Posted by: beckery | June 6, 2009

090604 We love song ft 2PM

NichKhun singing “Back at One” I luuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrvvvvvveeeeee this song!!! Khun does a good job at it and it’s engLish XDDDDD lol. His pink bowtie is soooo cute *glomps*

2PM – Perfect Man It’s a Shinhwa song!!! *beams*. Taec, Chansung, Jay and Wooyoung only sing a bit of it though. Actually, Jay doesn’t even sing. He only bops around looking dorky, cuz I bet he doesn’t know the song haha. Fail. Oh and haha at the HUGE bow tie on top of Chansung’s head!

Junsu and Junho – Sea of Love It’s ridiculous how these are all my favourite songs, yet they don’t sing the whole songs ;__; I love this song and the boys did a fantastic job ♥ Of course nothing beats Fly to the Sky though!

Kim NaYoung ft 2PM I would advise you to not turn the audio up for this cuz um, my ears are kinda bleeding lol. But the visual is sooooo funny!! Taec and Jay with their oh-so-sexy waves and Chansung looking ridiculous in whatever labcoat he’s wearing hahaha.


  1. Nickhun (w/Solbi) also did Sorry Sorry!! But, he messed the lyrics….w/e it was so cute! here’s the link


    • LOOOOOL. I saw that but then I forgot to put it in the post. XD

  2. I really love Junho’s Seoshi <3 he managed to amaze me again :)
    I remember this song was sung by jaejung on their rising sun concert, no? and I just recently listened to the original song again and it just plain amazing!!

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