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090520 Mnet Scandal Ep1 feat. Nichkhun

The whole ep has been subbed! Watch it before Mnet decides to take it down?

{credit: Madam2PMsubs @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Gosh these two are so cute :3. Nichkhun and his girlfriend, Minsun, start off a little awkward but they become closer after eating together and using their couple phones :D. It was a little sad on Day 2 when Minsun walked all the way to the Broadcasting station to see Khun but there were so many fans and she waited for so long that she was really intimidated and slightly anxious. Khun actually drove past her and opened the window but as soon as he did, fans rushed to the car and Minsun walked off (I would too, the fans are like a herd of elephants lmao). Khun msgs her saying “Don’t hate me” and awwwwwwwwwww, they’re just so cute.

On Day 3, they go to an amusement park but even with his hoodie and cap on, you can still tell it’s Khun! They go to an icerink and Khun ties up her shoelaces :3. They skate holding hands and Khun has her jumper tied around his waist because he said she’d get cold. Omg, my heart. I WANNA GO ICE SKATING WITH A CUTIE TOO ;___;. And LMAO just when I was thinking “Damn, it’s really dangerous for Khun to be skating with Minsun behind her while holding hands”, they get told off by the Manager of the rink XD. Safety first, guys!

I really like Minsun, I like that she’s fun and confident hehe~ Her and Khun look really good together, especially later when they’re just walking with her arm linked in his and him looking like a dork with his cap on over his hoodie XD. Later, they sit down to have a snack and aw it’s really sad :(. Khun wants to take care of Minsun by buying her snacks and a drink but they both know that he can’t without being seen. Minsun is really understanding though :).

They go on this water ride and they have to make this face when the picture gets taken, or else they have to kiss the other on the cheek. While on the ride, Khun full protects her from the water splashes ;~:. ITS SO SWEET. Minsun ends up losing and up on this balloon ride (that looks so pretty, I want to go there :3), Khun brings it up. She gets all shy and embarrassed haha~ So she fails to do the punishment :(.

Before they leave, they decide to take a photo at the entrance and omg, from the amount of fans who crowd around them, you’d think there was a fanmeeting going on or something T___T (LMAO the video just compared the camera flashes to that of a press conference. Rofl, I should go do this program, I’m predicting everything :P).

The end is sort of sad with Khun dropping Minsun off at the bus stop because he can’t take her home :(. Can’t wait til next week though. (The two should date for real ;___;)


  1. nichkhun is so adorably adorable in dis one… <3<3<3

    ps: i actually watched dis whole thing without subs. 2nd ep too! ^^

    • Haha but it’s better with the subs so you know what they’re saying :). They are so cute together~

  2. Will watch after I finish downloading…

    Just because it is Nickhun. XD

    • I haven’t watched the whole thing yet but from the really small parts I saw…. *CRIES*


  3. OMG o_O
    Ah….if I could have a date with Choi Siwon in this programme…..T_T

    • I know eh, I wish I could be one of those lucky girls. They probably have connections though :(


    Seriously though. How awesome is he??? That part where he took the cab’s plate number just killed me. Guh. That girl seriously won in the lottery of life for having to date Khun for a week.

    • I want one of the SHINee boys to go on … maybe Jonghyun ? Cause I don’t want Onew to go on and I don’t like Key flirting all the time LOLOLOL.

      • idk how I would react if SHINee went on.. O___O;; idk, I think on the inside, I still see them as these bunch of cute teenagers D: but we all know that Jonghyun is capable of pleasing a girl and is a really wonderful guy D:
        I agree, I wouldn’t be able to stand it if Dubu went on, just because, and if Key went on cause… he’s a slut. Yeah ~___~ I was so jealous of the American noona from Yunhanam even though Jong was definitely not my favorite though LOL D: 2min are obviously way too young except Minho?
        So… I don’t want SHINee to go on. Period. XD!

        • I would die if it was Onew. Other members are okay. But then flirtatious!Key would probably also kill me XD.

