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DBSK-Stand By U MV (Drama Version) + Album Cover

Credit: jejupooh @ youtube

Generally, I’m not a big fan of long MV’s (7 whole minutes!) unless they have an extremely good storyline and sorry but making things like mugs and toothbrush and furniture disappear for a whole 7 minute doesn’t really count haha XDD Although the storyline could have been better, the actor (Tanaka Kei?) was really good, especially the crying scenes. He sorta looks like a mix of Yoochun, Kwon Sang Woo and Sungmin to me O_O hahaha.

Both the song and MV reminds me alot of Doushite and although nothing beats Doushite in my books, this song is no doubt good ♥ It’s quite a wholesome ballad, with a nice tempo and they sound great ^^

Some pictures from their “Stand By U” cover under the cut. The cover itself looks quite plain, but it gives me this…depressing feeling? Perhaps it’s the colour or the fact that they all look gloomy lol. But look! they’re not wearing black or white for once haha XD

Click to enlarge!

CD+DVD cover

CD Cover

Credit Yesasia


Credit DNBN


  1. I agree with you, Doushite wins this song.
    When is this single coming out?
    Love Yoochun’s voice in this single!!!

    • july 1st.

      i love this song. i like Doushite as well, but i can’t decide which i like more. the mv made me teary, just like the Doushite MV. i actually like the covers quite a lot. but ya they are a bit gloomy cuz the colors are a bit faded.

      • Oh is it July 1st? Lol Fail tis I. I am so behind in DBSK news it’s not funny XD

        Doushite had an ok storyline but the actor couldn’t really act, which killed it for me. For this, the actor could actually act but the storyline was a tad too boring for my taste, so yea I didnt like it that much hahaha.

    • Doushite pawns a lot of songs in my list haha. I looovvveee that songgg.

      Biasedness kicking in but I love Junsu’s voice hahaha XD

  2. I haven’t heard the song, haven’t seen the MV, no plans of doing so yet because I’m lazy like that…

    … but I just noticed. For some reason that walking-across-an-empty-street thingy is a rather popular concept in photobooks and album covers.

    Okay. Sorry. .___. /random

    • ROFL. You are random bb, just like Worldling. It’s ok, random comments are…random? XPPP

      Um it’s probably an asian thing? Maybe they couldn’t find a nice place for the photoshoot or Father Sm is on a low budget crack down atm hahaha XDD

  3. He sorta looks like a mix of Yoochun, Kwon Sang Woo and Sungmin to me O_O hahaha. i totoally see what you mean; it scared me how much the actor looks like a hybrid-specimen of the three. XDD

    yeah. and about the epically long mv… i think they were trying to fill in the length of the song? i know i do that with my essays when i’m below the word minumum, haha. maybe i would have like it better if the boys were actually IN IT. DD:

    but yes, definitely: doushite >> stand by u.

    • I knowwwwww. At first I’m like “wow he looks like KSW”. Then after a minute I’m like “but he also looks like Yoochun”. Then later I’m like “Wait I see some Sungmin resemblance O_O” hahahhaha.

      Oh well I’m sure they could have come up with something better if they wanted to fill in the length of the song. Seriously, making furniture appear and disappear a few dozen time doesn’t cut it haha. They should have let the boys stand on the road or something for the remaining 3minute they had to fill time in for XD

  4. Changmin needs to grow out his hair just a bit more. And Yoochun, please cut your hair. Just a bit, maybe even go back to your hair from the Purple Line performances. I actually really liked that messed up, slightly wavy, just rolled out of bed with hair this good look on him.

    I really like the song. It’s not exactly “Doushite”, but my god is it a pretty song. And the lyrics are so sad (and yet, I’m congratulating myself for being able to understand more than half of it without looking at the translations). Tanaka is a great actor, really loved the crying scenes.

    • Lol, not feeling Yoochun’s hair too much either, but given the fact that I’m ALWAYS complaining about either his hair or his pants, I thought I should keep that to myself XDDD

      It’s a nice ballad, I’ll give you that, but yea Doushite still wins XD hahaha. And um yea, I dont understand a thing? Heeeeeeee

  5. o.o jaejoong looks soo pale

    • I think they all do?

  6. i think its a pretty song. =] Its those kind of song that slowly grows on you. the more i listen to it, the more i’m captivated by it.

    cant wait for the single to be released!! totally agree that yoochun should cut his hair. too long and tooooooo curly. haha.

    • Yea it probably is the type of songs that grow on you. I just don’t have time atm for it to grow on me yet haha. But I’ll give it a few more tries after my exams are done :D

  7. This song is not cutting it for me =_=
    I feel like it’s long and draggy… I kind of wanted to jump ship half way through!

    Except the CD+DVD album cover looks SOOOO good I wanna buy just for the cover =)

    Except: Jaejoong’s sweater thingie looks like he rolled in mud XD
    Yunho’s pose looks kinda awkward… Like his shirt is soo tight it’s about to rip through it =_= and you can see his moobs… not sure if it is a bad thing XD

    • LOOOOOOL. I love your honesty. I’m not exactly digging the song and I think probably from a few more listens, I might come to tolerate it better? Hahahah. I’m wording it in the nicest way possible. But truly Doushite pawns this a hundred timessss

  8. this song. gahh.
    its so sad. xD

    for a mo there i thought they made yoochun’s bro act. xD god the striking resemblence. i saw the non-drama pv fancammed on youtube.

    any ideas when it’ll come out? :3

    • Nope haha. I didn’t know there was a non-drama PV lol. Honestly, I haven’t really been up to date with DBSK lately hahaha. I tend to lose touch with DBSK when they’re over in Japan. It’s hard to keep track of their activities :/

  9. oh. and about the album art. [lol]

    i actually dont mind yoochun’s hair here, not tht i ever minded his crazy hairstyles. [ remember the awkward half bowl cut half hide long bangs in mirotic. or the omfg perm in bolero.] lololol.

    changmin looks unnatural somehow.
    refer the images with each other then you’ll see.

  10. oh. and doushite pwns.

    lol. me spam . sory couldnt help it. reflex.

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