Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 4, 2009

JaeJoong’s Heaven’s Postman Preview

Video: OneTVXQ

I’m still kinda confused with the plot….

Lol, I was reading some responses from the JJ fans, and wow, I can see how we  have a reputation for being over-dramatic XD Atm, I don’t find the *preview* to be particularly “heart wrenching”, cos um, it doesn’t really make all that much sense…so no, it didn’t make me cry XD;;; But JJ’s acting looks like it’s improved :D!

So what do you guys think? Confused? Happy? Sad? Don’t care? XP


  1. I can see how we have a reputation for being over-dramatic XD
    ROFL hell yes. i thought i was a pretty crazy fangirl, but i’m actually one of the tamer/saner ones. LOL, that makes me laugh. X))

    the preview looks good to me. “heartwrenching” idk about, but sad and intriguing? LOL i’ll prob just end of seeing it because of jae. my philosophy is: before watching a movie, go in w/ ridiculously low expectations and you will be pleasantly surprised, either by how correct your guess was OR that the movie surpassed your expectations. <– and yeah i totally stole that from a quote. XDD

    • Rabid JaeJoong Fangirl?

      *raises hand* XDDD

      Naa, I’m not that bad. At least I don’t look at stalker fancams of them :P

      I don’t really get the story, so maybe that’s why I don’t feel sad?? Idk, I’m still a bit confused about the whole ghost/human/postman thing XDD;;;

      And yes, yes, I need to start having low expectations towards everything (YAY, EMOS :DD). Like with the Twilight movie; I thought it would suck, but I actually had a lot of fun laughing at it :DDD LOL.

  2. Jae’s supposed to deliver messages from the dead to the ones they love? I think?

    I’ll watch the trailer later~ No rush haha

  3. confused .. but will be watching it..minus: i think miss han is an annoying girl.

    • She does seem irritating, doesn’t she…

  4. The girl screams too much.

    Hurts my ears.


    • LOOOOL. Um, good for her that she can project her voice?? XDDDD

  5. I think she broke my speakers ._.
    Ummm I’m only going to watch this because of hottie-boi. It looks strange…but I guess if you can tell someone is better at acting by a slow-motion kiss and one line of dialogue, then he must be awesome XD
    I’m excited.

    • I had to turn my volume down cos she was too loud and I didn’t want my family to think I was being murdered XDDD.

      Lol, I have looooooow expectations for *actor* Jaejoong. BUT, I’ll still watch his cuts :P

  6. hahaha i’m excited…..just to see if jaejoong can act….i loved watching them in those random banjun dramas sooo =) can’t wait for this one…do u know if they’re EVER goign to release micky’s drama?..or if was ever in one? i never understood the rumours around that ><!

    • I *think* it might be coming out with All About DBSK 3? I’m not sure though…

  7. I just want to see if Jae Joong can act cause he looks pretty stiff there lol.

    idk, I don’t see the big deal about the kiss.
    I’m a Jae fan but I honestly don’t care.
    If he can act his part in his role, then that’s enough.

    Plus it’s acting and he probably has a real gf out there anyway.

    • Hahahahahah, yea, I think it’s PRETTY obvious that they’ve all have a gf or have had one since their debut XD

      Like I said, my expectations are loooooooooooow :P

  8. Hmm, I’ll prob watch this anyway although I did see her in another movie….can’t remember what it was called but the ending was a bit of a let down. All I can remember is her on a bike, her friend was one of the wacky duo from Goong and the guy she liked tried to commit suicide once when his first gf died (I think…or she was in hospital in critical condition). And getting very annoyed with her character for being a bit too wishy washy and weepy about the whole thing. Jaejoong looks good though, hope his acting has improved! But the kiss is a bit flat…oh well.

  9. I think Jae is supposed to send that message of her screaming to her dead boyfriend and then he kisses her and she’s like wth that was so random don’t do that again and what not, definately not heart wrenching for a preview but his acting was well done! can’t wait to see the whole thing. I really hope he doesn’t remain dead at the end and comes out of a coma, I want a happy ending

    • He’s dead??? I mean, I know he’s meant to be a ghost, but I didn’t know he died recently….

  10. …So, despite me being a MAJOR MAJOR Jaejoong fangirl…I didn’t cry. I actually cooed at this. XD

    The kiss seemed a bit awkward, but considering the fact that Jae was sending a message to the girl’s boyfriend…maybe it was supposed to be that way. All I hope is that the acting is NOTHING like the Banjun dramas. Jae was…in his own little category there. XD


      I loooooooooooved their Banjun dramas :DDD HE WAS SO WEIRD IN THOSE, OMG XDDDDD. You’re totally right about the “own little category” thing XD

  11. gosh i can’t even watch the drama how do you watch it ne way
    like it’s not on youtube
    not anywhere
    and im korean i should know where to find this stuff but i still can’t find it
    does anyone know where to watch it
    o and can someone explain to me what this whole dead and human thing is
    im confused

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