Posted by: beckery | May 30, 2009

090529 2AM on Madam B Salon

Opening ft Junsu and Jaebeom They perform it in like a medley sort of way and each boy kinda gets to show off their fort, which I approve of XD First we get Jo Kwon (who actually looks really serious and smexy) dancing and singing JT’s “Like I Love You”. What a lucky boy! He gets the other 2AM boys as back up singers and Jay and Junsu (from 2PM) as the back up dancers. I feel the love ♥

Then they perform a bit of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” with Jinwoon on the drums and omg I dig soooo hard *___*, and no he is not younger than me at all. Not at all .___. Then Jo Kwon also jumps on the piano, whilst the other two are belting out “We Are The Champion” by Queen. And yes, this is all in English!

Lastly they perform “Without a Heart” by 8Eight weeeeeeeeeeee. I twas waiting for this!!! They sound so flippin’ good. Jo Kwon totally owns the girl’s singing part and Changmin’s ending is lurve. I’m telling you, you’re missing out if you don’t check out this ear candy!! Is it wrong of me to like this song more cuz they sing it? Lol. XD

Behind the Scenes + Talk I don’t understand a single word but look at Jo Kwon’s arm *__* and Jinwoon being a dork XDDD


  1. I was, like, “Okay, I think I’ll pass on watching this” and then read “Jo Kwon” and “dancing and singing JT’s “Like I Love You”” so. yeah.


    • omg the 2AM boys don’t look very into the song XDDD Their English. I cannot understand. But it’s fun to watch and they have lovely voices so whatever! XD♥


      • Really? I thought their english was relatively good actually. Lol. Am I just being too biased? But it’s ok, their voices totally make up for it. Plus Jinwoon on the drums and Jo Kwon dancing like a sex machine. XDDD

  2. omg, Jo Kwon had a truckload of smex going on! and he does kill “Without a Heart”. The 2PM boys are making a habbit of singing other people’s songs and making it sound better.

    • Lol you mean the 2AM boys XPPP Someone is being wayy too biased here hahha. Jokes. It’s pretty funny though cuz for some reason fans like to see OTHER artists sing other people’s songs so whatevs. Whatever gets them more fans XD

      • yes, I meant 2AM, slip of the fingers, ugh I just always have 2PM on my mind.

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