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LAEC ♥s Music 005

Guess the hands. Hint: It’s an SJ boy :P

We’re all suuuuuuuuuuuper busy this week cos of STUPID UNI (die, assignments, DIE) and we won’t be on holiday for another 3/4 weeks, but we still made time to do this post because procrastinating is the way of life and we want more music XD Btw, if you want to share a song with us then normally all you have to do is paste the youtube link in the comment box and WordPress will automatically embed the video for you. We’ve linked our song choices; just click on the song name~

Candychu‘s under a rock somewhere studying for her exam tomorrow, so she’ll add her bit in tomorrow night ^^ Check back then and if you don’t see it then we give you permission to throw things at her :D!


Jason Zhang (张杰) – 天下 Yessss I’m still listening to Jason Zhang ♥! This is also one of my favourites from him. It sorta reminds me of Jay Chou, with the whole traditional Chinese music feel to it. The instrumental is so pretty *__* I reckon it would sound better without the rap though haha. Is it by any chance a theme song for some Wuxia drama, cuz it sounds like it? XD

98 Degrees – The hardest thing Probably my favourite 98 Degrees song ever EVER!! It’s so heartbreakingly sad and beautiful <33 I heard this at the shops the other day and had to whip it out on my ipod and let it go on repeat for the rest of the week XDD Lol. So then I proceeded to whip out all my old school songs (Baby Face, Blaque, Boys II Men etc) and man, I miss those days ;__; (I’m not that old, I swear lol).

Vertical Horizon – Everything you want This song is sooooooo old, but soooooooo damn good. Normally I don’t go for rock, but this isn’t hardcore rock and it’s just pure awesome. Especially the lyrics. Listen to the whole song and then listen to the last verse. It’s so sad.


Tank – 全世界都停电 One of the songs on the OST for “To Get Her”, drama featuring Rainie and Jiro from Fahreneheit. I’ve only seen one ep of the drama (fail) but omg I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH <33333333333 I’m a HUGE Tank fangirl, though. He’s my favourite soloist after Leehom and JJ Lin (<333) AND HIS NEW ALBUM IS COMING OUT AT THE END OF THIS MONTH. LET US CELEBRATE TOGETHER :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

Tank – 如果我变成回忆 A song that’s going to be on his new album. This song is so sad ;______; He wrote it based on his personal experience, so there’s so much emotion in the song and GAH. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEW ALBUM. Both of the Tank songs I’ve recommended this week are both going to be on the NEW ALBUM and even though the versions I have of them on my ipod are bad quality radio previews, I’ve still already replayed them a million times over XD. I CAN’T WAIT FOR HIS ALBUMMMMMMMMMMMM.

JJ Lin – 突然累了Really oooold JJ Lin song, but omg it’s so good *_____* It’s a very chill song, and it’s a JJ Lin song, so…enough said :D



  1. Here I am. (:

    For some reason, I started listening to Bowie again. This one never fails to amuse me.
    Magic Dance:

    Apocalyptica: Nothing Else Matters. It’s an old favorite. Because I like symphonic metal.

    W and Whale: RPG Shine
    I don’t know what’s with her voice, but it’s great. And she can also sing in flawless English. WHAT?!

    • HI :D!

      Symphonic metal, eh? I…..don’t listen to any metal XD But I will try it cos I’ve been looking for new music to listen to, so expanding my genres should help :D

  2. it’s teuki’s hands ^^ :D the song it”s the opening off kiss the radio

    • Ooooo you’re so smart 8D The only reason I know the answer is because the page I found the picture on had the name in the title XDDDDD

  3. I have accounting exam tmrow but procrastinate sounds better than all those journals and financial analysis :P

    1. Super Junior – It’s You
    I just only recently had time to updating my fandoms *stabs uni* XD and been listening to this song and watching the mv again&again (lol). The best from suju i’ve heard yet :)
    2. DBSK – You’re My Miracle
    dug up my old songs archive and found this, really loving the dreamy-happy beat :D
    3. After School – Dreamgirl
    their newest digital single, a remake of Morning Musume’s song. I never hear the original, but this song is pretty similar to Diva though, with catchy tunes and the “yeyeyeyeyey!” part ala cheers lmaoo~ XP


      I loooooooooooooove “You’re My Miracle”, one of my favourite DBSK songs. I especially liked the MV :)

      AFTER SCHOOL! Omg Diva is sooooooo catchy *__* I haven’t listened to Dreamgirl yet, but I have it on my computer so I’ll dig it up and try it out :)


        I have an accounting assignment due which I’ve finished.

