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090527 Mnet Scandal Ep 2 feat. Nichkhun

{credit: Madam2PMsubs @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

Continuing from last week, it’s now Day 5. Minsun goes up to Khun’s waiting room and meets Chansung. OMG SO CUTE!! She had no idea Chansung was the youngest lmao. (But then, who do people think is the magnae? Junho? :/). He then takes her to all the gag people (who scare me with their costumes, but whatever).

The last part of Part 1 totally killed me. While recording the gag show, Khun says he likes cute girls; the gag people say it doesn’t look like there are any in the audience, and Khun glances at Minsun and says “there is” *swoooooooons*~ Minsun eventually goes up on stage and lmao at the audience going “really?” ahaha.

In the car, Minsun gives her homemade cookies to Khun. She’s so sweet, she even tells him to share them with his manager and stuff :). (srsly, why do fans bash her? it’s not like she’s a bitch, there’s no reason to hate on her!). They start filming each other in the car and LOOL turns out Minsun was born at 2pm haha.

They go meet Minsun’s friends at a restaurant. They have no idea Khun would go going yet they were being filmed the whole time? Reality shows confuse me XD. When they go to introduce themselves, Minsun’s (female) friend wanted to shake hands with Khun. SWEET, SWEET Khun says if Minsun says no, he won’t shake hands with her. OMG I WANNA CRY, WHY ARENT RL BOYS LIKE THAT?

When Minsun gets up to go to the bathroom, her friends ask Khun why he likes her. “You want to put her in your pocket?” “Just like that”. AWWWWWWWWWW. I want someone to talk about me like that too ;~;. “If I glance at her I have to keep staring at her”. ;______________;. Then they play that game where you count up to 31 but the one who says 31 gets punished. It was up to Khun and he said both 30 and 31 – his reason, if Minsun was punished, he’d drink anyway. (Srsly, why is Khun not my bf? XD)

Then, Minsun’s friends bring up F4 and…I’m sure you guys all know about that. But damn, if I was Minsun, I’d hate my friends doing that. Especially cause Khun is such an awesome bf already. No point bringing up the past XD. Her friends question Khun about how much he knows Minsun and he gets every question right. Up to her weight, he said he doesn’t ask that sort of thing. ;_________________;. (I don’t think guys have asked me my weight but then they poke at my pudge so that’s not really respecting me anyway, is it? XD).

Minsun’s friends bring up her ex again and aw, Khun looked so sad :((. He even cuts her friends off and says Minsun can tell when she wants to. *CLUTCHES CHEST*. He laughs awkwardly when they start singing “Almost Paradise~” and one friend calls out Gaeul (which btw means Autumn, did you guys know that? :D).

“Be careful!! Say sorry to your friends for me TT cause I made the mood so awkward.”

On the 7th day, they go to the Han River *O*. Omg, the restaurant they go to is soooo pretty. While Minsun is waiting at a table, Khun suddenly goes up to the piano. CRYING AGAIN. He starts playing this happy song but it wasn’t the real thing. SO CUTE ;__;. He then performs “Nothing Better” (lol was reminded of Jonghyun XD).  Minsun starts crying. :(. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. LIKE IN A MOVIE, ONLY NOT. Her make up smudged and later Khun rubs it for her :'(((. Khun then takes her outside to walk & talk.

She says shes a little cold AND HE TAKES HIS JACKET OFF FOR HER even though he’s only in a t-shirt DD;. When they go to walk down the heel she’s a bit reluctant cause of her heels AND HE GIVES HER A PIGGY BACK RIDE. They talk for a bit and before he leaves, hugs her for longer than usual :'(.

The bad thing about these shows is that they have to end and that’s always really sad for the parties involved. Like Jonghyun & American Noona. Omg those two were the cutest ;~;. They walk away from each other and have 30 minutes (I think) to decide whether they want to date or not; and if so, they exchange their personal phone numbers.

But you know, I don’t think fans actually expect them to date (EVEN IF WE WANT THEM TO ;_;). This is after all, a show, which is sad.

“We’re not supposed to have (girlfriends) since we’re idols.” Isn’t that the saddest thing? Minsun does send her personal phone number to Khun though. Khun has no idea what to do and with three minutes left, he asks his manager if he wants to date – his manager’s response, “Of course, all men want to date” LMAO. But alas, he chooses not to reply.

;____________;. I don’t think I can handle too many of these. It’s so sad :'((((.

Have you guys heard, after Taec it’s Hongki O__O before Taec, it’s Hongki.


  1. OH NOES. HONGKIIIIII TOT Why are they taking all that I hold dear? TOT

    • LOL. I hope Onew doesn’t go on (since he didn’t get to date on YunHaNam) cause I’d die X.

      • I haven’t watched ep1 yet but I’ve seen a little bit of ep2’s end….. it was really sad. ;~;

        • Yes the end is sad. Even more after watching the first ep. You should watch it! And you can be at peace knowing Khun didn’t msg back.

          • It’s still sad because

            1.) as much as I want the boys all for myself (which is obviously possible only in my dreams), I want them to be happy. I want them to fall in love, settle down with the girl of their dreams, build a loving home and be happy. That’s not possible any time soon unless they want to give up their career because that’s just the way the idol market goes.

            2.) the fact that Nick didn’t msg back because his status prevents him makes it even more obvious that I can never be with him whether or not he liked the girl. LOL. If she got close to him, he had all the means to contact her, and yet he couldn’t, then what chance do I get? XDDD

            That was… a long comment. o__o Sorry. I’m feeling extra talkative.

            • I KNOW I was so sad at his reasoning as to why he didn’t message back. And it’s like, so what if he has thousands of girls after him if he can’t even be with someone he likes incase she gets attacked or whatever :(.

              • So. Really. I’m not so sure I still want to watch everything. T___T

                • I guess. Because after watching, I’m really disappointed in rl boys. Or just boys I know. T_T.

  2. I’m going to watch tonight, be prepared for some crying!

    Oh, and Taec is after Hongki since Hongki’s is already filmed and Taec is fliming? idk

    • Lol sure, cry to me and I won’t respond cause I’ll be out @ dinner 8D.

      LOL yeah I was getting confused about that xD.

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