Posted by: beckery | May 31, 2009

090530 Star King

They’re not subbed yet but if you wanna watch the full thing, Part 1 is here. Watch it before it gets deleted. I think the major stations are going on a Youtube crackdown again bleah :( I don’t have time die Uni die so I just watched some of the cuts and they’re SO FUNNY XDD

BoomTeuk beatboxing and painting I luurrvveee these two on Starking, they make such a lame, crackfest duo haha. The best part is that they look totally serious and into it, whilst everyone is dying of laughter. The random english words Teuk spits out whilst beatboxing is pure gold. “Everybody dance now”, “Thank you very much-euu”. LOL. Boom even uses Chaeyoung’s hair to paint!!! That girl is crazy, for reals XD Boom is pretty awesome at beatboxing, but um the painting… ROFL. I think he described it but I couldn’t understand. It looked like a ship on sea with a million suns in the sky to me XDDDDDDDDDD

Dancing in a pool of cornflour and water I know the title says paint, but I’m pretty sure it’s not. Anyways, they have this massive pool size thing with cornflour and water in it and apparently you get stuck if you don’t move around? Well Eunhyuk makes it look like he’s dancing in water. Biasedness kicking in here but omg HE IS IS FLIPPIN’ HOT WHEN HE DANCES! It’s not even dancing, he’s like bboy walking around and does this awesome backflip. I’d seriously love to see him battle it out with Jaebeom some day *____*

Then Yesung being Yesung has to randomly jump in from a ladder, wth? lol. Aside from Hyuk’s part, Boom totally owns the show with his weird techno dance ROFL. CRAZY BOI! Candychu I hope you’re watching this later! Lol, he even pulls his pants so they’re short shorts XDDDD


  1. lmaooooo this made my day! I think Teuk said “Yes- shower yes. Thank you very muchh-ch” lol he’s so random. I see a ship sailing across a lot of waves :)

    • Sameeee. I’ve had an horrible day battling my assignment. But yes yes this made me laugh so much XDD

  2. WTH WAS THAT? HERE WE GO. COME ON, YO. You can totally hear Yesung’s funny laugh lolz THANK YOU VERY MATCHHH.

    LOL BOOM WTF. (But omg hello Nick :DDDD) LOOOOOL when Hodong got stuck XDDD Poor Sungmin. He looks really tired XD

    I’m laughing so hard my mom told me to shut up D: I don’t tell her to shut up when she’s laughing! DDD:

    • YEAAAA. Yesung was dying in the background, sorta like how I was dying in front of my computer. BoomTeuk is seriously awesomeeeeee. <333

      LOL. Oh I get told to shut up all the time XDD I feel the love oozing out of the parents sometimes. It suffocates me! XP

  3. oh, gosh, i so love boomteuk :D they’re on really massive chronic high crack! XDDD

    • Everyone does! How can you not? Lol. I swear, they gotta give me some of that crack they’re on XD

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