Posted by: beckery | June 4, 2009

090603 Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate ft 2PM Fancams+ Pics

I normally don’t do posts on fancams, but THIS IS SO SMEXY I JUST HAVE TO SHARE IT!!! 51 seconds of yumminess *____*

Credit: Symbelmyns @ youtube

The boys are dancing to Flo Rida’s “Low” which I am so sick of it’s not funny and are on fire!!! Their dancing is definitely good, but they’re all wearing sorta formal wear and um, THEIR PANTS ARE TIGHT!! Especially Jay’s and um my eyes keep wandering elsewhere it’s so flippin’ awkward hehehehe. XD I must be going crazy cuz I keep expecting one of them to rip their pants LOL.

They seriously look hot and spiffy though. Can’t wait for the actual thing to be aired ^_^ Pics under the cut.

Credit: As tagged; bestiz; soompi


  1. I was going to look at Jay’s face but he keeps doing that



      HAHAHA. I wanted to concentrate on their dancing but HIS PANTS ARE SOOOO TIGHT!!

      P.S Jay knows english so please don’t ever stumble across this blog. He’ll be so scared of us fangirls, he’d probably quit 2PM hahaha.

      • I had to watch it like six times

        For Jay’s pants, for his dancing, for Junsu, for Taec, for Taec and for Jay’s pants again.

  2. Man, I was being a good girl this week. And um…now I need Jesus…thanks a lot.-.- jkjk

    • LOOOOOOOOOOOL. Pft, don’t say it like you blame me for it. You love it bb!

  3. oh my guudness! Jay’s hip thrust at the beginning, gawd I’m starting to think I’m a pervert and it’s all their fault for being so sdfsnf good to look at!

    • Um more like O.M.G. Jay’s pants during the whole vid! Lol. I’m sorry for sounding like the biggest pervert but really who can blame me? XD

  4. this is better than any bare-chest action he ever does :Q_____
    I need them to perform in suit naooo~

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