Posted by: lovediaries | June 6, 2009

090606 SHINee Comeback @ Music Core

Thanks kandie for the heads up <3. I knew it was a bad idea to go out to dinner haha~!

{credit: YoDubu1 @ youtube}

OHMYGOD *giggles like a madwoman*. WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO DO!? Giving me sweaty SHINee, all huffing and puffing :Q___.

Wow, the stage is awesome; so bright and colourful! And that “Romeo” billboard, I want to take home :D. The boys came out and I like wtf-ed at Jonghyun’s outfit. His t-shirt is really cute but that cardigan is…interesting. Lol idk if it’s actually one-sleeved or he’s just wearing it his special way xD. I see Minho’s upgraded his Harry Potter cloak into a more contemporary one, *chuckles* (I think I’m so funny XD).

The mics were sorta dodgy, idk, and the audio wasn’t too good (sound suddenly exploded halfway through the video haha) but it was still an energy-filled performance. Can’t wait til tomorrow nights! Inki performances are usually my favourite :D.

(How come they only let SHINee perform one song tonight? *sadface*)


  1. backstage pictures

    it’s good that he dyed his hair darker than yesterday :D
    and wth the necklace is he trying to go mount climbing XP
    Onew’s bunny teeth is slightly biggerrrr :OO

    • Oh yes, thank goodness Key’s hair is darker *sigh of relief*. I really didn’t like that yellow on him XD. ONEW IS ADORABLE and omg Taemin, WHY ARE YOU SO HOT :Q__________________


    • LOL! I’ll be waiting :)

      • Watching atm~

        Okay, SHINee is awesome no matter where they are. :)
        I love that billboard, I want to steal it too. .___.

        But on clothes: I want to steal all their t-shirts. D: It’s one of my goals in life to steal Minho’s black&colourful t-shirt in the A.Mi.Go MV. ><
        MinHo's coat sorta looks like the jackets some of SJ was wearing in their It's You performances. Not that they're not awesome, but just a really surprising reminder. xD
        But I have to say: AT LEAST THEYRE NOT WEARING THE WIGS. D:

        They all look really tired. :/ I hope they're not getting overworked just because of their hiatus, because even in the beginning where it shows them training it looks like they're practically fainting from exhaustion. :(

        I love the bit where they're all in a circle and sing their own solo (though Minho doesn't). :)
        Great to see more closeups of their face, and Taemin's as smiley as usual. :D They're allsinging really impressively as well, and their dancing looks sorta improved.

        & their dadadadada owns all. ;D
        OKAY, I should sleep now, almost 1am. ;|

        • Omg I missed this comment lol. Until I checked my emails for any unreplied comments. Omg I fail T__T.

          But yeah dadada is my fav. I love that little choreo for it ~

  3. hey guys,you should all watch this. This is soooo funny. 2pm doing a parody of Star Golden Bell.Jay’s korean is so faily =P.

    • Thanks for linking! I’m so behind on 2pm stuff. And it looks so funny, too ;~;

  4. Lovely stage. Disturbing panting. Wtf is Jonghyun wearing? D:

    • A cute tshirt? :3

  5. Their mics were…not good. :| I wanna be meaner but it’s SHINee so I just can do it. D:


    • Music Core never seems to have good mics :/

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