Posted by: beckery | June 1, 2009

090531 2PM – Save Earth Save Energy

Credit: YoDubu1 @ youtube

HSKJHFSJFSL PAS, I HOPE YOU’RE GONNA WATCHING THIS!! IT’S HOT BOYS PLAYING B-BALL!! *____* Lol, both of us have this thing with boys playing b-ball cuz they normally look oh so hot when doing so XDD

And the 2PM boys can definitely play!! Ok, I’m gonna be lame and tally up the scores lol. 1 in for Khun, 1 for Jay, 1 for Junsu, 1 for Taec and 1 flippin’ awesome slam dunk for Jay. WOOT! GIVE ME A J. GIVE ME AN A. GIVE ME A Y!!!! AND WHAT DOES THAT SPELL?!?!!? 2PM!!! Lol, just joking…I think :/

Aww Junho is so cute here, but omg omg omg HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA ROFLMAO THEY MAKE JAY PLAY DOG FETCH AND HE’S SO INTO IT ROFL!! Omg I’m laughing so hard, my kidneys are about to burst LMAO. XDDD He even puts the frisbee in his mouth to take back. You know what’s even better? The person who threw the frisbee was magnae!!! LOL. WHUT?! They even pat him when he came back. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD THIS IS SO CUTE *squishes all of them*

(P.S. Yes I’m currently on a high from…Coke weeeeeeeeeee)



    • Lol Chansung! Just because you’re taller than your hyung doesn’t mean you can bully him like that already XDDD

      • I KNOW RIGHT!! It’s so funny how Jay actually lets magnae play fetch dog with him. XD

  2. LOL these boys make me want to be a captain planeteer and save the earth for reals. oh wait. i’ve always been green minded. okay that sounded weird. what i’m tryina say is, (with much difficulty because KHUN is killing me) — i used to kind of not like these guys when they debuted because back then there were a lot of boy bands and their only difference is that they do acrobatics and their vid was kinda pervy lol. but they showed that they’re truly talented, genuine, down-to-earth and downright funny. they always look like they’re having fun and playing even when it’s hard work. JYP sure knew what he was doing when he put them all together — an organized chaos lol. okay there goes my love confession for 2pm. sorry for the long spazz!<3

    • Hellooo there. Not sure if you know, but one of our authors is a follower of your blog XDD

      LOL. Dont you worry. I’m pretty much incoherent most of the time when I’m talking about the 2PM boys especially the awesome english speaking trio. LOVE THEM! When they debuted, I was just like “oh cool they can do some bboy moves” but like I didnt really care about them either. They were just another boy band to me aswell. But then I started watching Idol show and stuff and omg THEY’RE FREAKIN AWESOME. They remind me of the Shinhwa boys cuz they totally go hard out and show their true self. Which is dorkiness most of the time but I love it! <333

      Oh and we don't mind long spazz as long as you do it here XP haha

  3. lol Jaebeom pretending to be a dog and Chansung the trainer was awesome, he got fooled too, loser. Wow Junho has some Shakira moves in him! but the bubble sounds in the background makes it so much more laughable when he shakes

    • LOOOOOL YEA!! What a dorkface. I love leadershii so much. He makes my day cuz of his fails hahahaha.

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