicted word

    • HAHAHA. It’s not my fault TOP looked like one sexy boy in the clip!!!! XD


    i love it when he has it halfup. reminds me of the patisserie from “antique bakery”. hehe. X)) but when it’s down… O_____O no comment.

    YAY for fluent-ish japanese. but i still like (read: LOVE LOVE LOVE) the korean version better. ♥

    • Yea, it’s really not my style :/ Lol.

      I really liked antique bakery :DD But um I really really dont like GD in the hair, either up nor down. I’ve seen GD with better hair and this is definitely not one of them. My opinion only of course. XDD haha.

      I like the korean version more cuz thats the first version I listened to. Otherwise they’re pretty much the same haha

  5. Erm G Dragon never has his hair down in this video, the guy with his hair down is JiYong

    • Um..? They’re just the same person ^^

    I wish TOP had that hair all the time(:
    When I first saw it, I was like :OOOO
    Kind of like my reaction with Hyukkie’s chest popping, but less giggly. hehe.

    I was so excited for an English version of Heaven… until I discovered they were going to sing it in Japanese. Oh, well. Still sounds pretty awesome to me.

    • Agreed, he looks sexyyy~ ROFL Hyuk’s chest popping pawns EVERYTHING!! I’m eternally biased, sue me XP hahaha

      Yea, I sorta wanted an English version so I could sing along haha

  7. quoting akp commentor: “YG wants this song to be a hit so he includes GD’s running scene in it” LMAOO~ XDD

  8. I think its pretty nice that GD can rap with a flow in another language (Such as Japanese).

    lol but I hate his hair. I miss his hair from that Cafe Latte CF.
    And he needs to eat >_<. The other members look fit/healthier than him for some reason.

    Dae Sung's so lovely as always<3 TOP is hottt haha. Tae Yang looks fly, and Seung Ri…lol idk the same?XD

  9. Yea, it’s really not my style :/ Lol.

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