  4. Ha! All my exams are over now! But I’m stuck at school still for a summer class in Japanese… so I won’t be done for another month and a half. SIGH.

    I’m a huge fan of Jay Chou’s fusion songs, so I will have to check out Jason Zhang! I’ve actually been listening to a lot of Chinese music lately, and I’d love to get some recommendations so I can branch out into other artists (I’ve got the basics like Wang Leehom, JJ Lin, Jay Chou).

    Some some reason, I’ve not been listening to any of the new kpop songs (like “It’s You” or any of SHINee), but instead have been doing a retrospective of some older artists. For instance:

    1. Minwoo – 남자를 믿지마 (Feat. Big Tone)
    I am in love with his album, “M Rizing.” It’s an all-time favorite. I actually got a few people into kpop by introducing them to 남자를 믿지마 (Don’t Trust Men), which is an oddly appropriate song for Minwoo of late :). My little sister has a crush on him after she saw the album cover.

    2. Jay Chou – 霍元甲
    This is the theme song for Jet Li’s “Fearless.” I just got obsessed with this song after watching the music video. The choreography (esp. the bits of the martial arts with fans) works so well with the song. Also, this is the sort of fusion song that I love.

    3. KHNH – Maahi Ve
    Feel good music! I don’t speak the language, but I can sing along to the chorus. Bollywood movies aren’t always to my taste, but they often produce really great soundtracks.

    • omg I loooove that song! I’m indian and I speak a different language but I understand a little Hindi and ya I only watch the movies for the songs XD but still yay!


    • Good cpop? Have you seen the cpop pimp post I wrote with Spazzes (from Pretty Boy Power <3) last year? It's here: We should be getting part 2 done in the next two months or so, so look out for that :) But really, Leehom, JJ Lin and Jay Chou are your Cpop staples XD

      I haven't listened to Shinee yet….but omg GO LISTEN TO "IT'S YOU", GO GO GO :DDD Sooooooooo good.

      Minwoo, eh? BEC LOVES SHINHWA. She's been following them for 5/6 years now so I'll let her come back and reply to your comment later. You guys can be orange princesses together XDDD.

    • I indeed LOVE SHINHWA! I think Don’t Trust Men is one of my favourites from Minwoo too <333. I'm not the biggest fan of his albums/songs haha, but there's some really good ones in the albums. I prefer DOngwan's albums mainly cuz I'm biased..haha nah, its cuz Minwoo is more strong on dance/hip hop/clubbing songs, whilst Dongwan has a nice variety.

      But yesss, Minwoo and Amy :((((

  5. Wanted to wish y’all good luck on your exams! FIGHTING :D! (And bec, I think I WILL have some of your St. John’s Wort XDD! Which induces p-450 enzymes and omg I should know that by now but I had to look it up, cries. SO EFFED FOR THIS EXAM!!!)

    As for the songs~! Um XD I really haven’t been listening to anything new lately, but the East of Eden soundtrack is really good :) Please excuse my fail with html coding D:

    1. M To M – Remember. FAVORITE. There’s something really relaxing about his voice. Even my brother likes this song and he usually doesn’t listen to Asian music or like ballads. lol

    2. Kim Jong Wook – Thirst ( He has a really lovely voice omg. His live performances are really great as well!

    3. SG Wannabe & Kim Jong Wook – Fate Reverse ( Theme song, I think,… won a big award last year and was downloaded a zillion times. Great song!!

    4. Davichi –

    • Rofl, I KNOW WHAT ST JOHN’S WORT IS :DD LET ME HAVE SOME TOOOOOOOOOOO. Lol, that’s the most awesome drug name ever XD. That and pseudophedrine are the only two drug names I know, thanks to Bec 8DDD.

      I downloaded SG Wannabe’s new album and the first song I heard was this folksy-ish song, so I was a bit turned off after that ^^;;; but will definitely try out your song recommendations cos you have awesome taste in music <333

    • *Immediately sends some over to you and chucks in some SSRI’s to be on the safe side XPP*. Dont worry, at least your better than me! To my knowledge, everything interacts with CYP450 XDDD Perhaps except Paracetamol, because that’s pretty much the safest drug out there. But it’s such a shame you can’t go high on them, or I’d binge on them right now LOL.

      Ohhh I like M to M. They remind me of Brown Eyes <3 I love M to M's "One Day" so I shall try "Remember" :D And I lurrveee "Fate Reverse" despite never watching East of Eden lol.

      • *snatches 10 bottles of St John’s Wort*

        *runs away from the crazy doctor and the scary drug dealer* DDDDD;

        • Rofl you’d go PSYCHO or turn SCHIZ (not that you’re not already haha) if you took that much St John’s Wort. Then, I’d have to give you some antipsychotic. Btw its called “legal drug dealer” muahahaha. Speed anyone?

