Posted by: beckery | June 5, 2009

090604 M Countdown 2PM Heroes Special

Credit: yanaftwtwo @ youtube

Heroes tribute to Rain/Bi. The 2PM boys performed “Bad Boy” and “Rainism”. A quick trick question. Who’s more suitable to do this tribute than the 2PM boys? One day of course! LOOOOL XDDDDD

They’re all wearing tank tops. O.M.G ARMS, LOTS AND LOTS OF ARMS *_____* Their make up is so FIERCE, I dig it. Especially Chansung, he doesn’t even look his age! Not like he ever did haha.

LOL, it’s sorta random how they whipped out chains O___O *But omg thinking inappropriate thoughts* Junho’s solo was so sexy and omg he LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE RAIN HERE!!! “I’m gonna bad boy, I’m gonna be a bad bad boy”. And yes, a cane does appear, I mean, it is “Rainism” after all XP


  1. magic stick ftw! ugh this drives me mad, I’ve finished all my projects and tests finally have a chance to video watch but am now leaving for a trip in a couple of hours, fml! how many videos am I going to miss, hopefully not much like this one. Love how the made the boys look dirttier by smudging them with whatever that darkness thing was, but I’m sad because you can so tell Chansung is on a diet :( but the chains x_x

    • You’re mad? T____T Honey, I have 7 exams to do and I don’t have time to study AND do fandom at the same time. And yes, as you can see I’m choosing Fandom atm which I willl regret! Life sucks. Must go study. But to do that, the boys need to stop distracting me with their sexualness. IT’S BAD FOR MY HEALTH *___*

  2. Great Performance but NO NICKHUN :( ^^

    • Yea. Khun was back in Thailand?

  3. Right there with you with the inappropriate thoughts T__T I feel like I should be thrown in jail just for thinking what I’m thinking about Chansung….

    All of them are really rockin’ the guyliner, and I loved how ~*unclean*~ they all looked.


    • ROFL. I READ YOUR POST BB!! Omg and I thought I was being inappropriate. You’re worst than me….not. Haha I have the same thoughts as you, I just can’t voice it cuz of underage readers XDDD

      The guyliner was HOT. They looked bad ass and I love bad ass boys *___*

  4. Who’s more suitable to do this tribute than the 2PM boys?

    I’d say SHINee. In particular, Taemin.


    • Um. why? Rain was part of JYP, so of course he’s their sunbae in a way.

      SHINee can do tributes to Shinhwa/HOT/DBSK/Super Junior. They already have enough, give some to One day .___.

      • Cause, Taemin is a bad bad boy ;).

        unf unf

        • Taemin is also an UNDERAGE boy!

  5. tht was so awesomee!
    jay can be my bad boy anytime! haha
    could i get the download link for this??

    • Sorry, Jay bb is mine. XP Um, sorry I wouldn’t have a clue where to download it haha.

  6. oh my god I JUST watched this (10 times in a row XD) and guh those boys are on FIRE!!!!!! Especially when Chansung broke out the cane, I thought I would lose my mind lol!

    • LOOOOL. I would too if I had time, but exams are taking over my life so I had to settle with 4, but there was heaps of rewinding going on during those 4 times XP haha.

      How’d your exams go?! Did you end up memorising all those Side effects and MOA? Lol, for side effects, I usually go for the good old nausea and vomiting. EVERY DRUG HAS THEM I SWEAR! XDD

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