Posted by: lovediaries | May 26, 2009

More SHINee Romeo Mini-Album Pictures

Continuing from THIS POST, HERE ARE MORE PICS. I’m uploading pictures while I study haha which is why these posts are so easy to do. Haven’t had time to look through them properly BUT HOMG AFTER ONE YEAR, I FINALLY SEE A BIT OF ONEW’S TUMMY. And it is looking delicious. HIS WAIST IS TINY. No fair.

{credit: bestiz}

(Click to enlarge)

Also, why does Key love putting stuff in his mouth/opening his mouth so much XD. I love the pics of Taemin in those overalls *wipes up drool* (and I am in love with blue-eyed Taemin for reals) but then there are even more bony pictures and they make me D; They all look like such boys <3.


  1. “why does Key love putting stuff in his mouth/opening his mouth so much XD”
    HAHAH LOL IRL, it looks like he does here.

    And they pull of

    • off those pants better than I ever will

      DDD: pressed submit.

      • Too excited talking about Key putting stuff into his mouth :P

  2. LOL. you fooled me. onew just showed us about 1 inch of his tummy. orz.

    • 1 inch is still good enough. That’s all I ask for :)

  3. I love Key’s colorful tshirt :D
    Onew is cute doing anything *squish*
    taemin.. um he looked a bit girly eekkk :(
    Jonghyun, yes he’s always perfect *shrugs*

    • I know, the bubbles are so sweet :3

  4. ^I must admit that if you told me the pic w/ Taemin in the ball pit was Shinee’s female member I would believe you. “She’s” prettier than me! D8

    In thumbnail form, that pic of Jonghyun against the striped wall looks like he’s holding a cig and the bubble is a puff of smoke. Is it just me? lol Most likely no one in Shinee is allowed to admit any *sordid* details from their past until they’re all legal. Not that I think JH used to smoke or anything.

    • LOL oh yeah, it does!

      (Yeah I hope they’ve never…)

  5. Key’s a girl for sure DDDDDD: I mean, wearing pink, and all of those pictures of him in the white/pink outfit just screams “GIRL” to me D: ( I saw more Key in shineee!)

    And omg lololol Onew Sangtae stabbing himself XD But then HIS TUMMY D: And his waist is so slimmmmmmmmm ;~; I wish mine was too D:

    The whole wear-your-face-on-your-shirt from SJ is catching up onto SHINee XD I wish we can get a much closer look at Taemin’s shirt though, who btw, is just gorgeous D:

    JONGYU RIDING TAEKEY Minho’sfaceD: I was kind of o__O to see the two skinniest members being on the bottom lmao D: But Onkeyyy *A*♥

    • Okay, this is really unrelated XD But it’s been confirmed that ZLY will make a comeback, and her new MV will feature Donghae \o/ I MISS HER SO MUCH

      *goes back to studyingprocrastinating*

    • ONEW RIDING KEY, YES. It’s like my fav picture haha~

      They really ought to sell those shirts, they’re so cute :P

  6. i srsly need to stop commenting on every SHINee post. ;_;


    i’m in love with blue eyed taemin too :) but i also am in love with brown eyed taemin. i’d probably be in love with any taemin. i have no bias :|

    onew is still adorable even when exposing his tummy D:

    • Haha no way! Please don’t, we love reading comments :DD.


      I am in love with any Taemin too hahahaha~

  7. SWEEEEET. pink guy key’s always pinky. no matter where. btw whats the diff with this and theres this other kind where taemin uses an overall? whats that one same booklet? wondering if u also ahve a zip file so its a click away…. XDDD lemme know~ :D
    nomu nomu kumawooooo

    • No, I’m so sorry, I don’t usually do zip files ^^;; Sorry it’s inconvenient to save. I hope you enjoy these pics anyway!

      • ahahahaha allright thanksssssss anyways for sharing hun ^^

        • You’re welcome!

  8. shinee ^^
    keep up your good work !!!!!!!!
    fighting (n_n)v

  9. this is old, but I am just going to say that I love Minho’s shirt and I really want one just like it.

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