  6. I’ve been into:

    It’s you by Super Junior. I like that song for some reason. First, I kind of didn’t like it but it eventually grew on me.

    プロペラ by Kanjani8. I was reading their manga and it reminded me of how much I actually liked these guys. Theres no mv but this is the song (Its from a fanvid):

    アイシテル by Monkey Majik. This song is simply soothing and it just makes me so relaxed. Its kind of nice that the vocalists are Canadian but they speak flawless Japanese due to them living in Japan for so long.
    Here’s the pv:

    lol I’m part Japanese so I tend to listen to a lot of Japanese songs.

    • Kanjani8! Lol, crazy, crazy boys XDDD. Unfortunately I fail at naming any of them (except for Ryo, cos he was OH SO SWEET in “1 litre of tears” :D) I haven’t tried out any of their songs though (the only JE music I listen to is KAT-TUN) so I’ll go listen to that now :)

      Monkey Majik! I’ve heard a lot about them, but haven’t listened to anything till now cos I didn’t know what was good, so thanks for the link :D

      • lmao I used to be obsessed with k8. And 1 liter of tears was soo love<3
        Thinking about it, the theme song (San gatsu kokonoka and konayuki by remioromen) was great.
        K8 has some good songs out (I prefer theiI'm r songs from when they weren't major…like 2005 and around there) and I listen to a lot of KT too ^^.
        I saw them once in LA too lol.

        I'm glad I found something I could recommendXD

    • Monkey Majik is seriously awesome. Favourite of theirs is definitely “Picture Perfect” with Mflo (who I like heaps as well)!!!

      • Picture perfect was amazing.
        I really love most of their stuff because it’s not like…the same thing over and over again.


    (i’ll definitely check out jason zhang right after this)

    this week’s music for me has been rather eclectic:

    1) “FORCE” by TVXQ
    LOL. idek why i listen to this so much. it’s not even close to being one of their best. but the funny thing is that everytime “join the force” comes up during the song, it makes me think that they’re propagandaing people to join the navy/army. XDD

    2) “让每个人都心碎” by David Huang LISTEN
    i first heard this song when leehom sang it on the “million star show”. it’s super old (from 1990) but it’s SO SO GOOD! especially if you understand the lyrics: “your tears scald my face / at that time, i tasted heartbreak.” so heartbreaking. LOVE IT. ♥

    3) “吻别” by Jacky Cheung LISTEN
    another oldie but a CLASSIC. i think i heard it a long time ago. but then leehom keeps mentioning jacky cheung so i revisited it. there’s actually a cover of this song called “take me to your heart” or something. but i like the original better. (:


      Yes yes, definitely check out Jason Zhang after this. I think I mentioned him in our 3rd music post too? And I linked to this video of him singing a medley of 2008 top hits, and you should definitely watch that cos omg, AWESOME LIVE :DDDD

      Jacky Cheung is a cpop LEGEND! Have you heard him sing 听妈妈的话 with Jay Chou at one of his concerts??? REALLY GOOD :DDDDD

      • LOL yeah i have weird trains of thought. i hope i didn’t ruin the song for you though. D:

        OOOHH!! that was jason zhang at the award ceremony?? yeah i watched it! it was really good. (so was this song but the rap… ehh. and the mv = wtf?)

        HOMFG he dueted with jay chou? wow i gotta see this. :DD

    • Forgot to say: I’ve seen the video for “take me to your heart”; the cartoon thingys are so cute~! But yea, the original’s always the best :)

    • OMG Is this the original version of “Take me to your heart”!?! I love “take me to your heart”. Both the english version and Hyesung’s remake *runs off to listen to this*….

      I KNOW THE GIRL IN THE MV!!! I just watched a drama of hers. Omg she’s so young. and OMG I LOVE THIS SONG *_________*

      • yeah it’s the original to “take me to your heart”. (:

        but i dont like the cover very much (sorry!). the lyrics are just too cheesy my tastes. but yeah, isn’t the song AWESOME?? :DD

  8. HII~! -squishes-
    Sorry, that was rude of me. -__-;;

    Well, if you’re afraid of metal because of the notion that it’s filled with screams, and roars, and headache-inducing noises, then you need not be afraid. At least, not with symphonic metal. It’s really cool, I think.
    Apocalytpica’s style combines cello-playing with metal, showing the world that there is no difference between genres of music.

