Posted by: lovediaries | June 3, 2009

Mod Post: Please Do Not Hotlink our Images!

I’m pretty sure we’ve emphasised this many many times before, but someone (some people?) has gone and hotlinked my pictures, so now one of my photobucket accounts have exceeded its bandwidth and I now have those ugly “BANDWIDTH EXCEEDED” photos all over both this blog and my own personal one.

As most people who know me would know, I’m extremely pedantic and OCD and I constantly check my bandwidth on my PB accounts – I even alternate so as to make sure never to exceed the bandwidth, which is why I know for certain someone has gone and hotlinked my images.

Guys, if you want to share the images we upload, we ask you to save and upload onto your own accounts. Please please please.

Just so you know, all I have to do is google around a bit and I’ll know who hotlinked my pictures. I already know, actually, so please don’t continue hotlinking >:(.

Now my SHINee NZ pics (and whatever other pics exist on that account) are unavailable for the rest of the month T__T.


  1. came by your blog today and i saw the annoying “BANDWITH EXCEEDED” banners instead of those wonderful onew gifs.

    (too brutal. hahaha)

    had my previos PB account exceed its bandwidth too, soompi users might have killed it. pffft. kinda annoying since you share photos then it’s what you get in return.

    now i use a separate pb and imageshack account for posting fandom pictures.

    • YES. I had a really bad day and was full PMSing. Come home and all my pictures are gone, like wtf. I have to wait another week, damnit.

      I use THREE different accounts and this still happens. Hotlinkers are insane. I understand if they don’t know what hotlinking means, but I have said it fifty thousand times before. No excuses >:(.

  2. I did not know you were OCD like but then again if it deals with SHINee then I’m sure you can be, hope the hotlinker stops, scary that you know who they are, they might be scared in their rooms, bet they don’t get sleep at night, k I’m just joking, except for the stop hotlinking part.

    • LOL I hope I haven’t scared you? I seriously have anxiety issues. I was telling my friend my problems and all my worries and stuff and he said if I wrote them down into a book, it’d be thicker than the bible XD.

      No I think she removed the post. I’m not sure, I left a comment on her blog and it didn’t get approved :/.

    i hope they stop too.

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