Posted by: beckery | May 28, 2009

Listen to…V.O.S ft Jae Beom (2PM) – To Luv

Credit: 101Nanonine101 @ youtube

Unfortunately, it’s the time of the year again where all three of us authors are up to our heads with assessments. So yes, posting and replying to comments will probably be delayed a bit. But if you love us (which I hope you do!) then do give us links and such. It will make our lives so much more easier ♥XD!

Anyways, V.O.S released their mini album a few days ago and as much as I want to do a review for it, I haven’t even had the time to even listen to it properly .___. However, being eternally Jay biased, I gave “To Luv” a listen and have now got it stuck it in my head XDD to replace stupid Shuang Ren Wu by Wilber Pan.

It’s a catchy dance number, with a really nice beat, awesome singing and sexy rap! I loved Jay’s ending rap in English. IT IS THE SMEX! Like him and his abs and his fail ways hahahaha. The chorus is really catchy, I got it stuck in my head after like 3 listens! With a quick listen of the album, I think this is the only dance song in it? The others are mainly ballads, which are of course V.O.S’s specialty. They definitely can sing! <3


  1. this is really catchy, the lyrics for the rap are really lovely but funny at the same time, using an elephant’s nose to profess your love, lmao

    • ROFL YEA. I read the lyrics and the english rap at the end hahahahahaha. I wonder who wrote the rap XD

  2. You know what else? After you mentioned Wilber Pan a few days ago, THIS SONG THAT I AM ABOUT TO LINK YOU HAS BEEN STUCK IN MY HEAD. I don’t remember where I found it. Did ya’ll post this? Or I was browsing youtube? I don’t remember. But THIS OMG. STUCK. IN. MY. HEAD. WHILE. I. TRIED. TO. STUDY. …..!

    Also I like the song you posted. Very good.

    • ROFL You got “be with you” stuck in your head XPPP Now you can feel my pain. I had the other song stuck in my head for like a whole week and I didnt even like it that much XDDD

  3. dbsk stand by u drama mv (:

    • haha thanks. I was doing the post when you commented XD

  4. ah, you guys~
    i can’t possibly keep up with my big bang & super junior bias with you adding all these new songs that i’m getting addicted to!
    so now it’s been stuck in my head, switching places with It’s You throughout the day x)

  5. I wonder if Jay wrote the rap, I bet he did, it makes no sense.

    If he did write the rap, then Jay =/= Shakespeare. “LONGER THAN AN ELEPHANT’S NOSE”, I want to use that in English class or something but will probably be killed by my teacher because of the lame.

  6. Omg, I was really late to posted about this song since I’m not exposed to korean/japanese songs before. Hehe! But now, since i like Jay so much, I keep on searching about him and then found this lovely song.. Guess what? I’m addicted to it now!! I keep on listening to this 100 times daily.. Oh my, this was so freaking good.. To V.O.S, keep up the good work. I’ll be your fan from now..kkk

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