    In the meantime, I have expanded my Korean taste in music. I discovered W and Whale! Aren’t you proud of me? :D

    (Btw, I’m not understanding why wordpress won’t let me comment by hitting reply in response to PAS’s comment.)

    • Rofl hellooooooooo. I’m gonna steal PAS’s job and reply to you because I’m bored and procastinating hahaha. And its ok *squishes you back* XPPP

      I’m not a big fan of metal either. The “BOOM BOOM HEAD BANG BASH BOOM DUN DUN” metal hahahaha. XD Sorry, studying is slightly making me go crazy. But um Symphonic metal sounds cool. Sorta like symphonic band but with metal? :///

      Ohh W and Whale. I like their “Moonrise” I think its called. From the Que Sera Sera OST. ITS SO GOOD.



          • Pft, you’re the one who’s not allowed to talk. *I* my friend, can still freely communicate.


            • Oh true. Fine I WONT TALK AND LET YOU BE BORED TO DEATH! Serves you right. Hmph

      • Haha, stealing comments. Shame on you. xD
        -squishes all around!-

        Well, I’ll admit that some metal bands are like that. And others aren’t. It just depends on the musician. Sort of like any genre of music. You’re gonna have crap musicians, and you’re gonna have one’s you love.

        People say symphonic metal has a more “musical” quality to it. Basically, there tends to be a more orchestral presence. It’s easier to hum along to in the end. lol

        And can totally relate to the studying. For the first time in my life, I studied a few weeks ago. I’m sort of proud of myself.

        I heart that one, too! It’s really great. While I was sampling W and Whale’s songs, I also discovered Jaurim. They’re great, too. :D

    • WordPress is strange….

      And you’re right, that’s exactly why I don’t like metal XDDD. That, and because my friend’s bf once played this song called “Satan’s ice cream truck”…and….yea DD;; I’m gonna give your recommendations a try; it sounds like an interesting blend of music :D

      I am proud :D! I don’t know the group you’re talking about, but yay XD. You should try some DBSK, though make sure you listen to their korean stuff, cos imo it’s heaps better than the japanese stuffs XD

      • Btw, coatbutton = annie.
        I’ve discovered that i actually need an account with wordpress, lol.

        er…I admit, just knowing the song title, I feel a tad bit disturbed. I can understand your reservations about metal. But even if you don’t like metal, you may like symphonic metal, haha. At least, I hope you do.
        and yay for trying my recommended! :D

        Haha, I guess that means you have a stronger inner Korean than an inner Japanese? All right, all right, I shall yield to your conversion of me to korean pop.

  9. Oh wow, TANK? I know someone that looks EXACTLY like him, only younger. XD

    Anyways…my songs now :D

    Munasawagi Scarlet (APX Club mix)-Berryz Koubou
    Kind of an old song, but remixed. I used to love these girls but…I think I’m starting to get sick of ridiculously high pitched female voices. They make my voice sound lower than it already is. ;-;

    Taboo-Koda Kumi
    Oh man. I absolutely LOVE this song. This is probably one of her best songs to date. I decided to make a cover for it, and I’m listening to it repeatedly to get the mood down. I think I’ve got half of it recorded now? XD -blatant advertising lulz-

    Passion~After the Battle-Utada Hikaru
    So, Kingdom Hearts is one of my favoritest games in the whole wide world. And also, I just ove Hikki. :P

    • I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove his music *_______________________*

      Koda Kumi and Utada Hikaru! MY TWO FAVOURITE JPOP ARTISTS :DDDD Koda’s “Kingdom” album was FANTASTIC and I loved Hikki’s english album *___*. You’re covering her song??? I WANNA LISTEN :DDD

      • I’ll link you to it whenever I have the time to finish it. I’m at the bridge right now, so I just have to finish recording, do some minor editing, and then post it up. ^^;

    • Oohhhh your a jpop fan?! I’m not so big on jpop cuz kpop and cpop takes up all my time already. But if someone gives me jpop recommendations, i still try them haha XD I’ve never heard of the first singer? band? But I know Koda Kumi and Utada. Who doesnt?

      I LOVE UTADA!! She’s super talented and I love her voice. I really really really liked her latest English album. What’d you think of it?

      • I LOVE J-pop. The beats always sound so funky, but I do love K-pop more. I think it’s because the artists are generally better looking. And the dances are better. 8D

        Berryz Koubou is a girl group, yeah. AND OF COURSE I LOVE HER LATEST ALBUM. I actually bought it. XP

  10. first time participating on this one.

    1. Xin Yuan Bian Li Tie – Quack Wu and Shorty Yuen
    fated to love you ending song. XDD you were talking about st john’s wort, i was immediately reminded of fated to love you. there is also a filipino cover on this one.

