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090607 SHINee Comeback @ Inkigayo



Talk to You

Okay, so I finally got round to watching this .. after like, almost two days haha. I understood next to nothing from the interview except they asked Onew something about being okay? Not sure if they were referring to his accident or just the comeback lmao. They were so cute with their little “Juliette-oh~” hehe.

Onto the “Juliette” performance. You guys heard they were made to do it like 4 times, right? No idea why, and if so, why use the one where they all looked so tired !? Despite that, they still gave an energetic performance, like woahh. Jonghyun’s voice was a bit :S :S :S at the start but it got better throughout. Their outfits, OHMYGOD. Most of you have already seen but I’m still gonna comment haha. If Key & Minho were girls, they’d be looking very sexy in their revealing semi-halter tops, but since they’re guys … WTF!?!!??!?! I’m still amazed at how pretty Key is, dressed in pink, and with headbands omg *jealous*.

“Talk to you” performance was again too short DDD; Even though there was that amazing MinKey rap, IT STILL WASN’T ENOUGH. And since their comeback weekend is over, they’re not likely to perform it again, eh? I mean, we haven’t seen another “Why I Like You” perf from Suju :(.

K, that is all. *crawls back into hole*.


  1. Watch Neorago perf too! Heenim says “Neorago… Juliette.” at the end and even did that signature Juliette move thing. :D

    • I did watch it! Heechul makes me so happy sometimes :).

  2. Okay, I watched everything except the interview, because there weren’t any subs. ;|

    Juliette performance: POOR BOYS. D: They’re like swearing their own little pools, and THE BUGS ARE BACK. WHY BUGS? So are the tights. ;(
    And I really can’t stand the back of Minho’s and Key’s shirts: not even shirts, more like tank tops. :(
    Singing as always is impressive, but Jonghyun looks about drained about the end of his “Nooooooo~”.
    About the only outfit I can stand is Taemin’s because he’s only got a butterfly on it. xD And I’m happy to see by the end about 2 bugs have fallen off. xD
    [KEY’S WINK! And his hair’s more orange now, yay. :)]

    Talk to me: I am falling in love with this song, I swear, thanks to all their mini performances of it. :)
    But their outfits are MUCH better (YAY). I want to steal all their T-shirts again.
    Their choreo is impressive, but some of it looks ripped from Juliette. xD
    Jonghyun’s shirt reminds me of those sweaters they wore in the A.Mi.Go MV AND SERIOUSLY, HOW IS TAEMIN SO SKINNY.
    The Onew Vs. Minho rap is love. <3
    [And I'm sorry, but this was better than Juliette. xD]

    I ALWAYS WATCHED THE NEORAGO PERF. :) That was gooood, I loved how Heechul did the Juliette. :) So nice of him~
    But I hate Yesung's hair. .___. WHY DID HE DYE IT AGAIN? ORANGE WAS GOOD! Other than that, everyone in SuJu looks fine and dandy. :D

    YAY, ANOTHER SUPERDUPER LONG COMMENT! Procrastination is gooood. :)

    • I know, I don’t understand how anyone could’ve designed those tops for guys. It’s just so strange :S (worse than GD’s style). But then, idk, they have such sexy shoulders *O*. BUTTERFLY LMAO XD. But his pants are glowing!!

      I don’t like Yesung’s hair but I reckon he pulled it off pretty well. He looked damn fierce ;).

  3. OH. My. God. They’re wearing those hideous outfits! MINHO WHAT IS THAT. AND KEY. YOU’RE SUCH A GIRL. OMG. Jonghyun’s got the most decent top, I think. D:

    WTH did they do to Key’s hair? D:

    Apparently the boys had to perform four times or something so by the time they got on stage for the real thing, they’re beat. ): Poor kids. They work too hard. When I was sixteen, I didn’t have a care in the world and I was happily frolicking in my happy place. Until now, actually. So I kind of feel sorry for them. :\

    • TALK TO YOU: The MinKey rap was pretty cool O: They have better clothes! I’m not digging the song (which is probably why I didn’t recognize it when they performed it on MuBank haha) but the choreo was okay.

      • Haha Onew’s top is okay. It’s just really plain and not my colour XD. Taemin got a new outfit – not the green one from their album :/.


    why do they have to dress key in a pink tank top?! with a headband at that!?
    and minho, WTH!?
    i wanna tie up their stylists at the back of my car and drag them up to a hill.

    it’s too much, they’re like 17 already. do teenagers in korea wear those kinds of stuff!?!

    and when will they ditch wearing tights. hope they give their “hidden blings” some place to breathe. i suppose those have been suffocated since replay. poor kids.

    *thank God for Onew’s smile. i died again. welcome back baby!

    • XDDDD Your “hidden blings” comment just made my day.


      And it’s because Key’s pretty like a girl and they wanna rub it in D;

  5. I actually watched the interview! :D which I wouldn’t normally do. LOL Hongki ilysm.

    JULIETTE: I thiiink the camperson likes Taemin :) Or maybe that’s just me but it seemed like they focused the camera on Taemin a lot :D AND. NO. SHINee. BOYS. GUYS. NO. WTF. YOUR CLOTHES. ADS;FDSLJ. >:| “oh juliette :D” onewww<333 (is it just me or are his teeth whiter? :O maybe it's just from not seeing him a while)

    TALK TO YOU: I WILL BE LOLing FOREVER AT KEY AND MINHO'S RAP. AND ALSO AT TAEMIN'S FACE @0.38. But their clothes are much better :) I really like the song too.

    ohlord is that the longest comment i've done? :O idek.

    • LOL I KNOW XD Hongki’s such a dork lmao, and I was thinking “no wonder you don’t get choreo…” haha, jks~

      Onew’s teeth have always been ~*gleaming white*~ *O*.

      Taemin’s scrunched up face for his chest pump, right? XD.

  6. i like the colors of their Juliette outfits, but not really feeling the desings. and boots for dancing? sorry not a big fan. BUT i’m always so impressed with how they keep their energy up all the way till the end. jonghyun was sweating a pool there but that’s why he’s so sexy! :D idk but it seemed like onew and taemin had something else on their mind because they didn’t look completely focused into it. it was still an incredibly impressive performance though!

    Talk to you!!!!!!! it’s my favorite song off their album. and the outfits are SO MUCH BETTER! great show from beginning to end.

    and LOL omg if you compare their debut interview with Replay and this interview, you can so tell how much they have grown. i love their awkward adorableness <3 and Hongki haha that was awesome.

    • I’m not really into pastel :/ but idk, Key is so white he looks good in pink. Just…the outfits are so strange. NO MORE PLS! Since they’ve been performing in different outfits.

      I haven’t listened to the album (except for “Please Don’t Go”) since that time we did up the post. Hehe, gonna wait to buy it :D.

  7. ummm….. those boys need to eat. more. WAY more. especially Taemin

    • I bet they burn it off from all their practising :/

  8. ewwww wth from the time they released jacket photos I already suspicious with what outfit they will choose to wear on perfs.. NO WONDER. *shakes head*

    • I secretly hoped they wouldn’t be performing in these outfits but, meh, what can we do :/

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