Posted by: beckery | June 7, 2009

2AM performing “So Hot”

Credits to 2AM @ youtube

They dress up in girly outfits. They dance and sing “So Hot”. I don’t think I have to say anything else except ROFLMAO TIMES INFINITY. *clutches stomach* This is pure epic win, I tell you! Oh and Wonder Girls appear at the end XDD


  1. I’ve only watched like 1 minute of it and OMG I’M DYING LOL DDD: And and Jinwoon is so pretty and so adorable and so cute and kadslfladskjf TT___TT;; I’m going to watch the rest later. But but I wish Jokwon would wear a skirt too lmao. Then the epicness could be completed x)

    • I LOVE JINWOON BB!! He’s so adorable times a million. Probs my 2nd favourite 2AM boy after Jo Kwon XD THough I try REALLY hard not to be biased :/

      • I don’t watch 2AM enough to get a full scope on their personalities and such, but I initially chose Jinwoon as my #1 what is it with me and magnaes and leaders _ _+ but JoKwon’s giving all he’s got for that spot too D:
        sorry for the lateeeeeee reply, I went away on vacation

  2. Okay…is it totally wrong that i’m jealous of how of JoKwon’s body? I swear he looks better in that top than I ever would (well, I guess my chest is a little more..feminine) but that waist…O_o…and the way he moves…not that i never saw him do it before but still…double O_o.

    • ROFL. I’m jealous of their legs ;___; ohh and waist, yes that too! *looks down at mine and cringe* hahaha.

  3. LOL OMG JoKwon’s my hero. i love how he fixes his hair at 3:31. he makes a hot girl haha. jujubeans, i totally agree with you on his body! i want his legs :D

    • JoKwon is Imop’s bff for reals. That boy is so awesome haha. Awesomely ghei. I say that in the nicest way possible. <3

  4. JOKWON♥! omg i knew there was a reason i love that guy. he should’ve worn a skirt srsly. if he had boobs he’d be a total girl! XD

    • LOOOOL AGREED. That boy is sooooooooooo feminine, probs even more than me XDD

  5. lol u should watch the skit they played, full of Kwon’s shameless acts XDDD

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