    2. Eien – Boa
    i think this song’s better than her english ones. ><

    3. My Heaven – Big Bang
    it's just like heaven except it's japanese. lol. heaven's one of my most loved bb song.

    • FATED TO LOVE YOU!!!! Omg I looooooove Qiaoen *fangirls* I haven’t finished the drama yet though….I’m up to ep.4 I think XD

      I…er….didn’t like Boa’s English album very much at all XDDDDDD

      I’m really looking forward to Big Bangs upcoming jap stuff. Mainly cos most of their jap songs are in English XD But I think they did a good job singing in Japanese in “My Heaven” yes?

      • i love and hate fated to love you but it’s mostly love than hate. lol.

        have you watched my heaven’s mv? LOL. GD’s hair. XDDDDD i can’t really tell if their jap is good ‘cos i dunno japanese. but yeah, it’s mostly english and it’s bigbang. XDDD

        p.s. will you delete my spams down there? ;__;

  11. LOL. where did my reply go? am i not meant to be participating here? XDDD

    • anyway, here:

      1. Wo De Kuai Le – Shorty Yuen
      st. john’s wort reminded me of fated to love you. XDD

      2. It’s You – SJ
      self-explanatory. :D

      3. My Heaven – Big Bang
      heaven made japanese. <3

    • WordPress ate it :/

      But dw, I’ve managed to recover it :DDD

  12. I have an extension maths exam tomorrow :/ oh well, whatever.

    1. After School – Dream Girls
    The song is ridic. catchy (but kind of annoying at the same time). I wish they would release something like AH! or Play Girlz again D:

    2. BONNIE PINK – Last Kiss
    I think this is one of my favourite Japanese songs… ever, “it’s bitter like beer for kids” I love this song.

    3. Ai Otsuka – Planetarium
    I secretly still love HYD very much.

  13. I cbs editing the post, (I’m so lazy – unless it comes to uploading SHINee pics)

    But em top 3 songs “Please Don’t Go (Preview)”, “Please Don’t Go” and … what else is there to listen to?

    ROFL *crawls back into hole*

  14. 1. Rico Blanco – Your Universe

    I normally don’t listen to local music because the most of those from the newer generation of artists can’t seem to produce anything worth listening to. Rico Blanco isn’t new to the music scene and I’m glad he’s staying because otherwise, I doubt I’d still be listening to the radio haha.

    2. Rico Blanco – Antukin

    I attempted to translate this. Ask Candice. XD

    3. 2PM – Again & Again

    • LOL. idk chinese, so i dunno what to call you. fail! XDDD you’re also from the phils, yay! :D

  15. Heylo~ First time commenting [;O] but I have to share. xD

    For obvious reasons…
    1, 2 & 3; SJ’s It’s You and Sorry Sorry, as well as SHINee’s Juliette. ><

    4. But I've always loved Wherever You Will Go by The Calling, so…
    But [lol] the lead singer looks like Jesse McCartney. .__. But his singing IS impressive. :)

    5. 'Course, Hoobastank's The Reason:
    Very awesome song, but they're both sorta old. :) Still, nice singing and so catchy~

    6. Insomnia, Wheesung's cover. :D
    I have to say, it sounds better than Craig David's original. .___.

    OH OH, and because I've recently finished watching Innocent Love (J-drama starring Maki, the best Japanese actress ever :) ), I've been listening to the song from it: [no MV :( ]

    @ beckery: Vertical Horizon's Everything You Want is an awesome song. :) I heard it from a friend's ipod and just fell in love with it. :D

  16. Heylo~ First time commenting [;O] but I have to share. xD

    For obvious reasons…
    1, 2 & 3; SJ’s It’s You and Sorry Sorry, as well as SHINee’s Juliette. ><

  17. So, taking time away from my gazillion assignments (all from one class, might I add…the instructor is nuts), I’ll just post up mine.

    1. AAA – Kuchibiru kara Romantica
    – Yes, I’m continuing on my quest to spread my new jpop joy, AAA. The song is fun and I’m a sucker for those old band music (like from the 20s/30s) which this song has a bit of.

    2. Kat-tun – Real Face
    – Okay, so I know this song is old but it’s still my favorite all time KT song! And I loved the performance from the QoP concert because I love Yamapi as well and JunPi are just fun eye-candy together.

    3. Hacken Lee – 今夕是何年
    – Not many canto-pop listeners here, I’m sure and for the most part, I’m not one either because most of them just don’t sound good. But Hacken is my exception and is probably the only one I really listen to and is my favorite because i just LOOOVE his voice.

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