Posted by: lovediaries | May 26, 2009

More SHINee @ NZ Pictures


I have a million and one Minho photos lol. I love their hair here. And Onew on a bicycle! Cutest thing ever :D.

{credit: as tagged}


  1. it’s all minho XDDDD and bling! slakhflajkls!

    • Hehe yeah, just uploading what I’ve found ^^;;

  2. lmao minho all over the place!! XDDD
    tsk tsk born to be a model…
    want more onew and key and taemin 8DDD

    • Jonghyun in wife beater, dayummmm :Q……..
      um, are the blur pictures taken from computer screen?

      • Wifebeaters are so hot and Jonghyun looks so good in one :Q__

        Um, I’m not sure since the photobook isn’t out yet :S

  3. JE VEUX LE PHOTOBOOK D: I mean, I WANT THE PHOTOBOOK D: Minho is so hot omg he’s just oozing gorgeousness and sexiness and model stuff EVERYTHING ASDLFKJASDFLKJ And JONGHYUN skdlfjdkfjdsf I want to see moreeee *Q* And Onew look hot in that lower left little picture in the first thumbnail *-*♥

    • Oooh french? They all look gorgeous ommg aljsdfljsdf

      • Oui 8D Do you take French? :3

        • No…but it’s not hard to see that that is french? XD

  4. WHAT?! does nz mean new zealand?! because i live here !!!!!

    • lol yeah nz is new zealand … new zealanders dont refer to new zealand as NZ?

  5. I absolutely love your a million and one pictures of minho.

    do you have them in better quality? I mean, like un-pixelated much?
    just wanna see his face better. OMFG! *squeals*dies* =.=

    • No, sorry. The actual photos haven’t been released so I’m not sure how fans even got a hold of these.

      But anyway, someones got and hotlinked my account so everythings gone now; at least for another week T_T.

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