  5. It took me like 5 hours to load the four parts yesterday.

    CRYING, THEY ARE SO CUTE, I wish they could date for real. Guh this is so romantic and corny it makes me sad that my life =/= this at all. AT ALL.

    • You have new net now :D.

      HEY well my life isn’t any better than yours ;____;


        LOL your love life is better, and you know why.


          I can’t. Because I’m studying like the good nerd that I am.

          Is not. What is so good about unrequited … fantasies? LOOL.

  6. omg did u hear? rumor has it that this girl is kim bum’s ex gf! it was disclosed/hinted in the 2nd ep omg

    • Lol…really? Can’t wait til 2nd ep then!

  7. I WANT TO BE HER!! How did they choose her?? D: I’m going to teach English in Korea in less than two years…I want to do this kind of stuff. lol. silly white girl, too many dreams XD

    • LOl I have no idea but if given a chance, I’d like to do another Full House but with SHINee hohohohoho

      • I would cryyyy if I did a Full House with shinee…CAMERAS EVERYWHERE TO DOCUMENT your EVERY pedoglance and EVERY pedogrope. T_T NOT THAT I WOULD MOLEST BOYS YOUNGER THAN ME. ._. I will stick with the oldah boys. Since prison is not my friend. (silently wishes she was 16 again)

        • They won’t film absolutely everything…I think. And then when the cameras are out, I’d show my true self hohoho.

    this just reminds on me on how i wouldn’t be able to date anyone from 2pm or SJ even if i sell one of my kidneys.

    khun totally killed it with his cab plate number move. how can he be such a sweetheart?!

    • Why not? It’s getting subbed :).

      Aw I know omg, and he was so subtle with it too ^_^

  9. OMGWTFSRSLY He is SO like a gentleman and handsome and just laksdfsalfjasdfjklsafdkj *-* I barely feel jealous throughout the whole video cause the girl’s so pretty and really understanding and nice :OOO THEY’RE SO CUTEEEE (and awkward at first XD) But adslfkjdfalkjfamceilkdjf MinSun is soooo lucky *-* I can’t wait to watch the next parts of it! :O

    • YEAH that’s exactly how I felt. I wasn’t like CRYING from jealousy but more at the cuteness. And I felt so sorry for them when the fans kept appearing :((.

      • Omg yeah the fans DDDD: But I was kind of ^^ when I noticed that the fans didn’t like, stalk them to the bus stop LOL. It was only when they flock around the couple to take pictures that I went alksfjslkfjljk @___@;; but kudos to the girl for being so so understanding♥

        • But it was so sad when he drove past and she couldn’t see him cause of the fans :(((

          • Omg, I know DDD: I was just pouting all over the place then :<

  10. I wonder how these girls get chosen.
    But Nic and Min Sun together is cute<3

    lol I would totally date Taec though.
    He seems easy to hang out with.

    • I reckon they have connections because it’s not likely they put up posters around Korea saying “WANTED: A GIRLFRIEND FOR NICHKHUN. Conditions: camera will be following you 24/7”.

      Good news (or maybe bad?), apparently Taec will be on next :D!

      • LOL OMG Taec? REALLY? :OO I… can’t wait? :’D

        • HAHA YES ;D! I love Taec and would jump him but he’s one of those I wouldn’t mind seeing with a girl :DDD

      • lmao then hoard of gfs will run and sabotage him if that happensXD But yeah, it seems the girl’s friends knew already so they prob. do have connections…

        OMG TAEC!? Well that’s good news for me…I can hear his sexy voice the whole time on the show<3 lol I already had a blow with Mizushima Hiro marrying Ayaka so these things make me happy :D

        • Have you heard about her being Kimbum’s ex? I guess she is well connected haha.

          • I heard lol. I was like “…Well Kim Bum SURE did lie about not ever having a girlfriend.” XD
            But I remember Chang Min from DBSK always said he never had a gf and he did so it’s untrustable now lol.

            Well from the way she acts and such, it did seem like she was a pro at being a celeb’s gf.

            • YES she did seem to pro to be doing it for the first time. Have you seen the 2nd ep? I just did the post and omg so sad ;__;

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